90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Gino and Jasmine agreeing to take their relationship to the next level, Caleb meeting Alina and feeling "overwhelmed" about their height difference, Ximena keeping dark secrets from her past, and Usman "SojaBoy" Umar meeting Kim for the first time during the fifth-season episode Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' new season stars Usman, a 32-year-old from Sokoto, Nigeria, and Kim, a 50-year-old from San Diego, CA; Caleb, a 28-year-old from Chandler, AZ, and Alina, a 27-year-old from Saint Petersburg, Russia; Gino, a 51-year-old from Canton, MI, and Jasmine, a 34-year-old from Panama City, Panama; Memphis, a 34-year-old from Muskegon, MI, and Hamza, a 28-year-old from Kairouan, Tunisia; Mike, a 34-year-old from Thiells, NY, and Ximena, a 24-year-old from Pereira, Colombia; and Ella, a 29-year-old from Idaho Falls, ID, and Johnny, a 34-year-old from Jinan, China.


Ben, a 52-year-old from Fraser, MI, and Mahogany, a 24-year-old from San Bartolo, Peru, have yet to be featured on the show.

Usman was previously married to Lisa Hamme, 54, whom he had met on Facebook two years before filming 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season.

Lisa struggled to trust Usman during their relationship and they split in May 2020. Usman later served Lisa with divorce papers in December 2020 and Lisa has since remarried with a childhood friend.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days will follow long-distance relationships and document how each couple found each other as well as their first in-person meeting in a foreign country "and the countless surprises, drama and culture clashes along the way."

In most 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cases, lovebirds are hoping to get engaged and begin the K-1 Visa process.

After traveling across the world, the couples will determine if love can conquer all as they experience challenges such as language barriers, interfering families, cultural differences, age gaps, ex partners, and "shady pasts," according to TLC.

Below is what happened on the third episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fifth season:


Gino and Jasmine were shown going to a restaurant with an ocean view, and Gino said he could tell that Jasmine liked to be in control and so he was curious whether that personality trait would get "better or worse" over time.

Jasmine called Gino "the typical American" after he ordered a burger with American cheese, and she admitted she didn't like his eating habits.

Jasmine then received a text message from Pao, a female friend named Paolina, and so Gino assured his girlfriend that he trusted her. With that being said, Jasmine asked Gino to open his social media, and she asked him to delete a friend request from a woman on Facebook.

"Sorry for getting crazy," Jasmine said.

"But you know that you're all I need, and I told you that!" Gino said.

Jasmine also got upset at Gino for tipping the waitress, which led to her accusing him of "having something with the waitress." She said his behavior had ruined everything, and Gino was surprised to see Jasmine's jealousy in person for the first time.

"It's kind of an awkward feeling. I made that sacrifice to come and spend this money in Panama and be with her because I want to spend the rest of my life with Jasmine and propose to her during this trip," Gino said.

"But she really has to start building trust in me or this is not going to work."


The dinner ended on an awkward note after Jasmine had argued with him about tipping the waitress, and Gino thought the reason for her anger was simply "crazy."

Jasmine asked Gino for some space and shut herself in the bathroom. Gino had been looking forward to being intimate with Jasmine, but he decided not to take "a little blue pill" since Jasmine was clearly mad at him.

Jasmine eventually came out of the bathroom in blue lingerie and asked to cuddle, and Gino said she looked "hot." Jasmine determined the best way to solve the disagreement would be to have sex, and she hoped Gino could handle "the beast" inside of her.

Gino admitted he was a little bit nervous because it had been a while since he had been intimate with a woman and the night could "set the tone" for the rest of their relationship.

"It's kind of a big deal," Gino said. "Maybe I should have taken one of those little blue pills."


Kim arrived in Zanzibar, Tanzania, after 30 hours of traveling, and she said she couldn't wait to meet him and was going to "lose [her] mind" during their first meeting. She said Usman was the man of her dreams.

Usman planned to arrive the next day and so Kim was a little nervous to be by herself; however, she had been in the military and said she could kill someone with her bare hands.

Kim shared how he'd like her future with Usman to be in America.

"The only other time I traveled overseas was when I was 19 years old. I was a secretary in the United States Army and I was traveling to Saudi Arabia to fight in Desert Storm," Kim revealed.

"This trip is entirely different from that! I was going to fight in a war, and this trip, I'm going to find love!"

Usman and his team booked the hotel and so Kim decided to book the honeymoon suite because of her "intentions" for the trip. While she and Usman would begin their stay in separate bedrooms, she predicted he would definitely be sleeping in her room within a matter of days.

Kim dressed in her Usman T-shirt to pick him up at the airport, and she was so excited that she was "shaking" and "freaking out" -- jokingly on the verge of having a heart attack. She bought Usman red roses and believed they were really meant to be.

Usman arrived with his manager and assistant, and when she saw Usman for the first time, she couldn't contain her excitement. Kim ran over to Usman and hugged him, and he said he loved the red roses.

Usman told Kim that she looked "good," way better than what he had been expecting. Usman told Kim that she looked 31 or 32 years old, tops, and the pair had a nice conversation by themselves before Usman introduced Kim to his co-workers.

Kim asked Usman's friends not to call her "a Super Fan," and the guys vented about how dating an American woman in her fifties wasn't good for Usman's image as a musician and rapper.


Usman also asked his manager and assistant to stop asking stupid questions on their way to the video shoot, and Kim was happy Usman had stood up for her.

Kim asked Usman to visit her in her hotel room, and staff had decorated the entire place in rose petals. Usman thought the room was "romantic" but "too much" because they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

Kim then gifted Usman a MacBook Pro as well as a Playstation 5.

"That's like girlfriend status right there!" Kim announced.

"Almost!" Usman responded.

Usman gushed about how he loved his presents, and Kim hoped to get "as much action as those damn gifts did."

Usman returned to his own room, and Kim said she only had two weeks to convince Usman how she's the woman for him.


In Istanbul Turkey, Alina was waiting in a wheelchair for her long-distance love to arrive and meet her in-person for the first time. Alina said her heart was about to jump out of her chest but she feared there would be no chemistry between them.

Once Caleb and Alina met, he hugged her and wanted to talk eye to eye. Caleb called Alina "beautiful" but admitted she's smaller than he thought and it was "different" for him. Alina worried that Caleb was weirded out, especially once he began pushing her wheelchair around.

It wasn't the best first impression, as Caleb attempted to carry all of his bags and take care of Alina at the same time.

"I think I just need some time to adjust being with a little person and them chemistry will fly back," Caleb said.

The couple had a little bit of a quiet ride to their hotel, and she said she was disappointed not to receive a kiss.

"Maybe he just doesn't find me attractive, so I'm kind of hoping for cuddling or kissing when we get back to the hotel for at least a little bit of confirmation that he likes me," Alina explained in a confessional.

Being with Alina was more challenging than Caleb had thought, and he wondered if he could be the person Alina needed him to be.

Getting settled into his hotel room with Alina was a bit overwhelming for Caleb, who even carried Alina up the stairs.

Caleb also picked Alina up and put her on the bed, but he wouldn't kiss her, even when Alina was essentially asking for it. He said he was tired and needed to go to bed and rest.

"I was hoping he would show some affection. Does he like me or not?" Alina complained.


Mike was shown packing for his two-week trip to Colombia to meet his girlfriend Ximena for the first time. Mike had fallen in love with her, and he hoped Ximena was going to be everything she had led him to believe "and then some."

Mike had purchased toys and coloring books for Ximena's two kids as well as an engagement ring.

If everything went well and according to plan, Mike said he was going to propose marriage to Ximena and hopefully spend their lives together.


Mike's father and grandfather told Mike to be careful and cautious, and he revealed how he wanted to start the K-1 visa process and then move Ximena -- and her three and seven year olds -- to America.

Mike then got picked up and taken to the airport, and he said he couldn't believe this day had finally come. He realized he was about to take a leap of faith and there would be no going back.

"I'm 34 years old and I've never been in love, but with Ximena, I've found happiness and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. It's been my fantasy -- seeing her face, her beautiful eyes and her beautiful body," Mike told the cameras.

Mike said if he discovered Ximena had been using him the whole time, his heart would be broken.

Once Mike touched down, he searched for Ximena in baggage claim when she was about 30 minutes late and not answering his calls or text messages.

Prior to Mike's arrival, Ximena shared how she lives in Pereira in Colombia with her two boys and being a mother is her joy and main priority.

"Juan David's dad was a one-night stand, and that was it," Ximena revealed. "And Harold Steven's dad is in jail. He wanted to defend his uncle and acted without thinking, and so that's what he's paying for now."

Ximena had met Harold's dad on Facebook and talked to him for four or five months, and she said she loved him very much. Ximena apparently visited the man in jail and got it in her head that she wanted to have a child and so she got pregnant with Harold on her second visit to the jail.

Harold's dad loves his son and they talked almost every day, according to Ximena, but since the man would be locked away for quite a bit of time, Ximena said she wanted to find another man who could support her family and love her.

Ximena was also struggling financially as a manicurist amid COVID-19. Mike had therefore been sending her money for a couch, dining table, refrigerator, stove, blender, coffee maker and more. Mike had also been sending her money for food and rent.

"I stay afloat with what Mike contributes to me," Ximena said. "But Mike is not the kind of guy I'm usually attracted to because I like big men. My ex-boyfriends have been policemen, tattoo artists, farmers, even drug dealers."

Ximena admitted that she didn't find Mike physically attractive but she was attracted to his heart. Ximena didn't have a job but practiced her manicure skills on family and friends.

Ximena said her relationship was going to be difficult due to the language barrier, and her family worried Mike wouldn't turn out to be who he said he was. Ximena said Mike would tell her children, "I love you," which meant a lot to her.

Ximena told the cameras she had been keeping some secrets from Mike about her past and she was afraid how he'd react.

"Maybe I'm not what he was expecting to find," Ximena explained.


Ella, a 29-year-old from Idaho, said she's super into Asian culture, including Cosplay and fantasy.

Ella calls her purple house her "purple kingdom" and she gravitates toward toys and make believe. Ella said she's probably so wrapped up in fantasy because she had always wanted to escape reality.

"I have struggled with being overweight since I was in Kindergarten," Ella said with tears in her eyes.

"Growing up, I never felt like I was different, but other people made me feel different. My classmates always made me feel unwanted and I hated going to school."


Ella did not date in high school but proceeded to be in unhealthy relationships because she liked getting attention from men.

Since she hadn't found much luck dating in Idaho, Ella decided to start looking for her fantasy on an international dating app. She hoped to find an Asian partner.

"I found a social media page called 'Asian men, white women," and that is where I found my Asian prince," Ella revealed. "Johnny is from China. He is 34 years old. He has an amazing smile and his eyes are just perfect."

Ella added that she and Johnny surprisingly had a lot in common.

"I am this western girl who has this Asian obsession and he's kind of like this Asian man who has a western-culture obsession, and we both love anime," Ella said.

The pair had officially become girlfriend and boyfriend about six months prior to the start of taping. However, they had been talking for a year-and-a-half and had been communicating every single day.

Ella wanted to spend her life with Johnny, who had told Ella that he'd like to buy a big house and welcome children together.

Ella wished she could travel to China, but due to the coronavirus pandemic and government restrictions, she could not go. Johnny therefore applied for a travel visa to visit Ella in Idaho, and she gushed about being "so friggin' excited" to be together in-person.

Ella grew up on a ranch and rides horses, and she couldn't wait to share that side of her life with Johnny. She envisioned marrying Johnny and taking over her family's ranch as a couple one day.

Johnny apparently planned to help Ella lose weight by cooking her meals and being supportive, but Ella's mother Debbie didn't want Johnny to take advantage of her daughter, who struggled with self-confidence and had been used by men or treated poorly in the past.

"I'm just afraid that Johnny wants a green card just to get here someday, and then once he gets here and he knows he cannot be deported, that he leaves her," Debbie lamented, adding that it was hard for her to trust this would be "the real thing" for her.

Debbie and Ella were very close, but Ella believed Johnny wasn't after American citizenship. She called Johnny "protective and nice," and she said she had never felt this way for a man before.

"I know I've made mistakes in the past, but I feel with this one, it's going to be different. [Johnny] is going to be The One. I know it's crazy... but I'm tired of trying," Ella said.

Ella anticipated getting engaged by the end of Johnny's trip to the U.S.

Johnny is a single dad and has a five-year-old son named Stoney. Johnny is divorced and Stoney apparently lives with his grandparents so that Johnny can travel for his job. Johnny, who has full custody, saw his kid a couple times a month, and Stoney's mother had started a whole new family.

"I'm excited to be a mom, but we're going to focus on us for a while. And then once we establish a good foundation, then hopefully we'll get to bring Stoney over [to the U.S.]," Ella explained to her girlfriends while out to lunch.

Ella's friends were wary of Johnny given he spent such little time with his son, but Ella shared how she and Johnny had already enjoyed sex over videochat.

"We know he's a boob guy!" Ella bragged. "He's going to lose his sh-t once he sees them in person and gets to touch them."


Ella said she and Johnny had a very interesting sex life and all she had to do was touch her breast while he touched himself. One of Ella's friends was aware of Ella's vibrator collection, but the other friend was surprised to hear how sexual Ella is.

Ella had previously been invested in an Indian man online, whom she had met in Thailand.

"I was in love with this guy, but then when we met in person, he refused to do anything sexual with me. And I really think it was because of my weight. It definitely took a toll on my self-esteem, and it's really hard for me to think about," Ella said.

Ella called her Indian ex "a mistake" and didn't fully trust Johnny yet as a result. She wasn't sure if Johnny would still be attracted to her in-person, and she admitted she probably wouldn't be able to recover from another heartbreaking rejection.


Memphis was on her way to Tunisia to meet her online boyfriend, whom she had been talking to for eight months. Memphis had only been able to rely on herself, and she looked forward to having a man by her side who could fill the role of husband and stepfather to her children.

Memphis hoped Hamza would be the man she could trust and be with forever, and she was very excited to finally meet him.

Meanwhile, Hamza, who is from Kairouan, Tunisia, was shown kickboxing in the gym, which is apparently his passion that makes him feel self-confident. Hamza said he prefers plump women with sexy bodies and Memphis is "sexy time" for him.

Memphis said he wished Memphis didn't have so many relationships with men before meeting him but he doesn't like a boring woman.

Hamza still lived with his parents, which he claimed is normal in Tunisia for men until they get married. Hamza's mother still cooked for him and did his laundry, and he appeared well taken care of at home.

Hamza's parents got divorced when he was 10 years old, and he said his mother is "everything" to him. Hamza therefore hoped to find a job in America and help his mother financially.

Hamza's mother wanted to make sure that Memphis would be able to take care of her son and treat him well. She and Hamza's sister Rawia were also a little concerned about the way Memphis dressed and how she wore very sexy clothing out, which is different from their culture.

Hamza's mother also didn't like the idea of Hamza and Memphis staying in the same bedroom due to their faith and traditions.


"How I see things, if two people love each other, sex before marriage is normal," Hamza said, before telling his mother that the world had changed and spending the night with a woman would be okay.

Hamza apparently lied to Memphis, saying his "old-fashioned" mother would be okay with them sleeping together. Hamza feared Memphis wouldn't like his mother and tension and stress would rise in their relationship as a result.

Hamza said there were no jobs in Tunisia and his income was very limited. Hamza also said his mother couldn't find work because she's divorced and so she lost her "value" in the eyes of society.

Hamza anticipated finding a job in the U.S. with a good salary.

Meanwhile, Memphis had never felt appreciated in relationships before, and she wondered if Hamza was going to be attracted to her due to her low self-esteem.

"I am getting married on this trip to someone I have never met," Memphis noted.

When the pair met each other at the airport, they hugged and seemed so happy. Hamza also brought Memphis a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Hamza told the cameras he had "no problem" with Memphis and her physical appearance was "fine." She quickly realized the language barrier between them was going to be a bit of a problem.

Memphis worried she wouldn't be able to get to know Hamza very well before getting married.


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