The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation eliminated Rob Kidney in Week 8 of the reality weight-loss competition during the first half of Monday night's two-hour broadcast on NBC.

Rob, a 56-year-old small business owner from Warner Robins, GA, became the eighth contestant ousted from The Biggest Loser after he fell below the red line at the weigh-in by posting the lowest weight-loss percentage on the losing team. Rob was a member of Dolvett Quince's team.

"This is the most wonderful moment of my life. I've met some wonderfully zany and crazy people who will be friends for the rest of my life," Rob said in his final words.

"We're all family and that doesn't end today. And I'm ready. I let my health and my body go for a long time... Taking a 56-year-old body and telling it to do things it hasn't done in years has been incredibly hard, but it's been incredibly rewarding. This was just a really good present for me, and I'm thrilled to go home."

The Biggest Loser broadcast began with host Bob Harper explaining that two people -- one contestant from each team -- would be headed home for the week to face temptations in the real world. In a twist, those two players would be the only weights to count at the upcoming weigh-in, so their teams would be depending on them.

The winner of the endurance challenge, which required the teams to hold up a net filled with 10-pound medicine balls for as long as they could, got to decide who went home for both teams.

In the end, trainer Jennifer Widerstrom's team was victorious and they, as a group, determined Roberto Hernandez would represent Dolvett's team and his brother Luis Hernandez would eventually weigh-in on behalf of Jen's team.

The decision was surprising because, strategically, it would have made sense for Jen's team to send someone home who typically posts low numbers on Dolvett's team -- someone who's closer to reaching his or her goal weight. However, Jen explained that in order to be the best, her team must defeat the best.

While Luis and Roberto spent time with their loves ones at home in Chicago and worked out in their free time, the contestants on the ranch trained as usual with Dolvett and Jen. In a nice surprise, Bob paid the brothers a visit to help them achieve great weight-loss that week.

At the weigh-in, Bob explained the person to post the lowest weight-loss percentage on the losing team would be eliminated. He reminded them, however, that only Luis and Roberto's weight would determine the losing team.

Roberto, for "Team Dolvett," dropped from 276 to 265 pounds. He lost 11 pounds and posted a 3.99% weight-loss percentage.

Luis, on behalf of "Team Jen," fell from 244 to 233 pounds. He shed 11 pounds as well but posted a 4.5% weight-loss percentage. Luis lost the most weight on the winning team this week, while Erin Willett would've been eliminated had they lost the weigh-in.

On Dolvett's losing team, Roberto ended up posting the highest weight-loss percentage. Stephen Kmet was on his heels with a 3.16% weight-loss percentage. Stephen dropped from 253 to 245 pounds, losing eight pounds.
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Jacky Kmet lost seven pounds and posted a 2.79% weight-loss percentage after falling from 251 to 244 pounds.

Felicia Buffkin dropped from 191 to 187 pounds, losing four pounds and posting a 2.09% weight-loss percentage.

Rob therefore fell below the red line with his 1.15% weight-loss percentage. Rob lost three pounds after falling from 262 to 259 pounds.

In a post-The Biggest Loser update, Rob started the show weighing 326 pounds and currently weighs 226 pounds. Rob's 100-pound weight-loss has allowed him to chase his grandson around and feel like newlyweds again with his wife Debbie. Rob feels like he's 30 again and definitely added more years onto his life.