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'Survivor: One World' Salani tribe votes off castaway Nina Acosta

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 02/23/2012 

Survivor: One World's all-female Salani tribe eliminated Nina Acosta, a 51-year-old retired LAPD officer from Clovis, CA, from their tribe during Wednesday night's second episode of the CBS reality series' 24th edition.

Nina was voted out of her tribe at the season's second Tribal Council, the second elimination session in a row for the women.

"I think the tribe made a huge mistake by voting me out instead of [Kat Edorsson]. Kat not only is young and lacks life experience, she's very immature and whether or not people know it, she's destroying the tribe and she should have gone home tonight. I wish the gals a lot of luck, but I think they're in deep trouble. I think the guys are going to take them apart piece by piece," Nina said following her ouster.

Survivor: One World's second broadcast began with on Night 3 with the Salani tribe -- which consisted of Nina; Christina Cha, a 29-year-old career consultant from West Hollywood, CA; Monica Culpepper, a 41-year-old ex-NFL football player's wife from Tampa, FL; Kat, a 22-year-old timeshare representative from Orlando, FL; Chelsea Meissner, a 26-year-old in medical sales from Charleston, SC; Alicia Rosa, a 25-year-old special education teacher from Chicago, IL; Kim Spradlin, a 29-year-old bridal shop owner from San Antonio, TX; and Sabrina Thompson, a 33-year-old high school teacher from Brooklyn, NY -- who were expressing happiness over how the previous Tribal Council session had gone considering Kourtney Moon was automatically eliminated due to a wrist injury.

However, the majority of the Manono tribe -- which consisted of Jay Byars, a 25-year-old model from Gaffney, SC; Colton Cumbie, an openly gay 21-year-old college student from Monroeville, AK; Michael Jefferson, a 30-year-old banker from Seattle, WA; Leif Manson, a 27-year-old phlebotomist from San Diego, CA; Jonas Otsuji, a 37-year-old sushi chef from Lehi, Utah; Bill Posley, a 28-year-old stand-up comedian from Venice, CA; Matt Quinlan, a 33-year-old attorney from San Francisco, CA; Troy Robertson, a 50-year-old swimsuit photographer from Miami, FL; and Greg "Tarzan" Smith, a 64-year-old plastic surgeon from Houston, TX -- were displeased with how things went because the men wanted another girl gone.

Alicia and Christina, who had sparred during last week's Tribal Council session, got together once they returned to camp and squashed their beef because they knew it was important to unite and get along or else they were doomed to win challenges and stay in the game in general.

However, Alicia admitted to cameras she only apologized for game-playing purposes and it was not a genuine truce in her eyes.

On Day 4, the women of the Salani tribe had a meeting in order to compose themselves and find a way to become a more solid strong tribe. They decided as a group that Sabrina should be their leader because she brought a lot of positive traits to the table, and then Sabrina stepping up to that role, told her tribe she believed there should be three categories they need to tend to: water, food and shelter. She then designated who would be in charge of which necessity around camp.

Meanwhile, Nina was well aware the tribe was divided and acknowledged there were two major alliances. Christina, Monica and herself were one and considered to be the outcasts of the group, while the core alliance was comprised of Chelsea, Kim, Alicia, Sabrina, and Kat. Sabrina called her alliance a bunch of "airheads."

The Salani tribe then discovered Tree Mail in the form of a large box, but the instructions read that it could not be opened until both tribes were present. The men joined the women and then both tribes learned they'd be competing in a Reward Challenge on neutral territory between both their camps. The winning tribe would receive a tarp and then Bill read the rules aloud.

"Bring this envelope and the boxes to the clearing, in a neutral location. Manono and Salani, you have been co-existing as two tribes sharing one world. Today your journey will go one step further as you complete a 'do it yourself' Reward Challenge here at your camp," Bill explained.

"Here's how it works. You each have a box containing a series of knotted rope attached to a metal ring. The first tribe to untie all their knots, completely separating the ring, wins the reward."

Afterward, the tribes would get to use their own box and rope as they saw fit. Mike sat out from the challenge in order to even up the numbers, so he could not participate at all.

The men ended up finishing the challenge before the women but it was a very close match. As a result, the men claimed the tarp and gained another victory against the Salani tribe under their belts.

"We lost the damn challenge. That hurt my soul. We needed a tarp like a fat kid needs cake. We needed it; We wanted it. We were seconds away from winning, so it wasn't a horrible loss, but at the end of the day, it's a loss. No one ever remembers second place," Sabrina said.

The Manono tribe were very proud of themselves and felt they were an extremely strong tribe. They set up their tarp following the challenge and worked together to do so, but Colton was missing from the action and was wandering off by himself.

"Our camp is going to look great. The Manono tribe, we're probably going to have the best camp in history... Colton has done nothing. He's proved he's the worst person for our tribe. The fire, the food, he's done nothing with the shelter. He feels like this is a vacation. Colton is just here to hang out in the girls' camp," Mike said.

While Colton was spending his time at the women's camp, Jonas was realizing Colton had "all the women in the palm of his hands" and noted that he was making former Survivor castaway Russell Hantz -- who always formed tight alliances with women -- "look like a freakin school girl."

However, although Colton thought he was fitting in with the Salani tribe perfectly, the girls wanted him to try to get along with the Manono tribe better and talk to them because it would eventually hurt their strategy. Colton just didn't have any desire to become one of the guys and felt like he fit in with the women so much better despite their efforts to shoo him away.

"Colton is like a virus. There seems to not be a cure for him just yet. Today I found myself, without even thinking, entertaining him half the morning. And I'm just like, 'What am I doing?'" Sabrina said.

Colton attempted to help the girls around camp but they wanted to have a meeting only only amongst themselves, so they finally suggested he should leave. However, Colton didn't know where else to go, so he asked if he could hang out with them later again later at least.

"I relate more to girls and I go over there and try to help them and they're like, 'You need to go.' They want to have a girl meeting, so I literally feel like I need to find a small island and build my own little hut out there and just be my own little tribe. The Colton tribe or something," Colton explained.

"I guess I'm going to have to just keep digging deep when I go over there. I feel like in order for me to make a move, I honestly do believe I have to have some girls. That's case and point."

Sabrina started viewing Colton as a drama queen and believed he was bringing a negative energy to their camp. She felt he kept making his way over to their side like a snake. While Sabrina was getting increasingly annoyed, Colton was becoming more upset and desperate for companionship.

Colton then begged the women to allow him to stay with them because he couldn't go back to the Manono tribe. He told the girls that if they let him stay with them, he would never speak badly about any single one of them. He began to cry and Sabrina felt he was being a bit of a jerk.

The girls worried about sharing all their strategies and information with him because he was ultimately a member of the other tribe. Kim told him it would just be a stupid move to let him be around them all the time, and he just had to understand that. The girls felt aligning with Colton just wasn't a possibility.

"This is our tribe and we have to start owning our tribe by owning our thoughts, owning our actions and owning the vision of what we want to look like later on down the road without having a guy who acts like a girl involved. If he's running the show and we lose this damn game, I'm just going to slit my wrists. I'm going to slit my wrists," Sabrina said sarcastically.

That night, Colton knew he had to make a move and still had the hidden Immunity Idol to use to his advantage, so he approached Troyzan and shared the information with him.

"Holy cow. I just found out some stuff tonight and it's like my heart's pounding. We've got to get rid of the muscle, meaning Mike and Matt," Troyzan said, suggesting they should remove the big physical threats on their tribe.

Troyzan and Colton then got other members of the Manono tribe involved in their plan. The new alliance consisted of Leif, Troyzan, Tarzan, and Jonas, while the other "strong man" alliance was comprised of Mike, Matt, Jay, and Bill.

"So Colton went from the first guy to get voted out to now the ringleader. I knew the kid was a freak of nature as far as the kid is ridiculously smart," Jonas said.

"It's the most random group of people in the entire world and until I can get with the girls, I have to associate myself with these misfits. They can call themselves the misfit alliance and I'll just be their king. I mean, this is my world. They should have called this Survivor 'Colton's World,'" Colton explained.

On Day 5, the Salani tribe and Manono tribe met with Survivor host Jeff Probst who then explained the rules to what would be their second Immunity Challenge.

The castaways learned that both tribes must line up side by side on a very narrow balance beam over water. One tribe member at a time had to then move across the balance beam and around the other tribe members. If a castaway fell off, he or she would have to go back to the start. If a player touched two people at once, he or she would also have to jump into the water and start again. Once one member reached the finish platform, the next person could go.

The first tribe to get all their tribe members to the finish platform would win immunity and be safe from the vote at the next Tribal Council session, while the losing team must vote off one of their own members. 

Tarzan sat out for the Manono tribe in order to make the challenge fair. The women ended up struggling much more than the men, and the Manono tribe won immunity. Kat was ultimately blamed for Salani's loss.

"Kat jumped in when she didn't even need to jump in, not once, but twice. I'm sad. I'm sad for women. This isn't the way women are, and frankly, I'm so embarrassed," Monica said after the challenge.

Once both tribes returned to their camps, Kat apologized to her Salani tribemates for having poor communication skills, and she said she felt bad because it was her fault they failed. Sabrina told her logic and strategy were better than being emotional and having a lot of energy in the challenges. Sabrina believed Kat just couldn't control her emotions and that made her a liability.

However, Sabrina wasn't thrilled with Nina either. Sabrina called her "the walking dead" and acknowledged Nina was probably aware that she was on the chopping block.

While Salani discussed the challenge, Sabrina told her tribe it wasn't any one person's fault in particular. Nina, however, was still convinced their loss weighed heavily if not entirely upon Kat's shoulders.

"We didn't lose. We got our ass kicked. It wasn't even close, and everyone's like, 'Oh Kat. You did so good.' Kat, you jumped in the water twice, you dumb blonde, twice. Okay? Inexcusable. Come on. Quit being such a dumb broad," Nina said.

Monica and Nina then spoke about who they should vote for and Nina told her she wanted Kat out. Monica understood and agreed, and Nina admitted she was embarrassed that her tribe was being run by the youngest least-experienced women.

"I'm so low on the totem pole. How do I possibly go to somebody in the five and say, 'Would you guys be interested in getting rid of Kat?' That's a one way ticket home. So, I'm hoping that they'll open their eyes. But who knows with this group. Who knows," Monica said.

Nina then tried to convince Chelsea they could redeem themselves by getting rid of Kat next, and losing Kat might fix their reputations because they were looking stupid.

Chelsea saw it from her perspective and then talked to Kim about how Kat really was making them all look dumb. She believed other girls deserved to stay over Kat, but Kim noted how important it was to maintain their alliance's trust and didn't seem to be onboard with the strategic plan.

"All eyes are on Kat right now. We're starting to look at the weakest players even if they're in our alliance. I'm one of the strongest people in the tribe, so if we decide to start picking off the weakest links, Kat will be our pick," Chelsea said, admitting it pained her to talk about voting off Kat so soon.

That night, Survivor: One World's eight female castaways on the Salani tribe arrived for their second Tribal Council session.

Jeff noted how dysfunctional the Salani tribe was, and Nina admitted they were still a very divided tribe -- five women against three. Nina, knowing she might be sent home, expressed how much life experience she had over Kat as an Los Angeles police officer and how she would fare much better in the game due to those circumstances.

Kat said she was in sales and worked with people all the time, so her social skills were great, but she acknowledged that she was the youngest player on the tribe and was struggled with meeting Salani's expectations. However, Kat argued that she was going the best she could around camp and in challenges.

Nina then called Kat out for claiming she was an athlete but she personally believed an athlete had three main attributes: athletic ability, ability to handle pressure and the ability to be smart -- two qualities Kat seemingly lacked.

Kim then revealed the vote definitely was going to come down to Nina and Kat, and after observing the strengths and weaknesses of all the girls on the Salani tribe, the core alliance of five admitted they wished they had selected different people in the beginning to team up with. Jeff noticed there was no "girl power" present amongst the tribe and the women were well aware and disappointed over the fact.

Kat announced she felt like it was all her fault they had lost the challenge, and she grew very upset because she told everyone she never failed at anything in her life before. 

"Kat, you said you take responsibility for the loss. Would it be fair to vote you out?" Jeff asked her.

"Absolutely. I thought I could do it. I thought I could bring it home. What I can only hope is that my tribe believes in me the way that I believe in myself and they'll keep me around so I can show them that I'm learning," Kat said.

She then suggested Christina was on the show just to be there and didn't really care about playing the game. Nina then tried to state her case one more time and said she was nothing like that because she was a physical asset, was ready to play the game and had life experience to offer her tribe.

Jeff then revealed the votes. Four castaways voted to oust Nina from Survivor: One World, one woman voted for Kat and one castaway voted for Christina.

After showing the votes, Jeff extinguished Nina's torch.

The episode's closing credits later showed Kim, Kat, Christina, Alicia, Chelsea, and Sabrina all voted for Nina. Nina voted for Kat and Monica voted for Christina.

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