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'The Bachelor' star Juan Pablo Galavis: I follow different dating rules than Americans

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 12/19/2013 

The Bachelor's eighteenth season starring Juan Pablo Galavis will premiere on Monday, January 6 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

The identities of Juan Pablo's 27 bachelorettes have been revealed, and the show's premiere will begin with the 32-year-old single dad from Miami, FL, arriving at the Malibu mansion to meet and get acquainted with the ladies.

Juan Pablo previously competed on Desiree Hartsock's ninth edition of The Bachelorette but failed to win her heart. He left the season fairly early on but became a clear fan-favorite shortly after his departure from the show.

During a Monday conference call with reporters, Juan Pablo talked about his upcoming season and what viewers can expect. Below is the concluding portion of his interview. To read what he had to tell Reality TV World, click here. For more, click here.  

If you were to have a wedding, would you invite Desiree, and why or why not?

Juan Pablo Galavis: I would invite everybody, you know, why not?  Well, I'll see if she invites me to her wedding first, and if she doesn't invite me, then I'll think about it -- maybe I won't invite her.  But I think [Chris Siegfried] will invite me.  So, yes, I'll invite them of course.  Why not, you know?

Chris is a great friend and we talk once in a while.  So, you know, I'm just happy for them and I understand the process. That's when I think -- and all of you could understand -- you have to be very mature, very understandable and realistic when you go on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

If you're one of the 25, you have to be clear and very mature to understand that there's going to be 24 guys that are going to go home or 25 guys that are going to go home, you know?  She's not going to keep three, she's not going to keep two, she's going to keep one.  She just -- she can just keep one.

So, it's a process that if you're mature enough, you understand.  And that's what when I went home, I [understood] that she doesn't feel like that I'm the right guy.  She feels like somebody else is the right guy.  So, in this case, you know, I have friends and she's a friend now and I got to meet a great friend in that show.

Where do you go on a first date when it's not made for TV and why?

Juan Pablo Galavis: I, you know, we're different.  I'm Venezuelan and I'm so different [than] Americans.  I don't even worry about first dates, second date, third dates.  "I kiss on the second date because I wanted to kiss her in the first date because I want to do dinner and then we do this and -- no." 

I'll just say, "Listen, what do you want to do?  I'll pick you up and then we'll figure it out and we'll just go to the movies."  And then, "Oh you want to have something to eat?  Let's just have something to eat."

We are a little different and that's how I am, you know, and to me, I don't pick a place for a first date.  I just call somebody and say, "Hey, I'll pick you up tomorrow.  You want to do something?  Sure, what do you want to do?  Maybe movies.  Okay, good." 

You know, I am just more natural than in the States.  There's many things in different cultures that you will see probably during this show that I will explain, because definitely, my words are the ones that are going to explain why I am the way I am.  And you'll be like, "Well, this guy's that way."  And then you'll listen and, "Oh, now I understand."  So, you'll enjoy it.  I promise you, you guys are going to enjoy this show.

Was your heart broken at any point during this season?

[ABC publicist interjects to say Juan Pablo cannot answer that question].

Juan Pablo Galavis: Okay, and like I said, you have to be mature.  You have to be smart, you have to be realistic in this whole situation, honestly, you know? Because you have 27 people and the more mature you are, the better it's going to end up.

What's the best love advice you've ever received and who did you receive it from?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Advice.  The best love advice I received before joining this show?  You know, just, "Tell her your feelings.  You've just got to let yourself see how you feel and try to listen as much as you can and understand people.  You have to put yourself in the other's shoes too."  And I was in the other shoes.  I was on the other show.

So, you have to understand that, and I'm glad that I wanted to do this show being on the other show.  They said, "Now you will understand the whole process and how -- why these people talk and why these people interact and why these people feel that way," you know?  So, definitely, you just got to let your gut feeling tell you and you figure it out.

Have you talked to any of your fellow suitors from Desiree Hartsock's season?  Have they given you support or have you been in touch with any of them?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Well, you always, you know, we talk, we tweet.  They're supportive of course.  You know, they want the best for me and I want the best for them.  And definitely [Chris Siegfried] was my best friend out of this and [Dan Cox], and we talk and hopefully everything went well.  And before I went through with the show, [they'd say], "Hey, are going to do good," or, "Everything's going to be great."

[They had] encouraging words... for me and I appreciate all of those of course.  And obviously for me... I know they're going to find her somewhere, and I'm always supportive for them whenever they need, you know, they can call me and it's great having friends out of all this.

So, I'm wondering if it felt like it was a totally different experience being the Bachelor and the guy in charge and the one sending people home from your experience on The Bachelorette as a suitor. 

Juan Pablo Galavis: Of course it was a different experience.  I got to on the dates.  Finally, I got to go on my one-on-one date that I never went on [during] the other show.  But yes, it's a different experience because you're the one dating every day and going on the dates.  But it's tiring too, you know, it is tiring.  On the other [hand], I got to rest and [on The Bachelorette], I didn't.  So, but it was fun.  It was great.

What was your dating approach going on the show? Obviously you needed to learn if you liked the girls and you wanted them to like you in return.

Juan Pablo Galavis: Well, it's never [like] I [had] to make them like me, I just needed them to be themselves and me being myself and I'll figure it out.  It's just something that happens naturally, you know? 

It's not like, "Okay, I'm going to try to like this girl," no.  You just go on dates and then you keep an eye open on all of them, how they interact with each other.  "Oh, how are they doing and what are they saying to you?"  And you can pick it up from these things.

And definitely it's something that grows naturally, how you feel for somebody.  It's not like "Oh, I'm going to try to like this girl."  So, as long as people are themselves, then you pick up on those good things.    

What would you say about the group of women they assembled to date you?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Well, to me, it was great.  It was a great group of women.  Obviously, you get to know more -- some more than others.  But I definitely think they did a good job picking out the girls and doing the casting.

As a Latina, I know that our culture tends to be very traditional.  Was it a little more challenging to explain to your family this process of dating on television?

Juan Pablo Galavis: When I got [on] The Bachelor, I didn't even tell my parents till the end, you know.  I'll say, "Can I get drinks for the lady?  I've got to do this."  So, they were fine, you know, and they respect me and they support me, so it wasn't a big deal. 

Are you chivalrous or do you like to open the door and do all of those things that gentlemen like to do?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Of course.  I try, you know, and that's one of the things that we're losing a lot now, you know.  So I try to do that as much as I can, you know?

Who's your dream celebrity date?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Ohh, Heidi Klum.  I think she's beautiful, since I was little.  I thought, "Oh my gosh, she is so pretty.  She is absolutely -- her face is just perfect."

What would you do if you took her on a date?

Juan Pablo Galavis: I saw Heidi Klum on America Museum it was like, "You are so pretty," but I was embarrassed.  I felt embarrassed.  What would I do with Heidi Klum on a date?  I'll be like, "Hey, you want to go eat dinner?  I'll take you to eat some Venezuelan food right now..." 

Then it would be like, "So what do you want to do now?  Okay, movies?  Okay, where?  No, you want to do something else?  Okay, we'll do whatever.  I'm not picking this.  You want to go to a baseball game?  I'll take you to a baseball game, we eat hotdogs, okay perfect."  You know?  No fancy.  No fancy at all.

How nervous were you before you started?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Well, I don't know if I was nervous or not, you know, because I got nervous when I took a step in front of the house when the first limo pulled up.  That's when I got nervous.  You know, I like meeting people and I'm an easygoing guy and I like meeting people all over the place.

So, definitely, you know, it's intimidating, having 27 women looking at you like a piece of something.  You know, it's funny too... There's one of the commercials that says, "Oh my God, 27." 

When I get to the side of the room and they were all looking at me, I was like, "Oh, okay, this is serious.  I don't know what I'm going to do now with all these people looking at me."  So, [I] was more nervous just when I step in front of the mansion and the limo start pulling off.

What is the difference between being in the mansion the first night when you were one of The Bachelorette bachelors versus being in there and being the center of attention, being the Bachelor?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Okay, when I was in the other show, at first, I was like, "Whoa, you had to do something.  What are you going to do when you got to the limo?"  And I was like, "What do you mean get out of the limo?"  I have no idea.  So, I have to figure that out and then, you know, I was like, "Okay, I'll just get down and meet this girl and then we'll talk inside."

And I didn't know what to expect.  And this way, I knew what was going on and definitely was like, "Oh my gosh.  Hopefully there's not going to be crazy ones getting out of the limo doing weird things."  That was my biggest concern.  And it was pretty good.  I was impressed.

What is the best and worst things about dating you and why?

Juan Pablo Galavis: What are the best and bad things about dating me?  That's a good question.  Okay.  Best thing to date about me, if you like music and you like sports and you like to have good time, you're going to have a blast. 

Because I love going to concerts and little showcases because of my job.  So I like to go to soccer games, and baseball games, and basketball games and football games, and go to Europe and watch football, and go you know, that's my life.

And the bad things about dating me is that -- that's a good question, I don't know.  I'm trying to think.  No, I'm just kidding.  Sometimes I can be a little stubborn.  I like to eat a lot.  So if you don't like to eat, you're kind of screwed because I like food a lot.  

I like to watch sports on the weekends, and there's people who love weekends to go out and the sun comes out and it's great now.  I just want to lie in bed and watch sports and relax.  And what else?

I can be a little sarcastic -- there's people who don't like that.  You know, I like to joke around a lot and there's people who don't like that.  So those are the bad things.  And sometimes obviously my daughter's my priority, so if you want to have a plan with me and then my daughter calls me, then I'm going to have to go with my daughter.  So, that's a bad thing too.

What's your biggest vice?  Do you smoke or anything like that?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Oh, my vice.  (Nutella).  (Pequenos).  Food, it's just food.  Doritos with salsa.  You know, I don't smoke, I don't drink.  I can drink one beer with lime, salt on top, entire lime.  You know, one.  And I can drink like scotch but it takes me like hour an half.  So I don't drink.  I don't smoke.  Dance could be too.  So dance, (Nutella), (Pequenos) and Doritos and salsa.  I'm a fatty, yes.

Above is the concluding portion of Juan Pablo's interview. To read what he had to tell Reality TV World, click here. For more, click here.

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