The Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron has split from model Paige Lorenze just about a week after confirming their romance.

Tyler, 29, posted photos over July 30 weekend of his "date cruise" with Paige, 24, on Instagram Stories, which appeared to be his public declaration that the pair was dating. Before then, Paige and Tyler had only been photographed by paparazzi while spending time together in Tyler's home state of Florida and in New York City.


But Tyler just revealed on Monday's episode of E! News' Daily Pop, which was guest hosted by Loni Love, that his relationship is already over.

"I'll tell you what, Loni, we just had to take a step back," Tyler said. "It wasn't the right timing. It wasn't good for us."

Tyler went on to explain, "So we're back to kind of just, you know, not dating anymore. We're just doing our own thing right now. But we both have tons of respect and love for each other -- but [it's] just not the right time for both of us right now."

Loni, 51, seemed extremely surprised by Tyler's announcement, which led Tyler to confirm, "I am single, yeah."

"I had to break the news to Loni," Tyler playfully noted, reiterating how he is "absolutely" single.

"I can't figure it out. I can't figure it out," Tyler said of the dating world. "Maybe I have too much on my plate."

Last month, Tyler broke his silence about his new relationship with Paige, after photos of the couple spending time together circulated online.

"I'm still on my journey. I'm still learning. I'm dating someone and seeing someone now, and it's fresh, it's new and it's a lot. Relationships [require] a lot of learning and a lot of understanding," Tyler explained to E! News.

"We're going through it and it's been great. It's been fun so far. We'll see where this whole thing goes!"


The model and former general contractor also told Us Weekly on July 24 of Paige, "She's really special and we'll see what happens."

Tyler said he actually met Paige at a bar in New York City.

"It's all about energy," he told the magazine last month. "And certain people just move me differently, that's how that happens."

A source from Bachelor Nation told People last month that Tyler and Paige "met through mutual friends and running in the same circle."

"It started casual but it's heating up and we will likely see more of them together, sooner rather than later," the source said.

An insider told Us in early July that Tyler and Paige were trying to keep their romance on "the down-low."

Tyler and Paige, who reportedly split from country singer and songwriter Morgan Wallen in February, began dating some time after late April, because Tyler called himself "very single" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the time.

Tyler told the show's guest host Mario Lopez that he was looking for "someone whose smile is contagious" and "can light up a room," according to E! News.

The former Florida general contractor also shared that it's important how his significant other treats "the people around them."

Tyler said he wanted his future girlfriend to "respect the server, the parents, their friends," and also be beautiful.

In addition, Tyler shared with E!'s Daily Pop earlier this year how he desires a woman who is "hungry and ambitious" as well as "family oriented" and "ready for an adventure."


Tyler explained back in February how he learned to "slow down" in his love life after appearing on The Bachelorette starring Hannah Brown in 2019.

"[On] The Bachelorette, you grow so fast in that relationship, like, you have to. And I think it kind of pushed me and my other relationships to kind of want to grow so fast and it's okay to slow down and take a breath," The Real Dirty Dancing alum told Us.

"[That's] something I have to work on and get better at. But yeah, slow down for sure."

Tyler said at the time he had "no love life update" other than having a "good time" with his dog.

"If [a relationship] comes, it comes. That's kind of how it hit me last time," Tyler shared.

"That's how I like it to happen... I'm in no rush right now. I'm so busy, so focused and excited for this [year] -- it's gonna be a big year. I feel it, it's gonna be good."

Tyler's new romance comes about one year after his split from model Camila Kendra.

Tyler was allegedly dumped by Camila in August 2021 after eight months of dating.

Camila appeared to break up with Tyler shortly after he publicly announced that he was "very in love" with her.

"Things were going well until they weren't," an insider told the magazine last summer. "Friends were surprised things ended so quickly."

Tyler finished Hannah's season of The Bachelorette in second place behind winner and aspiring country singer Jed Wyatt.

Hannah broke up with Jed shortly after they got engaged and attempted to reconnect with Tyler during her The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special, which aired in July 2019.

Hannah recalled receiving mixed signals and navigating a confusing relationship with Tyler from 2019-2020 in her first memoir, God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life's Best (and Worst) Moments, which was released in November 2021.

Not only did Hannah write that she felt like Tyler's "backup player who never got to play in the game," but she also said their relationship "wasn't some game" to her and he "broke" her heart when he began dating supermodel Gigi Hadid shortly after The Bachelorette 15 wrapped on TV.

Hannah and Tyler never dated again after the show, and they claim they never even kissed while quarantining with each other for several weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Hannah claimed Tyler's last text to her was, "Well... if you rock with me, you rock with me. If you don't, you don't."

But Tyler noted on "The Bellas Podcast" once Hannah's book was released, "I've got receipts, too!"


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