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Blaine Twilley: 'Bachelorette' star DeAnna Pappas may pull a Womack

By Christopher Rocchio, 06/19/2008 

Blaine Twilley feels there's a "good chance" DeAnna Pappas might pull a Brad Womack.

"I feel like it might have just been a venture where she's going to really identify with Brad Womack in the end of it and just see that this is a lot harder than she thought it was going to be.  I hope she finds true love.  I just don't see it happening with any of the guys that are left," Twilley told Reality TV World during a Thursday conference call.

The 33-year-old software programmer from Dallas, TX -- who was ousted by Pappas during Monday night's The Bachelorette fourth-season broadcast -- said she had previously informed him "there was one guy who really blew her away."

"I really always felt like that was Graham," he told Reality TV World.  "I really feel like Graham likes her a lot but I just don't feel like -- talking to him, I think he was a little intimidated by the marriage thing.  I just can't see her putting herself back in that situation where he is going to turn her down.  I feel like she probably focused a lot of her energy trying to fall in love with him."

Twilley added Jesse is the only remaining suitor he really sees as having a chance at a working relationship with Pappas.

"I know that might seem strange, but I just feel like they have a really unusual connection," he told Reality TV World.  "It's going to be unexpected and I think it will happen during the fantasy dates.  I think the more she'll get to know him the more she'll like him.  Of the four left, I think they're the best fit."

The reason why Twilley singling out Jesse seems "strange" is because the 25-year-old professional snowboarder from Breckenridge, CO seems to lack a romantic connection with Pappas, at least to home viewers.

"I know what Jesse's whole plan for his first kiss is.  I don't want to go into that, but I just think that there's a lot of stuff you just see behind the edit.  Jesse's the guy that she always kind of went over and was talking to anytime she had a chance," Twilley told reporters during the call.  "I just see a lot of sparks between them, that's all."

Twilley added he also saw chemistry between Pappas and Jeremy, however he was quick to add Jeremy's a "pretty intense guy" and their personalities don't "fit."

"I just don't think they're a good match for each other," said Twilley about Jeremy and Pappas.

Twilley elaborated that before he left for The Bachelorette, friends told him not to make friends with the other suitors.  Twilley said he subsequently realized that was the "worst advice ever" because there's no reason not befriend the other bachelors.

"I think Jeremy just really had somebody tell him that and he really took it to heart.  He really thought, 'This is about my future wife and these other guys aren't important to me,'" Twilley told reporters.  "It just was his way of tackling it.  I just feel like whenever they were around each other he was being a very different guy than a lot of us saw."

While Twilley said he saw "chemistry" between Pappas and the three aforementioned remaining suitors, he couldn't say the same about The Bachelorette star and Jason -- a single father of a 3-year-old son.

"It just seems like Jason is having the same conversation with DeAnna that I had with her, which is very rigid," he explained.  "I just don't think DeAnna's ready to be a mom and the whole Ty factor is going to be hard.  It's going to be one of those things where, do you really want to make a decision that's going to affect a child based on a reality TV show that has very, very little success?"

Twilley added that's part of the equation Pappas is going to have to consider before presenting her final rose to Jason.

"Obviously if she falls in love with Jason they should go for it," he continued.  "But I just think there are a lot of decisions that she's going to have to come to reality with very, very soon regarding Jason -- the fact that he's already been married and he already has a son and if this doesn't work out, this could be very, very, very hard on this child potentially.  I think that's going to prevent that from really blossoming."

As for Twilley's own relationship with Pappas, he was amazed to ever receive a rose from her -- never mind have a blossoming romance.

"I think -- like most of America -- I was surprised I got a rose every ceremony.  I'm really surprised I got a rose the first actual Rose Ceremony because I didn't get to talk to DeAnna at all," he told Reality TV World.  "Every single week every single guy was pretty much telling me I was going to be going home.  I believed them.  I really didn't think I saw a very good chemistry with DeAnna.  So I was ready every week -- I had my bags packed."

Twilley said he came to the realization there were no romantic sparks during the group date at the dude ranch during the third week of the competition.

"We were at the dude ranch and we had some time, some conversations by the campfire.  Everybody was there, and I really started realizing, 'I don't have a chance in heck,'" he recalled.  "'I really am coming on strong and trying to fan a flame that's just not there.  I just need to relax and have a good time and if something's going to happen it's not going to be because I'm trying to create a romantic moment.  It's going to happen because DeAnna's really going to see my true personality.'"

So Twilley said he just started to enjoy himself, however he added that didn't prevent him from taking his eyes off the prize just in case romance did bloom.

"It didn't become about meeting the guys, it didn't become about getting to go on fun dates -- it always was about getting to know DeAnna," he insisted.  "But I felt all those other things came pretty naturally to me anyway.  I was always pretty close with most of the guys."

Twilley said Pappas never really seemed to be too interested in him anyway.

"I really didn't see any interest from her throughout the experience," he told Reality TV World.  "She kept telling me to hang on and hang in there.  I figured in Palm Springs I finally was going to get a chance to have a date with her.  When I didn't, I was pretty let down.  I was trying to be confident and not go into the ceremony feeling like I wasn't going to get a rose.  I definitely was trying to keep my spirits up."

However his confidence had no impact on the ultimate outcome, as he failed to receive a rose upon returning from Palm Springs.  Still, Twilley had a hard time answering when asked why Pappas kept telling him to hang in there.

"I really felt like DeAnna and I got to talk a few times, and maybe she saw some potential there," he told Reality TV World.  "I really felt like I was kind of storming the beaches of Normandy -- I didn't have anywhere to run and that machine gun was just ready to pick me off any minute."

Twilley was quick to add he felt that way about several of the other suitors as well.

"I really just felt like I was kind of the guy they got to last," he told Reality TV World.  "Brian, Robert, Fred -- I really felt like all those guys, none of us really had a chemistry with her.  It's just a matter of she can only eliminate so many people at every ceremony.  I felt like she maybe wanted to see if there was something there."

Despite being booted, Twilley said he harbors no ill will towards Pappas for not making a concerted effort to get to know him better.

"I wasn't mad at her for not having a one-on-one date [with me]," he told Reality TV World.  "She only has so much time to spend with these guys and it really was about her, it wasn't about me.  If she wanted to spend time with these other guys, that was fine.  I felt like I was kind of a back-up.  I was one of the last guys she kind of felt safe with at that point where there wasn't a lot of chemistry. That was fine with me."

Twilley added he doesn't think there was any amount of one-on-one dates that could have sparked a romantic fuse between him and Pappas.

"Even if we had spent a day-and-a-half trapped in an elevator talking the whole time, I really just don't think a romantic connection would have happened.  I think we would have been real good friends," he told Reality TV World.  "I felt it was nice of her to keep me around as long as she did to give me a chance to shine, but something you just can't force."

Twilley said he was cast for The Bachelorette after relocating from Los Angeles to Dallas.

"I lived in Los Angeles for six years, and all my friends there are single.  I just moved back to Dallas in January and both my brothers and all my friends here are married," he explained to Reality TV World.  "I was still single, I wanted to go out and do my thing.  So the husbands were going out with me and I think a lot of the wives were getting a little tired of that."

So Twilley said those wives emailed him when they heard about casting for The Bachelorette and encouraged him to apply.

"I thought it was pretty laughable, and I just went to the auditions at one of the bars in Dallas where they were doing this -- I really just wanted to shut them up," he said with a laugh.  "But the casting directors liked me and I kept going back and forth with them that I didn't want to do it.  I just thought, 'Boy I'm going to look like a complete moron.'  I didn't want to embarrass my family.  One day one of the casting directors just talked me into it.  I decided, 'Why not?'"

However the most The Bachelor or The Bachelorette Twilley said he saw before being cast was a bit of the show's second season.  He added he also saw the first few episodes of The Bachelor: London Calling this spring before leaving for The Bachelorette.

"They had shown me a picture of DeAnna, and I thought she looked just beautiful," said Twilley.  "Then my friends had a going away part for me and they had an interview with [Ellen DeGeneres] and DeAnna, and we all watched it.  DeAnna was describing her guy, and they were all saying, 'That's you, that's you, that's you.'  So I was feeling pretty good about it."

But once Twilley actually found himself on the show and filming commenced, he admitted he was lost.

"I had no idea what was going on half the time," he said.  "I really wanted to go in with this whole genuine attitude of this is going to be a great experience and it's all going to be new to me and I'm not going to know who DeAnna is beforehand and it's going to be like we first met.  I'm going to be different from everybody else because I'm just going to talk to her like I would any girl at a bar or whatever.  Boy that just didn't really work at all.  It just isn't that kind of environment that you expect it to be."

Twilley said he was further put off by some of his fellow suitors not being in the competition for the right reasons.

"I feel like there might have been some guys who got into this for publicity and hopefully their hearts changed throughout the process," he said.  "I don't really want to go into that a whole lot, but it was frustrating going through this with really the right intentions and wanting to meet my wife and then having other guys tell you why they're there."

As for what's next, Twilley said he isn't currently dating anyone but recently landed a new job.

"I just got out of the mortgage and debt industry and I'm now in software sales, which I've wanted to be back in for a while.  I had a software company a long time ago," he explained.  "I just started working for one of my fraternity brother's companies.  He's had it up and running for a year-and-a-half.  I'm going to be doing some spokesperson work for them and then I'm also going to be in their sales department.  I'm excited about that."

While Twilley said starring in a future installment of The Bachelor "would definitely be worthwhile," he told reporters not to hold their breathe.

"I don't see it ever happening, but how could you turn down an opportunity like that?" he said.  "What a great way to meet somebody."

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