The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation eliminated Felicia Buffkin during the second half of Monday night's penultimate episode on NBC.

Felicia Buffkin, a 29-year-old nanny from Raleigh, NC, was automatically ousted from The Biggest Loser after she fell below the double red line by posting the lowest weight-loss percentage at the weigh-in.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger to be continued next week, as another person also fell below the double red line and was eliminated. However, viewers need to wait to see Colby Wright, a 31-year-old car dealership salesman from K'Ville, GA, weigh in next week to see who went home.

In the last week before the finale, a total of 12 weeks into the competition, Roberto Hernandez, a 36-year-old physical/health/driver's education teacher from Burbank, IL, won the endurance challenge.

For the challenge, the five remaining contestants were required to run up a massive hill while wearing all the weight they lost throughout the season. At each of the 11 checkpoints, they could take off how much weight they lost in that given week, making the climb easier along the way.

Roberto got to choose between two temptations for winning the challenge: Pocketing $25,000 or a two-pound advantage on the scale at the upcoming weigh-in. Roberto decided to take the advantage and host Bob Harper wasn't surprised at all.

After the contestants watched videos documenting their transformations and met with a doctor to get updates on their health, they gathered for the penultimate weigh-in.

Roberto fell from 240 to 234 pounds, losing six pounds. With his two-pound advantage, Roberto posted a 3.33% weight-loss percentage.

Jacky Kmet, a 42-year-old high school counselor from Hainesport, NJ, dropped from 221 to 215 pounds, shedding six pounds and posting a 2.71% weight-loss percentage.

Stephen Kmet, a 43-year-old pharmaceutical sales recruiter from Hainesport, NJ, lost a whopping 10 pounds and posted a 4.57% weight-loss percentage. He fell from 219 to 209 pounds.

Felicia dropped from 179 to 176 pounds, losing three pounds and posting a 1.68% weight-loss percentage.

With Felicia below the double red line, someone else had to join her. The episode concluded with Colby stepping on the scale with a starting weight of 238 pounds.

In a post-The Biggest Loser update, Felicia began the show weighing 234 pounds and she currently weighs 168 pounds. Felicia now loves to go shopping with her friends in stores and she feels strong and confident again. She also reconnected with her adventurous side and went skydiving.
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The Biggest Loser's finale airs next Monday night at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.