The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock was reportedly reminded what being the dumpee instead of the dumper is like near the end of her televised search for love.

Hartsock -- who was dumped by Sean Lowe when she appeared on The Bachelor -- was dumped by one of her final three bachelor suitors during her round of overnight fantasy suite dates with the men in Antigua, Us Weekly reported in its August 5 issue.

"Des didn't see it coming," a show insider told Us of the unexpected turn of events, which viewers will see unfold on ABC's July 29 broadcast of The Bachelorette.

"It had happened to other Bachelorettes and she knew that. But she didn't think it would happen this time.  She thought she had gotten through the drama."

Us denied to reveal which remaining bachelor -- Brooks Forester, Drew Kenney or Chris Siegfried -- dumped Hartsock when The Bachelorette was filmed this spring, citing a desire to not spoil the episode for viewers.

However, according to the magazine, the suitor unexpectedly told her "he was walking away from their relationship" in the middle of their date.

"[He] cared deeply for Des," a source told Us. "His feelings were incredibly strong, which made his decision difficult."

In fact, the bachelor's feelings for Hartsock were reportedly so strong that he regretted his decision "almost immediately."