Vanessa Grimaldi is Caila Quinn's The Bachelor favorite to win!

Nick Viall was introduced to 30 beautiful women on The Bachelor's Monday night premiere, but Quinn -- who vied for Ben Higgins' heart last season -- told Us Weekly that one bachelorette really stood out in her mind.

Quinn has put Grimaldi, a 29-year-old special education teacher from Montreal, Canada, at the very top of her Season 21 The Bachelor bracket. Quinn recalled a telling moment when Viall muttered a phrase under his breath after meeting Grimaldi for the first time outside of the Los Angeles mansion.

"When she walked away, he said she was a keeper. I was like, 'That is a key!'" the 25-year-old single New York City resident told Us. "Nick isn't shy with compliments, which is one of things I admire about him most."

Viall seemed most impressed by Grimaldi's confidence and ability to speak French during her introduction, however, he ended up giving his First Impression Rose to Rachel Lindsay.

Quinn looked for love, along with Viall, on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise in Summer 2016. She hit it off with Jared Haibon but the couple called it quits a couple of months after returning home.

"[Nick] made me feel really special and confident when I went to Paradise... He does that for girls that he likes and that he wants to feel confident," the blogger said.

Quinn also has faith Viall will charm the pants off his bachelorettes, figuratively speaking.

"Behind the cameras, Nick is very suave," Quinn noted. "He's very laid back and he's always analyzing everybody. He always has something to say that's very funny... He's very blunt, sometimes harshly blunt. It's healthy because he's always honest."

The brunette beauty also revealed she's "really proud of the diversity" in this year's cast of bachelorettes.

"At least one-third of the constants were women of color," Quinn said. "I think that's awesome!"