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'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' eliminates "loved one" Katie Collins, sends Hayden Moss to Redemption Island

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 12/12/2013 

Survivor: Blood vs. Water eliminated "loved one" Katie Collins from the game after she lost the season's eleventh Redemption Island duel during Wednesday night's penultimate episode of the CBS reality series' 27th edition. 

Katie Collins, a 25-year-old who works in hedge fund support from New York, NY, lost the duel to returning castaways Tina Wesson, a 52-year-old motivational speaker from Robbinsville, NC -- who is Katie's mother -- and Laura Morett, a 43-year-old construction company co-owner from Salem, OR.

Later in the episode, the merged Kasama tribe voted Kat Edorsson's boyfriend and former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss, a 26-year-old newbie player in real estate from Springtown, TX, out of their tribe on Night 35 at the season's fourteenth Tribal Council session.

"Tribal tonight was brutal. I felt like we were close, but, here I am -- [Monica Culpepper] doing Monica, just listening to what [Tyson Apostol] says. Monica is a lap dog. Tyson has her on a leash," Hayden said upon arriving at Redemption Island.

As the game's newest Tribal Council victim, Hayden will now join Laura M. and Tina on Redemption Island, where they will battle each other in the game's next duel in hopes to rejoin the game and resume competing for Survivor: Blood vs. Water's million dollar prize.

The broadcast began on Night 32 on Redemption Island with Tina telling Katie she wouldn't be opposed to throwing the duel and letting Katie win. Katie didn't want her mom to do that, and instead, told Tina to try her hardest.

Over at the Kasama tribe's camp, returning player Tyson, a 34-year-old former pro cyclist and shop manager from Provo, UT, told Hayden and newbie player Ciera Eastin they had made a good move, and returning castaway Monica, a 42-year-old former NFL wife and homemaker from Tampa, FL, hugged everyone.

Hayden was shocked he was still in the game and his plan of blowing up the prior Tribal Council worked, because he ultimately got Ciera, a 24-year-old cosmetology student from Salem, OR, on his side.

Hayden noted he was sticking with Ciera until the end, and Monica was so happy that Tyson and returning player Gervase Peterson, a 43-year-old cigar lounge owner from Philadelphia, PA, stuck with her in their alliance of three even though it meant drawing rocks and risking Tyson's vote-off.

Tyson then shared with Monica and Gervase he had a hidden Immunity Idol in his possession. Monica was crucial to Tyson's game, but he hated how she wouldn't stop talking. Because the guys would ignore Monica when she tried to talk strategy with them, she was convinced neither man had much respect for her.

Monica was also disappointed Tyson never told her about his idol sooner. She said she's "never forget" how he hid crucial information from her. Tyson and Gervase laughed with one another that Monica wasn't good at the game Survivor.

On Day 33, Ciera realized she and Hayden were down numbers 2-3 but she still felt great about her position in the game, especially since it was still a possibility Laura could come back into the game and work with her. Ciera admitted for the first time she truly wanted her mom to play with her.

"Hayden and I are bound and determined to find a hidden Immunity Idol, to win a challenge and to find the crack in the alliance between Tyson, Gervase and Monica. We're going to go all out, because the great thing about my position right now, I have nothing to lose," Ciera said.

Later that day, Survivor host Jeff Probst welcomed Katie, Tina and Laura M. to the arena for the season's eleventh Redemption Island duel.

Tina announced it was going to be really hard to give 100% in the challenge when competing against her own daughter. She said she'd make a game-changing decision when the moment came.

For the duel, Jeff explained each castaway must use sticks and ropes to fashion a long pole. They must then use that pole to retrieve three keys which would open three locks. The first two castaways to step through their door would win the duel and stay alive in the game. The loser would be out of the game for good.

Laura ended up winning first place no problem. Jeff said she was "unstoppable on Redemption Island," as she had already won her way back into the game earlier in the season. It then came down to Tina and Katie, and Tina was far ahead of Katie. As a result, Tina asked Katie if it'd be okay with her to win, and Katie gave her permission. Tina therefore finished in second place.

"There is something about my relationship with Katie because I was adopted and I don't have those connections in my life. It wasn't until I had her that I felt my first connection in life, and so, it's just a pure, unadulterated, complete love, and that's all I can say. I just love her," Tina said.

"I'm so incredibly proud of both myself and my mother, and to be able to experience this together, it's the best gift I could ask for really," Katie said before she departed the game.

For coming in first place, Laura received a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol whom she could give to anyone of her choosing. She decided to give it to Ciera. Before they left, Tina yelled out to Hayden, "Win the challenge."

After the duel, Ciera and Hayden went looking for the idol furiously. Their only hope was for one of them to win Individual Immunity and the other to find the hidden Immunity Idol. After they spent awhile looking, Hayden was convinced someone had found the idol already and it was probably Tyson.

Meanwhile, Gervase was doing everything in his power to not mess up his three-person alliance and keep Monica with him. He thought his Final 3 was set and you couldn't pay for the trust he had been given.

Monica believed the guys had been selfless by drawing rocks since it kept her protected, and she said they'd "have a bond forever." However, she planned to play the game for herself and not for Tyson or Gervase.

Ciera and Hayden wanted to try to get Monica to flip by throwing the boys under the bus. The couple decided to tell her that Tyson had been saying Monica was his puppy on a leash. Hayden was hoping she'd play an individual game and join "the good guys."

On Day 35, the Kasama tribe arrived for their seventh Individual Immunity Challenge of the season.

For the challenge, the tribe members were required to dive into water and push a buoy around a rope and an obstacle. Once they reached the shore, they had to untie a bag of letter tiles and use them to solve a classic Survivor phrase.

In addition to winning immunity, the winner of the challenge would receive Reward in the form of a Survivor menu prepared especially for that person. They could choose either steak, lobster, pizza, or a burger.

The phrase ended up being, "You are going to have to dig deep," and Ciera solved the puzzle first. Jeff told her that she got to choose one person to join her for lunch, and she opted for Hayden to eat.

Ciera was so proud of herself for winning the challenge and said no one in the game should count her out. Ciera noted to the cameras she wasn't trying to kiss Tyson's ass and chose to eat with Hayden to prove she wasn't scared of anyone. She also knew her mom would be very proud of her for winning immunity.

Ciera then told Monica to vote out Gervase because Ciera figured she was definitely "the crack" in Tyson's alliance and an "emotional wreck."

Ciera explained to Monica that Tyson had talked a lot of crap about her, saying she was weak, paranoid, a puppy on his leash and she'd vote however he wanted. Ciera said Tyson would just roll his eyes when she spoke, and then Monica asked why Tyson would've drawn rocks then.

Ciera explained if Tyson flipped and voted Monica out, he'd be next, as Ciera, Hayden and Katie would've teamed up and voted him out next. Monica started to cry, and Ciera asked her to just think about it.

Monica noted "it was like a gut punch" to hear that news, but it was great that she could serve as the swing vote since both sides needed her. Tyson was paranoid about Monica, but Gervase insisted she wouldn't betray them.

Kasama then arrived for the season's fourteenth Tribal Council on Night 35. The season's first four jury members -- Aras Baskauskas, Vytas Baskauskas, Caleb Bankston, and Katie -- listened in on the session. When Katie walked in, Hayden said she "looked hot" and Ciera called her "a stunner."

"There's one reason they're keeping Monica around and that's because they both think they can beat her in the end. They drew rocks for Monica last time because Tyson knows if Monica's not around in the end, he can't beat anybody else," Hayden said.

"I drew rocks because I knew I could trust Monica to the end," Tyson argued.

"I'm sure," Hayden said sarcastically.

"What they perceive is a reality to them, but that's not really what's going on," Gervase noted.

Hayden and Ciera repeatedly yelled out that Tyson and Gervase had disrespected Monica many times and she would never win against them in the end. Gervase argued Ciera and Hayden were on the bottom so they were just throwing all the trash they could at the wall.

But Ciera didn't back down. She insisted Tyson and Gervase had said "evil, rude things" about Monica, and Hayden announced Monica was Tyson's "lap dog" and she could prove herself in the game to be a strong, independent woman by flipping.

Ciera suggested Monica would make her family proud by making a big move on her own terms and flipping. Hayden also added that Tyson and Gervase had played a superior game to Monica. Gervase explained Hayden and Ciera only came to Monica now with information because they had their backs up against a wall and were struggling for survival.

Without revealing which side she was going to vote with, Monica said she dug deep to make her decision and there was nothing she could do if people didn't respect it. Monica noted she was "resilient" and "a new side" of her had come out. Before the votes were revealed, Monica told Jeff that morality and ethical issues would bite you in the ass in the end of the game.

Jeff then showed the tribe that two castaways had voted for Gervase and three people had voted for Hayden.

"Get them girl," Hayden told Ciera on his way out to Redemption Island. "Good game, fellas."

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