After weeks of non-eliminations and super-legs, The Amazing Race: Family Edition has whittled down -- at last-- to its final three teams, with the Godlewski sisters missing out on the final race to the finish line.

The Amazing Race: Family Edition's eleventh episode began exactly where the tenth one ended, with the Bransens and Weavers learning they were in the middle of a superleg and had to continue racing. After receiving their latest clue from The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, the teams were instructed to find the Turtle Ranch in DuBois, Wyoming.

Meanwhile, the Linzes and Godlewskis were relieved that they weren't eliminated and still had a chance to fight their way back into the race. Some teams stopped for directions as they drove to the ranch, but the Weavers passed up the chance to gas up the camper, deciding they could wait until the next day. This questionable decision looked like a bad idea when -- surprise, surprise -- the teams discovered the ranch would serve as a bunching spot, with all of the teams camping at the ranch for the night and starting their task at 7AM the next morning.

The next day started with a Detour, with teams choosing between "Pioneer Spirit" or "Native Tradition." The teams that got spirit (yes we do) had to attach four wheels to a covered wagon, hook up a team of horses, and then drive the wagon a 1/4 mile to their next clue. The traditionalists built a tepee. Taking advantage of their teams' strength, The Linz and Bransen teams opted to complete the more physically demanding wagon task and were able to take a lead over the physically weaker tepee teams.

After completing the Detour, the teams then drove 221 miles to Cody, Wyoming, where they had to find a hotel named after Buffalo Billís daughter. Once at The Irma, the teams had to play dress-up and get their picture taken with Buffalo Bill. Once they showed their cheap souvenir photo to the obviously bored actor playing Buffalo Bill, the teams received a clue instructing them to drive 73 miles to a golf course in Red Lodge, Montana.

At the tenth tee, teams were given the directions for the Roadblock. Two members of each team hopped into specially designed golf carts by Buick (gee, wonder how much they paid for that product placement) and searched the back nine for four balls that matched the color of their chosen flag -- a task that even seemed unbelievably underwhelming to Linz sister Megan. Although they arrived second, the Bransens were able to overtake the Linzes and move into first place when the brothers failed to check the course's holes for their final ball.

Once they handed their four balls to the course's gold pro, the teams scrambled to drive 43 miles to Larry Arnoldís Green Meadow Ranch, a 10,000 acre cattle ranch that served as the pit stop for the penultimate leg of The Amazing Race: Family Edition. The Bransens managed to retain their lead and were rewarded with the perfect compliment to the "free gas for life" prize that they'd won earlier in the Race -- a free Buick Lucerne. Although they missed out on a free car, the Linzes were still pleased to check in second and hear Phil confirm that they would be one of the three teams racing toward The Amazing Race: Family Edition's finish line and its $1,000,000 first place prize..

Meanwhile, the Godlewskis and Weavers scrambled to take the third and final spot in the finals. But wait -- just when it looked like the Godlewski sisters had no chance of catching up, a vengeful god cop struck and pulled the Weavers over for speeding. Would this lead to their demise? And what about that blinking low fuel light on the dashboard? Silly viewers, these were merely added moments of drama to make the race for third place seem close. In the end, the Weavers were still racing, and the Godlewskis were left to bicker among themselves as they tried to figure out who deserved the blame for their loss.

One episode The Amazing Race: Family Edition remains -- and who would have thought that Americans could win a million dollars on the curling sheet, eh?