The Bachelorette bachelor Marcus Grodd, a 25-year-old sports medicine manager from Dallas, TX, was denied one of Andi Dorfman's three roses after hometown dates during The Bachelorette's most recent episode.
Marcus had confessed his feelings of love for Andi on numerous occasions, being open and vulnerable as Andi had requested of her guys. During his hometown date, Marcus gave Andi a private striptease dance in order to reenact his first group date with The Bachelorette star.

Andi appreciated how honest Marcus had been about his past family issues and his father leaving them, but in the end, Andi eliminated him because -- although she believed he could give her the world -- she didn't envision him as the "great love" she had been looking for. Andi told Marcus her feelings just hadn't caught up to his, which left Josh Murray, Chris Soules and Nick Viall still in the running for her heart. 

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Marcus talked about his The Bachelorette experience. Below is a portion of his interview. Click here to read what he told Reality TV World. Check back with us soon for more.

What were your impressions of Josh from just hanging out with the guy?

Marcus Grodd: I got along with Josh very well. Him and I connected pretty early on. We're kind of from similar backgrounds, so our personalities kind of meshed from the start of it.

How about Nick? Obviously some of the guys didn't like him, but you were one of the quieter ones when he was brought up. Were you actually okay with him?

Marcus Grodd: You know, Nick never did anything personal to me. I think some of the decisions he made throughout the show weren't probably the best -- not saying he's a bad guy, it's just the decisions he made weren't the best.

But for me, whenever he would speak to some of the guys, I wouldn't really [speak] up unless he had a question or a comment directed towards me. So I kind of wanted to stay in the background and not step on anybody's toes and be the front guy to speak out against Nick. So I just let him speak his mind and I would always speak up and comment after that.

So it sounds like you were neutral towards Nick, never for or against him? Is that right?

Marcus Grodd: Yeah, I was neutral. He's a good guy, just again, the comments and the decisions he made probably weren't the best.

It was nice to see you so open with your emotions on the show. Is that always how you've been or did the process and this experience bring out a different side of you?

Marcus Grodd: It definitely brought out a different side of me being on the show. I was pretty closed-off and guarded since my last serious girlfriend, and I'm very -- whenever I'm in a relationship, I judge based upon the relationship and the girl that I'm with how open I am.

I just became very close with Andi and decided to open up a lot more with her just by how we interacted and the trust that was there between us.

When you watch the episodes back and you see Andi's connection with the other guys, does that help shed any light on why you were eliminated when you were, or are you still confused?

Marcus Grodd: I didn't really watch too many of the episodes just because of where I was at in my relationship with Andi. But definitely seeing glimpses and pieces of her on dates with other guys, it brought a little clarity to where she was with some of the other guys on the show.

Since you got home, how has it been getting over Andi? What has your process been for that and what are your thoughts now?

Marcus Grodd: After I got home from Andi, I really surrounded myself around my family and friends. It took a little bit of time to get over her and it's still a continuing process, doing that.

Just like any relationship or breakup, it's tough getting over that person, especially if you had such a strong connection or you actually love that person. So I just surround myself around family and friends, and I'm still in the process of getting over her.

I'd like to get your take on each of the Final 3 guys left. What do you think of Josh, Chris and Nick? How would they each fare as a partner for Andi?

Marcus Grodd: I think all these guys, you know, Chris, Nick and Josh -- they [all] have different character and personality traits, and I think they would all be good for Andi. It's just up to her to decide who she's most in love with and where she is in the relationship.

Chris is a very good guy. I consider him one of my best friends from the show. His personality trait is strong. He's a good guy -- no faults that I've seen in the guy. Josh, the same way, he's just a very, very charismatic person. [He's] always upfront, telling the truth.

Nick, he has his own (laughs) traits as well. I think he's poor with how he confronted situations or talked to certain people. But as far as his character, he's a good guy as well. So I have nothing really bad to say about any of the guys.

If you could pick just one of the three guys for Andi, who would it be?

Marcus Grodd: Um, you know, it is -- I can't really say. I mean, Chris and Josh are probably my best friends from the show and I would always side with them before Nick.

Can you confirm for us whether you will be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise?

Marcus Grodd: I can't confirm anything at this point unfortunately.

What was it like behind the scenes with the guys when you weren't with her?

Marcus Grodd: It was actually a great process hanging out with the guys. The neat thing about it is, even though you're vying for one girl's attention and that love and that future with somebody, there's always that chance it's not going to happen because it's 25 guys for one girl.

So, the great biproduct of being on the show and being part of it is walking away with great friends, and I was lucky enough to meet some great guys as far as [Dylan Petitt], Chris and Josh -- I consider some of my best friends from the show.

So the dynamic with us behind the scenes was a lot of fun. It seemed like being back home with a great group of guys, and we were restricted to a house, but we had a lot of fun with each other. And having those memories and those times with each other, I really created a great bond with them. So it was a great experience behind the scenes with these guys.

Is there anything that happened you wish viewers had seen on the show?

Marcus Grodd: I think they did a great job of editing it. I can't really say that there's something I would like to be added into it. I think, as far as the dates and how the guys got along with one another, I think they did a great job of putting that together and showing America where we stood as a bunch of guys living in a household and dating one girl. I think they did a phenomenal job showing that.

What do you think makes Josh and Andi such a strong couple?

Marcus Grodd: You know, as far as Nick and Chris and Josh still on the show, I think if you have to put Josh and Andi's relationship as a one-on-one, I think they make a great couple.

Seeing them interact with one another -- the times that I've seen the show -- I really see a strong connection with them. And luckily, they both live in Atlanta, so that's another big similarity that they have with creating a strong relationship and having it last outside of the show.

How do you think the remaining guys would feel if they found out Andi might've slept with someone else as well as himself?

Marcus Grodd: I don't know how they would react. My instinct is they took -- Andi took the time, as well as the guys, in really getting to know one another. I don't know if everyone thinks people sleep [together] on the fantasy dates. That may not be necessarily true with Andi and these guys. I think she took the time to really get to know these guys off-camera and see their personalities.

I think we're a little bit different off-camera, just a tad bit with how we interact with Andi, and I think she really took that time to be able to see their personalities and make sure that they're genuine and sincere with where they've been coming from since Day 1.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience getting cast on The Bachelorette, and do you have any advice for future cast members?

Marcus Grodd: Sure. I was actually cast -- I got recommended by somebody, and to this day, I still do not know who put me on the show. But my experience in the casting process was great. Everyone, all the producers, have been absolutely amazing, and the interview process is really what it's like on the show.

They do a good job about having that person interact on-camera before actually being a part of the show and what it would be like being a part of the show. So, my experience has been great being cast on the show, and I mean, it was really well worth it, the experience.

I don't know if I have any advice to give except for people to just be themselves and to forget about the cameras and to be able to be completely open and sincere and honest with who they are as a person.

After being on the show, are you happy to go back to your career in sports medicine or would you like to pursue other opportunities in TV?

Marcus Grodd: No, I'm very happy with my career and where I am in life. I have a passion here in Dallas and I'm living with it. And my pursuit is really with my business and my love of sports. I wouldn't really want to do anything else.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Marcus talked about his The Bachelorette experience. Above is a portion of his interview. Click here to read what he told Reality TV World. Check back with us soon for more.