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Quirky News

Dartmouth College gets $100 million anonymous donation
Canadian dentist to use John Lennon's tooth to clone baby from dead Beatle's DNA
California teen who sold pot brownies for prom dress cash now facing deportation
Conjoined twins Shivanath and Shivram Sahu in India 'don't wish to get separated'
Rescuers cut hole in obese Florida man's home to rescue him after fall
Dutch reporter falls off boat during interview
Florida official arrested with meth pipe stashed in his rectum
Brazilian World Cup coach will allow players to have 'non-acrobatic' sex before matches
Rob Ford adds former sprinter Ben Johnson and Sam Tarasco of 'Trailer Park Boys' to campaign team
Habanero peppers lead to evacuation of Colorado school
10 Chicago children hospitalized after being served booze-spiked punch at pizza party
NYC subway rat causes commuters to freak out
Former Taco Bell interns claim Doritos Locos Taco idea
Gwyneth Palrow wearing wedding ring in new Twitter photo
Rob Ford 'Crackathon' video game setting Internet on fire
Meiyintang 'Chicken Cup' from Ming Dynasty era sells at auction for $36 million
Archie is getting killed off in 'Life With Archie' comic book in July
Brooklyn woman receives birthday card in the mail -- 45 years late
Long Island nursing home sued for hiring male strippers
'Noah' screening canceled after movie theater floods
Smart Cars being tipped in San Francisco during vandalism spree
Yale student deemed too thin tried to bulk up by stuffing her face to avoid expulsion
Petition seeks to ban NY Jets QB Michael Vick from SUNY Cortland campus
ATM glitch gets homeless man $37,000 in Maine -- temporarily
Swedish restaurant called 'A [Expletive] Awesome Sandwich' opening for business soon
Officials not pleased after Pennsylvania woman pays $200 sewer bill with change
Farmer jailed for dressing donkey like Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi
Chicago weatherman gives up after forecast is interrupted three times
Streets could be illuminated by glow-in-the-dark trees
Georgia solider moves daughter's messy bedroom to driveway on Monday
Busted for drinking and driving? There's an app for that
Daylight saving time mistake may have caused Dublin car bomber to blow himself up
Hearing-impaired Californians signing up for health insurance sent to 'hot ladies' hotline
Alaska priest charged with driving under the influence, drugs and weapons offenses
Rangers fans use Shannon Stone memorial as garbage can on Opening Day in Texas
Virginia couple wins lottery three times in March
Companies get in their April Fool's pranks
Mississippi church confused by George W. Bush impersonator
Student gets accepted to all 8 Ivy Leagues
Bakeable Kit Kats are the latest pizza topping craze in Japan
Happy April Fool's: Google offers David Hasselhoff photobomb
Las Vegas 'masseuse' stashes $35,000 stolen Rolex in her vagina
'Do it for Denmark!' campaign tells Danes to have more sex
Is a brony dating sim called 'Dark Skyes' looking for backers on Kickstarter just a hoax?
Angry Michigan gas station employee leaves note for late boss: 'Learn to be on time'
Tim Duncan and Spurs 'haunted' by ghosts during stay at Claremont Resort in Berkeley
Texas hoarder found dead behind '10-foot wall of trash'
Russian city sending Leonardo DiCaprio an Ascar as consolation prize for Oscars loss
McDonald's now offering $12 burger in Switzerland
Taco Bell customers in Canada won't get breakfast until they 'take Justin Bieber back'
Georgia teen can't return $31,000 he got in bank error because he already spent it
Texas teens arrested for skinning dog and killing kittens in 'satanic-style ritual'
Norwegian teen gets tattoo of McDonald's receipt showing what he ordered on Tuesday
Ghost hunters head to New Hampshire store after surveillance video shows 'paranormal activity'
Florida Atlantic University student in kayak towed by hammerhead shark for 2 hours
Taco Bell breakfast: Ronald McDonald's a big fan
Man catches strangers' smiles with 'high-five' GoPro
Ohio firefighter proposes to sweetheart during staged school fire drill
Suspected burglar arrested after giving his number to employee prior to robbing restaurant
Dallas Cowboys invite local high school to hold prom at AT&T Stadium
Glenn Beck says he prayed to God for Vladmir Putin to die
Man named Christopher Reeves in Superman shirt busted for meth
New York City gets 'Cupcake ATM'
Russian Navy takes over dolphin combat unit from Ukraine
Report: Men in North Korea must get same haircut as Kim Jong Un
California rabbi thinks authorities targeted him for helping the homeless
'Walking Dead' beer made with real brains
3 brown bear cubs rescued from captivity in Kosovo
Alaska petition seeking secession back to Russia gets 10,000 signatures in three days
Math teacher threatens rowdy students with 'Game of Thrones' spoilers
Texas town pays Ted Nugent $16,250 not to play at Fourth of July celebration
New bill in Massachusetts would prohibit divorcing parents from having sex in home
Report: Aborted babies were incinerated to heat UK hospitals
Massachusetts firefighters sing song from 'Frozen' to calm girl stuck in elevator
Cocaine-filled condoms intercepted en route to the Vatican
Beer taps installed in Colorado Governor's Mansion
British teen tried to kill himself after failing to take the perfect selfie
'Instagranny' Betty Simpson documents cancer battle on Instagram
South Carolina man attacked at Taco Bell for burping and not saying 'excuse me'
Vampires and their fans find each other on the Internet
Mega Millions jackpot estimated at $400 million
Train pulls into station in France with crushed body
Paris brings down pollution by banning even numbered license plates
Arizona Diamondbacks selling new 18-inch D-Bat corndog for $25
Woman torches car after man refused to buy her a McFlurry at McDonald's
Prince William: Pregnancy rumors about Kate untrue
Chandelier falls during maintenance at British historic home
Britain repeals gray squirrel-killing laws
Chinese woman has bullet lodged in her head removed after 48 years
Florida man accused of impersonating deputy to impress his girlfriend
Unknown billionaire takes out world's most expensive life insurance policy
Dog saves choking owner's life with a rap on the back
Police: Woman stole $20 worth of perfume, struggled with worker
Lawsuit: Playboy model struck on buttocks with golf club
On-air earthquake: Shaken Los Angeles morning anchors duck and cover
Suicide threat leads to rescue of drowning man in London
Gorilla born via C-section suffers collapsed lung
Louisiana suing over logo, slogan use
Robot solves Rubik's cube in 3.253 seconds
Vogue editor: Readers don't want 'real person' on magazine cover

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