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'The Bachelor' star Ben Higgins eliminates Amber James, Haley Ferguson and Rachel Tchen

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 01/26/2016 

The Bachelor star Ben Higgins sent three bachelorettes packing during Monday night's broadcast of Season 20's fourth episode on ABC.

Ben eliminated Haley Ferguson, a 22-year-old cocktail waitress and twin from Las Vegas, NV, during a two-on-one date with her twin sister Emily Ferguson when the threesome visited the girls' home in Las Vegas.

Ben later denied roses to Rachel Tchen, a 23-year-old who's unemployed from Little Rock, AR, and former The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Amber James, a 30-year-old bartender from Chicago, IL, during last night's Rose Ceremony, which narrowed down the field to 11 girls.

The Bachelor broadcast began with Olivia Caridi ranting to the cameras about how Ben was her man and she never felt so sure of something before. She called him "my piece" and wasn't threatened by anyone.

Host Chris Harrison then stepped into the mansion and announced to the women they'd be traveling to Las Vegas for the week of dates with Ben.

Once in Vegas, the Date Card arrived and Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher learned she'd be accompanying Ben on the first one-on-one date of the week. She said it could be one of the biggest days in her life. Olivia wasn't threatened about the date, however, because she said Ben was "my piece."

For their date, JoJo and Ben hopped on a helicopter and the other girls watched it happen from their hotel room. The bachelorettes watched JoJo and Ben kiss before they took off, and Olivia started worrying about her connection with Ben since JoJo was "beautiful, smart and funny."

Meanwhile, the next Date Card arrived at the hotel and the following girls discovered they'd be going on a group date: Amanda Stanton, Jubilee Sharpe, Caila Quinn, Lauren Bushnell, Amber, Haley, Emily, Leah Block, Lauren Himle, Jennifer Saviano, Rachel and Olivia.

Back on Ben's date, he told JoJo that he experienced moments with her when nothing else in the world mattered, but he was hoping to find out more about her. JoJo said she was scared to open up about her past and give herself completely to somebody in the fear she wouldn't get the same in return.

Ben asked JoJo not to hold back, and so she explained her last relationship ended five months ago after a year-and-a-half due to trust issues. JoJo said she wasn't the only person involved in his life and it created an insecurity. Ben asked if she was hesitant to join the show and she assured him that wasn't the case.

Ben made JoJo feel comfortable and safe, and then he offered her a rose. Ben was starting to fall for her because he thought she was intelligent and had a great sense of humor. That night, the couple stood on a rooftop and watched fireworks together.

The other bachelorettes could see the fireworks from their hotel room, and Olivia noted it felt like she was being cheated on.

The next day, Ben embarked on his group date. He wanted to end up with a girl who didn't take herself too seriously, so the bachelorettes were required to open for former America's Got Talent winner Terry Fator at his show at The Mirage.

The girls were instructed to perform their special hidden talents onstage from an audience of 1,200 people, and Lauren B was nervous because she "has no talent." Olivia wasn't practicing, so the other women questioned whether she was hiding an awesome talent from everyone. The twins joked about how she's good at talking so her talent would probably be that.

During the crazy talent show, Jubilee played the cello, Emily and Haley performed an Irish step-dancing jig together, Lauren B juggled, and then Olivia took the stage with an embarrassing Showgirl routine. Olivia hopped around the stage, kicking her legs everywhere in a sexy, revealing ensemble.

Ben could barely watch Olivia as the girls gossiped about how awkward she was. Olivia looked uncomfortable onstage and later cried in the bathroom about her horrendous performance. Olivia bawled about how mortified Ben looked in the audience and she said it was embarrassing. Olivia didn't think her behavior screamed "marriage material." 

That night, outside The Mirage, Ben thanked everyone for getting up onstage and laughing with him.

Caila didn't think she stood out from the other girls yet so she pulled Ben aside for a makeout session. Ben initially wondered if there would be passion with Caila, but after the bubbly and sweet bachelorette kissed him, he called her "a sex panther" and no longer questioned their chemistry. Ben also complimented Caila's quiet confidence.

Afterward, Lauren H. got a good kiss and told Ben that she was hopeful they could fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, Olivia was venting to the cameras about how she had "bombed everything" for herself when she had started out the competition as such a frontrunner. Ben assured Olivia her performance in Vegas wasn't that bad, and he repeatedly asked her to stop apologizing.

Lauren B. then got some alone time with Ben. She admitted she was falling in love but was so scared because the other girls were confident in what they had with him as well. Lauren B. struggled to navigate her feelings for Ben and comprehend them, but he convinced her not to question their dynamic. Although she was terrified to get hurt, Ben gave her all the reassurance she needed.

Ben ended up giving the group-date rose to Lauren B. as a way to validate his feelings for her because he felt confident in what they had. Lauren B. felt amazing and realized she hadn't lost her strong connection with Ben.

The next day, Becca received a package and inside was a beautiful wedding dress for her one-on-one date with Ben.

Becca was then driven to a chapel, and upon meeting Ben inside the doors, he got down on one knee. Becca panicked a little bit because obviously she wasn't ready to get engaged after one date with him, but he just revealed he had gotten ordained and would be marrying couples that day.

Becca thought the date was really cool and she stood by his side as numerous pairs exchanged vows and said, "I do." Becca laughed at the right times and encouraged Ben. Afterward, Ben gave Becca a tour through the Neon Museum, where old signs were fixed and refurbished.

Ben and Becca then had a serious conversation. Becca said she was closed off to Chris Soules last season on The Bachelor in the fear of getting hurt. However, Becca insisted this time around was different because the reward was so great and she wanted it badly. Ben just wanted to make sure she could "feel" because she was so nonchalant about Chris when he was getting ready to propose to her.

Once Becca put Ben's doubts to rest, the pair discussed having similar faith. Ben asked if it was an issue for her that she's a virgin and he's not, but Becca said it wasn't a problem because it was just her own personal decision to make. Becca confessed it was hard to commit to the vow she had made to herself but she wanted to give herself to one special person.

Ben appreciated Becca's stance on the subject and she became more attractive to him because of it. Becca then insisted she really liked him. Ben made her feel confident in who she is as a person.

Ben and Becca then sweetly exchanged vows. Ben promised to always look her in the eyes when talking, smile when it's appropriate, laugh when it gets awkward, be honest and open at all times, and take her on the best dates possible. In return, Becca vowed to always tell Ben he's great, make sure he knows she's "in this" and express how she's feeling when she's feeling it.

Ben was excited to get to know Becca more because she's someone he could see himself with. Ben told the cameras Becca is perfect in every way, and then he gave her the date's rose. Becca had butterflies in her stomach and could picture herself as "the future Mrs. Ben Higgins."

The following morning, Ben woke up and decided he needed to spend more time with the twins. Chris therefore told Emily and Haley they had an hour to get ready and would be spending the day with Ben. The Bachelor acknowledged dating twins was difficult and it was a perfect time to make a hometown visit since the girls lived in Las Vegas.

Ben was attracted to the twins, but as his feelings grew for multiple women, he couldn't comprehend how to continue on with two sisters who are nearly identical in every way.

At the twins' house, Ben met their mother and five dogs. Haley and Emily felt their relationships with Ben were "stagnant," and Ben agreed, which is why he asked for this extra time with them. Emily ended up telling Ben their connection was stronger than what he had with Haley, mainly because it takes longer for her to open up to someone.

The twins' mother explained to Ben that Emily was the more "dominant" and bubbly one, but once Haley becomes comfortable, she shows her true colors and is "1,000 percent" invested. It became clear to Ben that due to the nature of The Bachelor process, he had to let Haley go.

Ben thought it was the perfect time to eliminate Haley because she could seek support from her mother immediately and be in the comfort of her own home. It wasn't easy for Haley to take the rejection, but she knew something special would be waiting out there in the future for her. Haley, sad to be split from her sister so soon, was still happy for Emily because she was getting to date a great guy.

Once the other girls on the show found out Ben eliminated a twin, he gained credibility and everyone started to take the journey even more seriously. It was obvious Ben was looking for his wife.

At the cocktail party, Olivia was showing Ben all of her insecurities. Ben said her quirks were "endearing and cute," but she wasn't really buying it. Olivia then jumped in head first and told Ben she was falling in love with him. Ben smiled at her and Olivia read a message through his gesture "loud and clear."

JoJo then spoke with Olivia about her alone time with Ben, and Olivia insisted Ben reciprocated her feelings of love. JoJo was shocked Olivia said those words so soon with little reciprocation possible. It was in that moment JoJo realized Ben had very strong connections with other girls.

At the Rose Ceremony that night, JoJo, Lauren B. and Becca already had roses.

Ben then handed additional roses out to Amanda, Lauren H, Jubilee, Emily, Caila, Jennifer, Leah, and Olivia.

Amber immediately started crying, and Rachel noted she was the only girl who hadn't kissed Ben so she probably didn't open up quickly enough. Amber was devastated to get hurt again since she put her heart on the line and she called herself stupid for letting this happen to her again.

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