Chris Bukowski isn't being shy when it comes to talking about his party-crashing attempt during Monday night's premiere of The Bachelorette's tenth season starring Andi Dorfman.

"She seemed like a girl I could hit it off with," Bukowski, 27, told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, according to Us Weekly.

"She's beautiful and career-driven," a source elaborated to Us. "Bukowski thought there was a chance it could work, so he reached out to producers."

Bukowski, a former The Bachelorette bachelor and Bachelor Pad contestant, seemed desperate to meet Dorfman. He told the show's host Chris Harrison during the premiere episode he had been staying in Los Angeles for a week just to get the chance to meet Dorfman.

"I almost got on as a contestant, but it was too late," Bukowski reportedly said. "I flew to LA, and at that point there was no turning back."

Although charming in his season with Emily Maynard back in 2012, Bukowski had developed a bit of a reputation as a player during his subsequent stint on Bachelor Pad's third season.

"At first, I wasn't sure if he was sincere or not, but after talking to him, I could tell he was really wanting to just meet this woman," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

Dorfman rejected the idea of allowing Bukowski to compete for her heart -- without ever meeting him -- because she didn't want to upset the other suitors she had been getting to know. Bukowski wouldn't take "no" for an answer until he had no other option but to leave the premise with security at his side.

"I appreciated his passion but I had to respect Andi's decision not to let him up to the house," Harrison said. "Part of me was secretly hoping he would make a run for it and try to get into the house -- that wouldn't have ended well, but it would have made for an interesting night. At the end of the day, I was glad he decided to exit quietly and without incident."

Last night's episode featured Bukowski telling producers he had become smitten with Dorfman, a 27-year-old assistant district attorney, while watching her dump Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor's eighteenth edition a couple of months ago.

Bukowski teased The Bachelorette fans about his appearance on Monday when he tweeted a picture of himself holding a bouquet of red roses and captioned it "pre-break-in." He later posted light-hearted tweets about how he wishes he had gone through the back entrance and thought Dorfman looked "amazing."