The Voice wrapped its Blind Auditions with coaches Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton completing their Season 13 teams.

When Tuesday night's episode began on NBC, Adam had two spots left to fill on his team of artists, while the other coaches each had one spot left. 

The contestants were warned that teams were filling up quickly, so each person hoped for just one or two chairs to turn.

But Kristi Hoopes, a 19-year-old self-declared "hippie chick with twang" who's studying music business from Parker, CO, got more than she hoped for.

While singing "Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love," Blake, Adam and Jennifer all pressed their buttons and turned their chairs around for Kristi. Mikey warned Kristi not to choose the coach she originally wanted, hinting that Blake was not the right decision.

Adam then argued that Kristi would be the only country artist on his team, which would allow her the chance to shine and also give her a better chance of winning the competition this season. Jennifer agreed it would be interesting for the contestant to go "outside the norm" and separate herself from other country artists.

But Blake chimed in and pointed out that the other coaches fighting for her probably didn't even know the singer of the song she performed while what he does "is country freaking music." It seemed Blake was right, but Adam insisted to Kristi that many country stars were born by working with people outside of their genre in the music business.

In the end, Kristi picked Blake because she believes the country expert can guide her to where she'd like to be.

Michael Kight, a 25-year-old from Dublin, GA, who is a huge Maroon 5 fan and mirrors Adam's style, performed the hit song "Sugar" with his own twist.

Adam was the only coach who turned around, but it was clear Michael was going to choose him no matter what. Miley admitted she had "messed up" by not turning around, but she figured Michael would go with Adam anyways.

Jeremiah Miller, an 18-year-old wrestler and former boy band member from Fort Worth, TX, then sang "Slow Hands," and both Adam and Jennifer turned around for him.

Jennifer bragged about having just won The Voice U.K., but Adam noted that's "adorable" because he's won The Voice in the United States multiple times. Adam explained there were "flaws but raw qualities" he really liked in Jeremiah's voice and he could help transform the contestant from a good singer to a great singer.

However, Jennifer bonded with Jeremiah over their shared faith, and after the coach called him a future star, he joined her team.
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Jennifer told the cameras afterward that Jeremiah could stand with pop stars like Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, saying he's very cute and relevant in today's hit music.

Megan Rose, a 20-year-old from San Francisco, CA, performed "Ode to Billy Joe," and both Adam and Miley fought to have her on their teams.

Miley begged the artist to pick her so that she could have an all-female team and make "herstory," but Adam let Megan sit in his chair and treated her like she's a really big deal. Adam said he hates watching girl-on-girl crime and Megan would be competing with a lot of other women if she joined Miley's team.

Miley, however, told Megan that an all-female team would be "powerful," and Jennifer backed her, saying it would also be "moving." Finally, Adam advised Megan to choose the person who would be the better coach for her, and she joined "Team Miley."

Gary Carpentier, a 26-year-old from Oswego, NY, almost made it into MLB, but he discovered his calling was music.

For his Blind Audition, Gary sang "Home," and Adam turned around once everyone else's team was full. Gary got so excited and emotional over Adam's participation that he lost his footing in the song, but it was very endearing at the end of the day.

Adam gushed about Gary's "smooth and rich tone," saying he was the artist he had been waiting for. 

"The Battle Round" begins next week, with Billy Ray Cyrus serving as Miley's team adviser, Kelly Rowland serving as Jennifer's team adviser, the Rascal Flatts serving as Blake's team adviser, and Joe Jonas serving as Adam's team adviser.