The X Factor eliminated Drew Ryniewicz and "Astro" Brian Bradley and determined its Top 5 acts Thursday night during the new Fox reality singing competition's fifth live results show.

Astro and Drew were ousted from the competition after The X Factor host Steve Jones revealed they were two of the bottom three acts based on home viewer votes cast immediately following Wednesday night's Top 7 performance show.

Astro was automatically eliminated after he was declared the act with the least amount of votes, while Drew was sent home after judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid decided to eliminate the singer via a 3-1 vote in which they had to determine whether Drew or fellow contestant Marcus Canty, the other lowest vote-getter, should be axed from the show.

"I want to say thank you to my fans and I'm going to keep going. I'm going to keep singing, because I have a lot to show you guys and it's a lot more upbeat and it's a lot more different," Drew said following her elimination.

"Jesus loves all of you guys and I haven't gotten to say that and that's what I'm here for and that's who I was truly in this competition for, and now I'm saying it."

Jones revealed that Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, and Josh Krajcik had all advanced in the competition -- leaving Astro, Drew and Canty up for elimination. According to Jones, the names of the four acts who had definitely survived another week were called out in no particular order.

Jones then announced Astro's ouster and revealed only one of the other two acts would be eliminated, while the other would remain in the competition. For coming in last place, Astro was sent home without any discussion or voting from the judges.

"Hey man, it's for the better. The only reason I'm mad is because I don't get to see my girl that lives in [California]. But I will be back! I love ya'll. Team Astro -- Astronauts! I loved my time [on The X Factor]. I loved my time. I gained a lot of fans, people got picket signs tonight. I wish ya'll the best of luck. Team L.A. Reid, it aint over for him!" Astro said following his ouster.

"I want to wish ya'll [Drew and Canty] the best of luck, and once again, I want to thank Team Astro and my Astronauts. And Molly, I love you. I'll see you soon."

"You know what, this is one of the most fascinating guys I've ever met. His talents are endless. His career is promising to be amazing. You know what? You are a star. It's that simple," Reid, Astro's mentor, told him.

Abdul had no acts remaining in her "Group" category, while Cowell's mentored team remained completely intact prior to Drew's ouster. Rene and Canty were the acts remaining in Reid's "Boys Under 30" category, while Cowell mentored Amaro and Crow in addition to Drew in the "Girls Under 30" category. Scherzinger's one remaining "Over 30" act was Krajcik.

As two of the bottom three acts, Drew and Canty were then required to "sing for their survival" in the hopes The X Factor judges would vote to keep them on the show.

"I'm nervous and I just hope everybody can see my true talent. I hope that shows in my 'save me' song," Drew said before performing.
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"You know, I was here last week. I was hoping I wasn't here again, but I mean, I'm just giving you my soul tonight. I'm going to give you everything that I got and that's all that I can do," Canty explained.

Jones then asked both acts' mentors how they felt about their singers having to perform for their survival.

"I still got two. I love Astro. Everybody loves Astro. I think he was great for the show, but it is what it is and Marcus will have to do his thing now. I'm confident that he will," Reid said.

"This is a [quarterfinal] sing-off and to be fair, you know, whoever does the best at this point has to go through," Cowell explained.

After the acts performed, the judges offered them feedback and then cast their votes for who they believed should remain in the competition. In the event of a 2-2 tie, Jones explained it would be a deadlock in which the act who had received the lowest amount of home viewer votes would automatically be eliminated.

"Well first, let me say this. For both of you, it's been an amazing journey. Drew, I've had fun with you and I know at times you thought I was being mean, but never, because I've always believed in you and have only complimented your talent. You've done a great job and your 'save me' song was quite well done. I really loved the walk, that was great," Reid told her.

"Marcus, you know I believed in you from the very first audition and you've kept it up. You've worked really hard. You've done a great job and I couldn't be more proud. But I don't want anyone to think that this is an easy decision simply because Marcus is on Team L.A. The truth is, I'm very, very torn here. But the act that I'm sending home is Drew."

Cowell then announced he accepted full responsibility for Drew's position in the bottom three, because he had selected a poor song choice for her to perform during Wednesday night's performance show.

"The reason Drew is in this position tonight is my fault. I take total full responsibility. I shouldn't have done what I've done last night. I should have listened to what everybody else was saying and therefore, I'm the reason you're there, not you Drew. I think -- I genuinely believe you deserve a second shot," Cowell admitted.

"I've just done it wrong. I shouldn't have chosen that song. It was too slow. I should have listened to the others, and I'm begging these two [Abdul and Scherzinger] to give her another chance. I really am. Marcus, I really like you, but this is the second time you've been in the bottom and I genuinely believe with all my heart the person America genuinely wants to stay is Drew. Marcus, I'm sending you home."

Since Reid and Cowell both predictably voted to keep their own acts in the competition, the decision of who would get to continue on and sing next week was largely on Scherzinger and Abdul's shoulders.

"I know that I've been really hard on you the past few weeks Drew, but that's only because you're one of the best and I believe in you so much. I know that you're going to have a long career ahead of you, a good recording career, but you're so young already still. Your voice is one of the best in the competition with no doubt, and you did an unbelievable job on your 'save me' song," Scherzinger said in tears.

"Judging off of the performances that I've seen tonight, Marcus, when you sing and you perform, I feel like your heart and your soul is on the floor for everybody. And you go to a vulnerable place that very few people can go to. I adore and appreciate both of you. Both of you, truly, this is a very hard decision for me, but the act that I am sending home is Drew."

Abdul then revealed her vote.

"This is -- I love and respect both of you and I think that you are multi-talented, and I believe that both of you, no matter what, deserve recording contracts. That's the truth, but you asked me what I was looking for in this 'save me' song. It is a 'save me' song and it has to move, move, move me. I'm sorry. I'm sending you home, Drew," Abdul said.

Upon the announcement of Drew's elimination, Cowell appeared very frustrated when Jones initially approached him for his reaction.

"I don't want to say anything," Cowell said bluntly.

However, when Jones asked Cowell what he had to say to Drew, he spoke up a little more.

"You know what, I don't think she deserved to go home. I think she's a little star and I think America knows that she is going to be a star. Thank you to everyone who voted for her. I really appreciate it," Cowell said.

"What do you want to say to the other judges?" Jones asked Cowell.

"I don't," Cowell noted.