The Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert will apparently need more than one closet in J.P. Rosenbaum's apartment.

While the happy couple has yet to move into a new place of their own in New York City, Hebert -- whom Rosenbaum proposed to after she had selected him over bachelor Ben Flajnik during the seventh-season finale of The Bachelorette, which aired earlier this month -- began settling into her fiance's apartment on Monday, Hollywood Life reported.

Hebert was photographed moving her things into Rosenbaum's place, and her vehicle was loaded with boxes, shopping bags and luggage.

During a conference call with reporters earlier this month, Hebert expressed how much she was looking forward to living with Rosenbaum and was elated that he was willing to give up one of his closets for her.

"I'm really excited to first of all, just be with him, because obviously we've been separate for awhile. I have no hesitation about moving in. I definitely don't have any anxiety about it," Hebert said.

"I think we're ready for that, and I don't have a lot of shoes -- luckily. He cleaned out a closet for me. Isn't that sweet?! We're going to get our own place with big closets, but for now, he cleaned out a closet for me."