90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Johnny postponing his Dubai trip and Ella dropping a cheating bombshell on him, Ximena Morales "jerking" Mike Berk around, Memphis Smith hitting a snag with her prenuptial agreement, and Gino Palazzolo saying he's "done" with Jasmine Pineda after she caught him in another lie during the fifth-season episode Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' new season stars Usman "SojaBoy" Umar, a 32-year-old from Sokoto, Nigeria, and Kim Menzies, a 50-year-old from San Diego, CA; Gino, a 51-year-old from Canton, MI, and Jasmine Pineda, a 34-year-old from Panama City, Panama; and Memphis, a 34-year-old from Muskegon, MI, and Hamza Moknii, a 28-year-old from Kairouan, Tunisia.


The series also stars Mike, a 34-year-old from Thiells, NY, and Ximena, a 24-year-old from Pereira, Colombia; Ella, a 29-year-old from Idaho Falls, ID, and Johnny, a 34-year-old from Jinan, China; Ben, a 52-year-old from Fraser, MI, and Mahogany, a 24-year-old from San Bartolo, Peru.

Caleb, a 28-year-old from Chandler, AZ, and Alina, a 27-year-old from Saint Petersburg, Russia, are no longer featured on the series after Alina's racist social-media posts resurfaced.

Usman was previously married to Lisa Hamme, 54, whom he had met on Facebook two years before filming 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season.

Lisa struggled to trust Usman during their relationship and they split in May 2020. Usman later served Lisa with divorce papers in December 2020 and Lisa has since remarried with a childhood friend.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days follows long-distance relationships and documents how each couple found each other as well as their first in-person meeting in a foreign country "and the countless surprises, drama and culture clashes along the way."

In most 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cases, lovebirds are hoping to get engaged and begin the K-1 Visa process.

After traveling across the world, the couples will determine if love can conquer all as they experience challenges such as language barriers, interfering families, cultural differences, age gaps, ex partners, and "shady pasts," according to TLC.

Below is what happened on the thirteenth episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fifth season:


Memphis had been in Tunisia for about two weeks, and she and Hamza had come to an understanding after enduring ups and downs during her visit. Memphis was excited because she and Hamza were planning to tie the knot and marry in just two days.

But before going wedding-dress shopping, Memphis' mother Hayet wanted to speak to Memphis with the help of a professional language translator. Hayet already wasn't happy about the fact Memphis was divorced and had pre-marital sex with her son.

When sitting down with the translator, Memphis explained how her ex-husband was okay with her moving on and being happy with a new man, as long as that man treats their children well.

Memphis also revealed how she had grown up homeless on a street and went through a lot of trauma in her past and childhood, which made Hayet fear that Memphis may lash out at Hamza in the future and treat him poorly due to her own problems or insecurities.

Memphis, however, insisted that hardship never harmed her and only made her stronger. Memphis boasted about being a successful nurse practitioner as well as a very loving person, and she said, "I would never bring him to America and let him get hurt."


Hayet just wanted to see her son happy, and so the pair both broke down into tears and ended up hugging each other with mutual respect. Hamza's mother was ready to consider Memphis a second daughter, and Memphis just hoped she would be accepted for who she is.

Memphis looked forward to being included in a close-knit family, which included Hamza's sister Rawia.

The day before Memphis and Hamza's pre-wedding celebration, Memphis, Rawia and Hayet went shopping for a wedding dress. Hamza's mother wanted Memphis to wear something traditional, but she wanted to find a dress that suited her and also fit in with Tunisian traditions.

Memphis found a dress that fit well and she liked, and she finally felt accepted and supported by Hamza's family. She just worried meeting with a lawyer regarding her prenuptial agreement would damper the mood.

Memphis said she trusted Hamza but it was very important for her to be smart and financially secure in this decision to wed. Memphis wanted to protect her kids and not allow Hamza to have any of her assets in the case of divorce.

Memphis then FaceTimed with a Michigan attorney Matthew specializing in family law, and Memphis expressed how she was concerned about protecting her money and plans to build a house. The lawyer warned Memphis she couldn't protect herself so quickly before the wedding, especially because Hamza would also have to consult with an attorney.

Matthew advised Memphis to push the wedding back since a prenuptial agreement is more effective than a postnuptial agreement, but Memphis didn't want to put her relationship with Hamza in jeopardy.

Memphis didn't know what to do because she'd be risking something with either choice, and so she decided she needed some time to think things through.

Three hours later, Memphis packed up her belongings and moved into a hotel for the evening. She had lost her peace of mind and didn't want to allow Hamza to persuade her into marriage too soon.


Gino and Jasmine were enjoying their last few days together in Western Panama, but suddenly, Jasmine woke up and asked for space. She therefore went to a gym alone, but Gino followed her and wanted to check on her.

Jasmine called Gino "weird" and had been trying hard to forgive him for communicating with his ex and sharing nude photos of her with this former girlfriend. But Jasmine realized it was going to be harder than she expected to leave everything in the past.

Jasmine explained to Gino she had received a crazy message from a fake account on social media saying that her "tits are going to be all over the Internet." Jasmine said the owner of that account was obviously his ex-girlfriend and she'd have to deal with everyone seeing those pictures for the rest of her life.

Gino told Jasmine that she shouldn't worry about that, which made Jasmine even more pissed off.

"You're talking about my life here," Jasmine said.

Gino told the cameras that he felt "terrible" for Jasmine but his ex probably just wanted to create trouble and was "making empty threats." Jasmine didn't want to get fired from her job, and so she didn't appreciate Gino telling her not to be scared.


Gino promised to support Jasmine if she got fired from her job, and so Jasmine said he would need to give her $3,000 a month. Gino suggested Jasmine could also just find another job, which insulted her since she loves being a teacher and wanted to continue her profession in the United States.

"I just want to see he's really sorry for what he did. That's all that I want," Jasmine noted.

Jasmine told the cameras that she was still "very angry" at Gino for his actions and only felt resentment when she looked at him. Jasmine desired peace in her life and didn't know how to proceed.

Gino offered to give Jasmine whatever she wanted, but she accused him of treating her like a sugar baby. Gino had previously paid women to go on dates with him, and he wished Jasmine would stop bringing that up since it had nothing to do with their relationship.

"I don't trust you because you lie about everything," Jasmine said.

"That's not true," Gino insisted.

"Show me that you are different," Jasmine requested. "Show me your mail, your email."

Gino looked nervous at the thought and hesitated, and then he handed his phone over to Jasmine. She wanted to see he had really changed and was no longer interested in dating sugar babies or lying to her.

Jasmine claimed she's very good at using technology, and she asked, "What is this sh-t?"

Jasmine found an email about Legoland, and Gino explained how he had visited the place in 2014 with his ex-girlfriend. Jasmine said Gino had only come clean about hanging out with his ex twice, once in Disneyland and another time in Michigan, and so she had caught him in another lie.

"This was six years ago," Gino said.

"But you keep lying!" Jasmine yelled. "You keep lying about simple [things]!"

This time, Gino was the one who stormed off -- and he flipped a chair before leaving his conversation with Jasmine. Gino didn't feel he deserved this type of treatment from Jasmine despite having made one big mistake.

"I don't have anything else to say to her. I'm done," Gino told the cameras.


Ben and Mahogany were connecting on their trip, but Mahogany said she didn't like many of Ben's answers when she had asked questions about his past and wanted to learn more about him.

Benjamin was allegedly blaming his ex-fiancee and ex-wife for the demise of those relationships, which rubbed Mahogany the wrong way. She thought he was being "immature" and so she apparently ignored many messages Ben had sent to her phone after spending the day together.

"My love for you grows stronger every day, but it seems that God has hardened your heart towards me," Ben texted Mahogany. "You fear who I am and my intentions. But there is no room in love for that. THerefore this is not love. But know this -- I do love you. I always will."

Mahogany was uncomfortable and upset, but she decided to meet Ben for breakfast in the morning to talk in-person. Mahogany's parents also surprised her at the hotel because they were worried about their daughter dating a much-older man she had met on social media.

Mahogany believed her parents just wanted to see that she and Benjamin were sleeping in separate rooms, and Mahogany assured them that she knows how to take care of herself and make good decisions. She wanted her parents to trust her judgment even though they clearly questioned Ben's intentions.


Mahogany shared with her parents how Ben had not accepted fault in his previous failed relationships, and as Mahogany was waiting for Ben to join her at breakfast, Ben was shown packing up his suitcase.

Ben said he felt "stuck" and didn't appreciate Mahogany not responding to his answer about why he continues to have a good working relationship with his ex-wife and the mother of his children.

Ben thought he had given Mahogany all the answers she needed "in about 10 pages of text" and she had essentially checked out of their relationship.

"I got no response. I don't know how you do that to somebody when they pour their heart out," Ben explained, adding how Mahogany seemed afraid of what her family and friends were going to think about him.

"I'm not going to breakfast... If this pushes her over the edge, so be it."

Ben ultimately stood Mahogany up, and so she and her parents thought Ben lacked respect and courtesy for her. Ben texted Mahogany that he took her silence very seriously, but she couldn't believe he had done that to her and embarrassed her like that.

Once Mahogany told Ben that her parents were also at breakfast, Ben asked to speak with Mahogany's parents alone, without Mahogany present. She thought Ben cared more about what her parents thought than what she thought about him, and so she said Ben would have a long way to go in terms of winning her heart.


Ximena asked Mike if he was breaking up with her, and he asked if she wanted their relationship to be over and "finished."

"I don't want this to be finished," Ximena replied, although she had admitted to not being "in love" with Mike. "I just want space, to really think things over."

Mike's friends, including his pal Nelcy, wanted him to leave Colombia and return home, but Ximena asked him to stay so they could try to work things out. With that being said, Mike hugged and kissed his fiancee, and she thanked him for understanding.

Ximena shared how she wanted their relationship to go further and work out, but she clearly needed some time and space to herself in order to feel happy in the engagement.

Nelcy then FaceTimed Mike and told him to come home because Ximena was "disgusted" by Mike and just wanted him to stay so he would continue paying for stuff. Nelcy said Ximena didn't deserve Mike's love, attention or money.

Ximena yelled at Mike for letting his friends get involved in their relationship, but Nelcy shouted at Ximena how she was taking money from Mike when she didn't even love him.


"Why do you care?!" Ximena asked Nelcy.

"For me, it's something abnormal, that a person is paying for everything for you and you're also treating him like sh-t," Nelcy complained.

"It's not like that," Ximena argued.

Mike confessed that he felt like crap, and so Ximena snapped that Mike could then leave the next morning. Ximena seemed fine with the fact Mike may leave her, but Mike fell to his knees and appeared to start crying.

Mike said he may stay in a hotel that night, and then Ximena yelled at him for acting like a child. She demanded that he speak for himself and make his own decisions, but Mike said regardless of what his friend had said, he felt like "sh-t" for how Ximena was treating him.

But Mike's heart was very invested in the relationship and so he agreed to stay another week. Mike asked Ximena to sleep with him, and she agreed as long as he wouldn't stare at her in bed.

Mike felt relieved, thinking Ximena still had feelings for him and they could reclaim their spark and move their relationship forward in a more positive way.

Mike and Ximena apparently had sex that night, and Mike compared his fiancee to "a tiger" in the bedroom. Ximena said it sounded like a good idea to sleep with Mike since he had threatened to leave and the act connected them again, at least a little bit more.

Later that day, Mike took Ximena out on a date night, and he noted how Ximena seemed happy to be around him finally. The pair enjoyed a romantic dinner, but Ximena wasn't forthcoming about how she was feeling and what she was thinking.

Mike then broached the topic of having a simple wedding, and Ximena said that would be fine as long as Nelcy's not invited. Ximena didn't appreciate Mike telling other people about their problems, and she told him to grow up and be a man and think for himself.

Mike said he just wanted Nelcy to translate for him and he's sorry that she got a little loud.


Ximena then told Mike that she didn't want to sleep with him again until their wedding day. Ximena explained how she slept with her sons and Mike didn't fit in the bed with them.

"I'll sleep with you after we are married," Ximena said, which made Mike feel "jerked around."

Mike said he and Ximena had taken another five steps back, and he seemed to regret not returning to the United States earlier in that moment.



After "a rough-ass couple of days," Kim didn't know what to do about Usman. She and Usman had sex and Usman had professed his love to her, but she was furious about his song "Zara" being named after an ex-girlfriend whom he had been dating at the start of his romance with Kim.

Kim wasn't sure if she wanted to salvage her relationship with Usman, and she turned to her friend Vanessa for some advice.

Kim expressed how she was "so down on" herself, and Vanessa poked fun at her pal for chasing a Nigerian rapper and singer. Vanessa gave Kim the confidence she needed to stand up for herself, and Kim said she couldn't go back to being Usman's girlfriend without a grand gesture.

Kim suggested how Usman needed to prove he was "in love" with her or else she'd be too hurt to take him back.

Meanwhile, Usman really wanted to work things out with Kim, and so the couple met by a pool to talk.

Kim told Usman that her trip was "very, very deceptive" because he had asked her to watch him record a music video that was secretly about his ex-girlfriend. Usman said he never forced Kim to come, which made her vent about how she didn't feel his love or effort.

"In order for me to stay here tonight and not go home, because there are flights, you need to do something big. I don't know what the f-ck that is, because I'm not you, but until you prove... I'm The One, I don't want to be around you," Kim said.

Kim also took a necklace back she had given Usman, saying she'd only return it if Usman would be able to prove his love. Usman laughed and thought Kim's threat was funny, and so she threw a drink in his face!

"I hope that was f-cking funny too!" Kim said before storming off.

Kim said Usman had shown a complete lack of disregard for her feelings by laughing and so she wouldn't put up with that again. Usman said he was used to submissive women in his culture and so Kim's behavior was "unheard of" and "highly disrespectful."


Kim didn't think Usman was "in love" with her, and so she said she was "done" trying to figure things out with him. Kim told Usman to prove his feelings for her or she'd leave that very night, and Usman responded with, "Safe flight."

"The way she is acting is totally different from who I know... Things have changed and honestly, I'm not feeling this relationship anymore with Kimberly. It's similar to my ex-wife [Kim] right now," Usman said.

Kim was so angry that she threatened to break everything in her hotel room, and then she just put her face into her hands and cried. She said they had both lost and weren't going to work things out.

Kim planned to remove Usman from her life, which she acknowledged would be extremely difficult, and she added, "I'll probably never date again -- ever."


Ella had purchased a ticket to Dubai, where she was hoping to meet her long-distance love in-person for the first time, but Johnny was still on the fence about his trip due to the spread of coronavirus.

"I love Johnny and I want him to be my everything, but I can't keep waiting forever. If he says, 'No,' that he doesn't want to go to Dubai, then I have to move on," Ella explained.

After giving Johnny some time to think about the trip, Johnny decided to postpone their meeting until February since timing wasn't great amid the pandemic. Johnny was therefore asking Ella to wait for seven months, and she appeared shocked and devastated.

"I hope she doesn't think I have less love for her because I am more cautious," Johnny shared in a confessional.

Johnny wanted to travel under different circumstances, but Ella didn't want to waste her time doing nothing if Johnny was never going to be with her. Ella didn't want to be single upon turning 37 years old, and she said she needed physical attention.

Ella then admitted to Johnny that she had cuddled with a close guy friend and they ended up having sex. Ella said the event just happened because she was feeling "so distraught and so upset" about Johnny's "wishy-washy" behavior.

Ella said some of her self-worth was tied up in receiving physical attention from men and it had been really hard to be alone for a year-and-a-half. She called it "a weak moment" but told the cameras how she'd rather be honest than be a liar.

Johnny admitted it was really hard to hear this news, but Ella insisted, "I still love you."

Johnny claimed he wasn't mad because their relationship was complicated and he hadn't fulfilled his end of their romance. Johnny therefore planned to meet her in February and fix their relationship.

"I just don't know where we should stand right now," Ella noted, before getting emotional. "I need you to see how much I am upset with you not being able to come now."

Johnny promised he'd fly to see her in February even if the world is on fire or he must fly through a tornado, but Ella didn't really believe him.

Ella cried and said she felt really bad about hurting Johnny but physical touch is so important to her.

"I want my person and I think he's my person, so I think I'm just going to have to wait," Ella lamented in tears. "I don't think that my heart will let me rest if I don't give this last chance."


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