The Voice coaches advanced 12 artists to the next round of Season 13 following their Blind Auditions, and several singers knocked it out of the park.

Davon Fleming, a 25-year-old worship leader from Baltimore MD, sang "Me & Mr. Jones" but changed the lyrics to "Mrs. Jones." Davon received a four-chair turnaround from coaches Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson within a couple seconds of him performing.

Jennifer said the performance left her "so speechless," and Blake noted, "You're going to be in the finale. That's a bold statement for anybody to make, and I say it with confidence dude."

Miley was inspired by Davon's style, and Jennifer explained she could relate to him because, growing up, they'd both playfully sing duets with Whitney Houston's music since she was their hero. Jennifer also played the card of having found fame on American Idol, arguing that she started off on a similar stage.

Davon and Jennifer then sang "I Will Always Love You" together, but Adam wasn't ready to let the artist go. Adam argued "the best fit" for a contestant is sometimes "found in the strangest places." Blake added that Davon will inspire people, especially by winning The Voice -- which Blake bragged about having done five times already. "You deserve to win this show," he said.

However, Davon chose to join Jennifer's team, with Jennifer telling the cameras afterward: "I truly think he can win this show."

Another standout of the night was Moriah Formica, a 16-year-old from Latham, NY, who once opened for Michael Sweet and his band called Striper. Moriah sang "Crazy On You," and all four coaches pressed their buttons.

Adam called Moriah "a pint-sized powerhouse," and Jennifer said that the rock-and-roll artist just proved age doesn't matter when a person dedicates time and passion to his or her craft. Blake joked that God sprinkled extra talent on Moriah and it's not fair to the rest of the world, adding that she could be a star.

Miley, however, appealed to Moriah's youth, saying she could offer some big-sister advice and keep her head on her shoulders. Adam called Moriah "an old soul," saying she has a good knowledge of rock-and-roll music and is the "next great female rock and roll singer."

Just as it seemed like Moriah was going to choose Adam -- whom she had admitted prior to her audition was her first choice -- Miley compared the singer to "a young Beth Hart" and said that, as her coach, she'd pick songs she really likes, create arrangements that are best for her voice, and take people back to the past even though she's the future. With that closing remark, Moriah joined Miley's team.

Hannah Mrozak, an 18-year-old esthetician from Richfield, WI, also impressed the coaches with her rendition of "Starving," as Adam, Jennifer And Blake each turned around for her.

Adam complimented Hannah by saying it's difficult to find a singer who is skilled and proficient but also has a beautiful tone to her voice, adding how she performed this style of music correctly and it was "refreshing" to hear.

Jennifer then argued Hannah is beautiful and has "the tools to transcend into the music industry." Blake pointed out how the artist was so comfortable onstage that he initially assumed she was a back-up singer for some famous musician. With that being said, Blake insisted he'd be honored to have her on his team.
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But Adam offered up one last convincing argument -- that he has "zero females" on his team and needs her as a result. Hannah seemed to like the idea of having a special place on Adam's team, so she selected him as her coach.

Eight of the nine other artists shown during last night's broadcast each sparked interest from only two coaches.

Kathrina Feigh, a 24-year-old from Quezon City, Manila, Philippines -- who moved to the United States around age 10 -- sang "Big White Room" and had to choose between Jennifer And Blake. Kathrina picked Jennifer, who said the artist "represents everything The Voice represents."

Adam Cunningham, a 38-year-old from Nashville, TN, performed "Midnight Rider" and chose to join "Team Blake" although Jennifer also pressed her button for him.

Shilo Gold, a 26-year-old from Denver, CO, took the stage with "Stay With Me Baby," and both Jennifer And Miley turned around at the very last second. Shilo ended up becoming a member of Miley's team because they share deep, raspy singing voices.

Noah Mac, a 17-year-old from Dublin, CA, sang "Way Down We Go" for the coaches and peaked the interest of Jennifer And Blake. Blake was impressed Noah's voice stayed round and full throughout the whole song, and he also pointed out how admirable it is for Noah to have sung at his older sister's funeral. Noah seemed to choose Blake because of an instant emotional tie.

Addison Agen, a 16-year-old from Fort Wayne, IN, performed "Jolene," and both Adam and Miley fought for her.

Adam called Addison one of his favorite singers on the show because, despite being young, she's so full of life and emotion. Adam said the artist is the most talented person on The Voice at her age since Danielle Bradberry, but Addison opted to join Miley's team since they have similar voices and Miley can relate to her as a young woman.

Adam Pearce, a 31-year-old from New Orleans LA, auditioned for The Voice last season but was turned away due to a pitchy vocal, according to Adam Levine. The classic-rock singer performed a "wild and crazy, yet controlled and confined" rendition of "Hot Blooded" for his audition this time around and nailed it. Both Adam Levine and Miley turned around, and Adam joined the Maroon 5 frontman's team.

Alexandra Joyce, who sang "Wildest Dreams," chose to join Jennifer's team after Blake and Adam turned around for her as well.

And Anna Catherine DeHart, who performed "I Could Use a Love Song," became a member of Blake's team although Adam was also interested.

One artist featured on Monday night's show -- Eric Lyn -- only got one chair to turn around. He joined Jennifer's team after taking the stage with "Ooh Child."