The Voice's Top 12 artists performed for home viewer votes and half the artists really rose to the occasion and blew the coaches away during Monday night's two-hour episode on NBC.

The Top 12 artists took the stage one by one in attempt to impress America as well as the Season 14 coaches Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton.

The artists who really stood out last night and received a standing ovation from all four coaches were Team Adam's Rayshun Lamarr, a 33-year-old from Fort Washington, MD; Team Blake's Pryor Baird, a 35-year-old from Nashville, TN, and Spensha Baker, a 25-year-old from Boerne, TX, and Kyla Jade, a 33-year-old from Nashville, TN; Team Kelly's Brynn Cartelli, a 14-year-old from Longmeadow, MA; and Team Alicia's Britton Buchanan, an 18-year-old from Sanford, NC.

Rayshun performed "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta, and Alicia called him "electric" and so skilled.

"I believe you just became the frontrunner because you are the best performer in this group so far," Adam told his team member.

Spensha sang "Down On My Knees" by Trisha Yearwood, and Adam pointed out how it's rare when a singer "has it all," meaning she can sing on key with a soulfulness that can't be taught. Adam said Spensha "has it all," and Blake added that she's doing exactly what she's meant to do by singing country on the show.

Pryor belted out "Pickin' Wildflowers" by Keith Anderson.

Kelly noted how he sings with an ache and soulful sound that makes her want to go to a bar in Texas and have a good time. Blake joked Pryor is "as subtle as a bulldozer to trees," revealing that he reinvents lyrics and makes a song his own every time he sings, which is remarkable and shows his passion for music.

Brynn, the youngest contestant on the show this season, impressed with "Up To the Mountain" by Patty Griffin. 

Alicia explained Brynn has a capacity in her voice that's from "another planet, era or time," and it's a mystery how her whole package has come together at her age. Brynn also shocks Kelly with her performances, as she goes from Rascal Flatts to Sia to Patty Griffin -- and nails every single genre.

Britton won hearts with his performance of "Small Town" by John Mellencamp. Kelly called him an amazing vocalist, and Alicia thanked Blake for blocking Adam so she could have him on her team. Alicia insisted it's Britton's destiny to be on The Voice and he belongs on the stage.

Kyla belted out "One Night Only" by Jennifer Hudson.

"Welcome to the front of the stage. No more insecurities about taking your moment and stepping out here. You're owning it. This is your moment and America loves you. This is your time," Blake gushed about his team member.
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The other talented artists in the Top 12 are Team Kelly's Kaleb Lee, a 32-year-old from Ormond Beach, FL, and D.R. King, a 34-year-old from Harlem, NY; Team Alicia's Jackie Foster, a 22-year-old from Boston, MA, and Christiana Danielle, a 22-year-old from Fort Wayne, IN; and Team Adam's Sharane Calister, a 24-year-old from Des Moines, IA, and Jackie Verna, a 23-year-old from West Chester, PA.

Kaleb Lee sang "Amazed" by Lonestar. Blake regretted losing him in a previous round. Kelly admitted Kaleb "got a little tripped up" in the song due to his emotions and so it was "a little pitchy," but the performance was authentic and true to himself.

Jackie Foster performed a "killer" rendition of "Toxic" by Britney Spears. Kelly called the performance sexy and cool, as it had a little punk and rock n' roll element to it. Alicia also said the song represented who she is as an artist and what she can do.

Christiana took the stage with "Say Something" by A Great Big World. Kelly is such a fan of the "magical" low tones in Christiana's voice which remind her of Toni Braxton, and Alicia gushed about all the dimensions in her team member's voice and how no one sings like her.

D.R. King performed "White Flag" by Dido. Blake said he has a big, powerful range as well as so many layers to his voice. Blake said D.R. is capable of so much and shows that every time he sings. Kelly noted that the artist is an "amazing vocalist" and she "needs" to hear the record he's going to make as soon as possible.

Sharane sang "In My Blood" by Shawn Mendes. Alicia said her resilience came through in the song, and Adam complimented Sharane's ability to make people understand she's telling the truth when she sings. Adam added that Sharane takes people on a journey and makes others believe her.

Jackie Verna sang "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne. Blake noted Jackie performs with purpose and conviction, and Adam explained that he saved her last week because of the "explosiveness" of growth she has had on the show and her "poise through it all." Adam was thrilled Jackie rose to the occasion of Avril's difficult song.

On Tuesday night's episode of The Voice, Kelly and Blake will sing with their respective teams, the "Instant Save" will return, and one artist will be eliminated from the Season 14 competition. 
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