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'The Bachelor's Sarah Herron: Catherine Giudici is the dark horse, AshLee Frazier isn't that fun

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 02/07/2013 

The Bachelor's Sarah Herron was one of three bachelorettes the show's star Sean Lowe chose to send packing during Tuesday night's broadcast of the reality dating series' seventeenth season on ABC.

Sarah, a 26-year-old advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA, was eliminated immediately following the group date in Alberta, Canada because Sean didn't want to make her go through the stress of a Rose Ceremony when he knew beforehand he wanted to send her home and she wasn't his future wife.

Afterwards, Sean chose to cut Selma Alameri, a 29-year-old real estate developer from San Diego, CA, and Daniella McBride, a 24-year-old commercial casting associate from San Francisco, CA, from the competition during the episode's Rose Ceremony.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Sarah talked to Reality TV World about her The Bachelor elimination and the girls still in the running for Sean's heart. Below is what Sarah had to say. Check back with Reality TV World on Friday for more highlights from the call.  

Reality TV World: Could you talk a little bit about why were you so upset when Sean eliminated you? You repeated in your final words you were embarrassed, but was that the only reason or was there more to it than that? Had you actually fallen in love with Sean at that point and is that what brought on the emotion?

Sarah Herron: I had very strong feelings for Sean and I think it's just human nature to feel embarrassed when you're dumped on television and you cry and you let yourself be as vulnerable as I let myself be.

I don't think I've ever let America or let alone my coworkers and friends see me as vulnerable as I was on the show, and you just feel a little embarrassed that you put it all out there and somebody didn't want to take it all in. So it was just hard, and yeah, it was a little embarrassing.

Reality TV World: Sean kind of thought he was doing you a favor by sending you home two days early, but at the same time, he singled you out and you later had to confront the girls about it and everything in tears. So do you agree with Sean's thought process that it was in your best interest to let you go early, or looking back on things, do you wish he had just let you go at the Rose Ceremony so you could kind of exit quietly?

Sarah Herron: Absolutely not. I think Sean handled it the best way. He and I actually did have a conversation and I said, "If I'm one of these girls that you ever feel our relationship is taking a step back, I want to talk about it and I want to know about it. And I think we can communicate about what's going on, and please, I just don't want to be the last girl standing at a Rose Ceremony without a rose, without an explanation -- just completely shocked."

So he knew that I was asking for an explanation, and I think that's what he gave me. He said, "Here's a girl who doesn't want to be strung along and who wants to be told how it is," and he respected that. And I think it's great. Even though I'm not happy with how things turned out, I respect the way he handled it and I don't think he could've done it any better.

Reality TV World: Sean seemed to determine he wanted to eliminate you when it kind of hit home for him that he may not be ready to meet your family after you showed him all those photos. Do you think things would've played out differently had you have waited to show him the pictures a little later on?

Sarah Herron: I've definitely thought about that and I don't think it would've changed Sean's mind. I think Sean had a pretty good idea about his feelings for me and his feelings for the other women, and the process of this show, it moves so fast and you need to be confident and sure of how you're feeling.

Whether I showed him pictures of my family on Night 1 or at the fantasy suite, I don't think those photographs changed how he was feeling about me. I think he knew how he felt and the photographs just probably made him realize, "Okay, I need to be honest with this girl sooner than later, because I don't want to hurt her."

Reality TV World: You said in your final words it's just sad to think about why Sean saw something in you and felt something for you at the beginning of the season. And I'm sure you've often reflected on your experience since then and replayed things in your mind over the past few months, so do you now have a theory on why Sean might've had the change of heart?

Sarah Herron: Yeah, I think, honestly, getting the first one-on-one date, as incredible and magical as it was, I think it was kind of a curse. Because we had an amazing connection right off the bat and then I had to sit back and just wait for him to develop these relationships with all of the other women who, each week I'm sure, a new girl was stepping into the forefront.

And so with each week, it became more and more difficult to sustain a connection while he was being introduced to all these other women. It gets really hard and I don't have the answer, and that's why I was so confused. It's hard to understand how somebody can like you so much in the beginning and feelings fizzle.

I mean, I think that's true for anybody in any relationship that hasn't worked out. You're always left wondering, "Why? Well why not? You used to like me so much and love me, so why do you not now?" So it's just a very, very confusing and sad feeling.

Reality TV World: What can you tell us about Catherine Giudici because until this week, she had never gotten a one-on-one date and there hasn't been much focus on her compared to the other girls.

Sarah Herron: Yeah, Catherine was kind of like, until this point, has been a little bit of a dark horse. She hasn't gotten too much air time. In the house, she wasn't even getting very much time with Sean. So, it's really interesting and exciting to see it all unfold, and I'm happy for her because it's hard to see Sean developing feelings for these girls, but I watched their date in Canada and it's just hard -- I don't know.

It warms me inside to watch them and know that they were developing a great connection, because I didn't see it in the house. She was one of the last girls to get a one-on-one, and so, it just makes me happy to see that they were building those feelings. Catherine is such a down to earth, real, real girl and it just makes me happy to see that she got to open up with Sean.

Reality TV World: What about some of the other girls? What about AshLee Frazier, Lesley Murphy, Lindsay Yenter, and Desiree Hartsock? Do you have any general thoughts about them? Do any of them stand out to you as being better for Sean than the others?

Sarah Herron: I always have thought Lesley is a great connection for Sean. It's so interesting now that I am no longer on it and I don't know what happens, but I think Lesley's great and I think Lindsay's tremendous. Lindsay was probably one of my better friends in the house. She's such a sweet girl and has the biggest heart. She's just like this tiny ball of fun, and so, she's wonderful.

And AshLee has the biggest heart -- obviously everyone is seeing that. And Desiree's fun and spunky and very real. [Daniella McBride] is awesome, but she went home after me too I guess, so. The girls were all so great! I loved all of them.

Reality TV World: Many viewers have been saying AshLee is a little too intense for Sean, however. What are your thoughts on that? Do you agree or disagree?

Sarah Herron: I can see that. I can definitely see that. AshLee's a very sincere, big-hearted woman, but she's serious and she's not a goofball. She's not loads of fun. So I mean, she's just not like super energetic. She's just more like a calm, reserved, eloquent person, and that's great. But I think Sean really is looking for someone to bring the adventure and the fun, so I'm not sure how that's going to play out very well.

Above is what Sarah had to say to Reality TV World during her Thursday conference call with reporters. Check back with Reality TV World on Friday for more highlights from the call.  

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