The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation featured contestants' amazing makeovers followed by the elimination of Lauren Clark during Monday night's two-hour episode on NBC.

Lauren, a 32-year-old nutritionist from Bladenboro, NC, was ousted from The Biggest Loser after she fell below the yellow line by posting one of the two lowest weight-loss percentages at the weigh-in.

The rest of the season's cast then voted Lauren out instead of Felicia Buffkin, a 29-year-old nanny from Raleigh, NC, who was also in jeopardy.

After each remaining contestant got a mind-blowing makeover and was reunited with at least one loved one, they had to get back to business.

At the week's challenge, each player competed with one family member or loved one. The pairs were required to run weights back and forth and then pull an extremely heavy sled to the finish line.

Erin Willett ended up winning the challenge with her boyfriend and they received a trip to The Biggest Loser resort across the country following the finale. Erin also earned herself a one-pound advantage on the scale.

Once the weigh-in commenced, Erin stepped on the scale first.

Erin dropped from 188 to 182 pounds, losing six pounds. With her one-pound advantage, Erin posted a 3.72% weight-loss percentage.

Lauren shed five pounds and posted a 2.72% weight-loss percentage after falling from 184 to 179 pounds.

Felicia fell from 185 to 183 pounds, losing two pounds and posting a 1.08% weight-loss percentage.

Stephen Kmet dropped from 238 to 228 pounds. He shed 10 pounds and therefore posted a 4.20% weight-loss percentage.

Jacky Kmet lost nine pounds and posted a 3.78% weight-loss percentage. She fell from 238 to 229 pounds.

Roberto Hernandez dropped from 259 to 250 pounds, losing nine pounds and posting a 3.47% weight-loss percentage.
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Colby Wright shed nine pounds and posted a 3.49% weight-loss percentage. He fell from 258 to 249 pounds.

As a result, Felicia and Lauren fell below the yellow line, and Lauren ended up being ousted from the competition. Lauren called her time on the ranch a rollercoaster, but she was so glad to have Jennifer Widerstrom as her trainer.

In a post-The Biggest Loser update, Lauren started the show weighing 234 pounds and currently weighs 168 pounds. Thanks to her 66-pound weight-loss, Lauren finally feels worthy of love. She's also able to be more active with her son, and Lauren's newfound confidence is rubbing off on him.