The Bachelorette's Alex Woytkiw got the rose from JoJo Fletcher on Tuesday night's two-on-one date with Chad Johnson.

Alex, a 26-year-old U.S. Marine from Oceanside, CA, was thrilled to survive because not only did he really care about JoJo, but he also despised Chad and everything he stood for.

Alex, however, became good friends with everyone else on the show. So during a Wednesday interview, Alex -- who is still in the running for JoJo's heart -- discussed rumors plaguing some of his fellow suitors, especially cheating and fame-seeking ones about Jordan Rodgers, Grant Kemp and Robby Hayes.

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Reality TV World: A friend of Grant's ex wrote on Twitter that he dumped a woman he loved just to go on The Bachelorette and seek fame. Similarly, Jordan's ex-girlfriend accused him of lying, cheating and always wanting to be famous. Based on previews, Robby is also questioned for having a girlfriend back home! What is your reaction to all of this? Did you think any of the guys were on the show for the wrong reasons or pretending to be someone they weren't?

Alex Woytkiw: From being there and meeting the guys, I really liked everyone in the house other than, you know, obviously [Chad Johnson]. I just couldn't help myself because he and I had the relationship we had. But everyone else during my time of filming, we went through all of this together, and I really made good friends out of it.

Quite frankly, whatever I have read or heard about through the grapevine and through family telling me about these things with the other guys and what they may have been doing there, to me, it's a hard call. I know them personally. I trust their character and I trust that there might be a misunderstanding with whatever is going on with them. They seemed genuine to me!

Even though you became friends with these guys on the show, does hearing all of these rumors and allegations from ex-girlfriends and people of their past change your perspective on them at all?

Alex Woytkiw: In the house, I didn't know about any of that stuff and I think I've done a good job of staying away from all the tabloid stuff. I was focusing on what I was there for, JoJo, and then it was very compartmentalized as far as the relationships go.

And the guys I'm friends with that may or may not have been there for genuine reasons, I can't comment on that because I know who they were when I spent time with them, and they were really great guys.

Maybe one day I'll be able to look at them straight up in a private conversation and ask them about it, but as far as I'm concerned, I have a ton of respect for the guys who went through this with me. And the truth will come out on day; I just don't really have an opinion on it right now.

You mentioned how, going onto the show, you assumed you'd be best friends with Chad because you are both Marines. Were you surprised by how he turned out? And is it safe to say you were disappointed you didn't get along?

Alex Woytkiw: Oh, absolutely. That was really difficult for me; That was kind of a struggle I was having. Because if you asked anyone that's served -- especially in the same branch [of the military] -- there's this unspoken law, you know, this common law that you don't need to earn my respect, you already have my respect, man, you're my brother. And all you could do at this point is lose my respect.

And a guy like Chad who showed up, I saw nothing in him that represented the Marines. I saw no leadership traits, no personality traits that made me feel confident in even being associated with him. And it was a conflict because with all the stuff being said, or all the stuff happening between all the guys in the house and him and me, I wanted to tell him all of that stuff.

I wanted to just pull him aside and be like, "Dude, why are you acting like this? Do you understand right now that the Marine Corps is watching this with us? What do you think they're going to say watching you?"

Yeah, I did think we were going to be good friends. It's like a safety net I throw out anywhere in life. Today, for instance, if I run into a Marine, I'm going to gravitate towards him because I know he's got my back. And I didn't feel that at all with [Chad] from the very beginning, and no one else felt it even as just a normal friend-to-friend vibe.

A lot of the guys in the house have been in public service, like Luke Pell who served in Afghanistan and Grant who is a firefighter. Did you feel these guys especially had an issue with Chad's behavior?

Alex Woytkiw: Yeah, the thing is, you look at a guy like Grant, who's a firefighter, and he's a great guy. You look at Luke, who's an honorable dude, and he just shakes people's hands and you know right off the bat they are warm. They are warm, happy people. And I think all of us, who kind of shared that comradery, we all had the same opinion about Chad.

It didn't really make sense. I couldn't believe that he was even looking for love with her. And I think everyone else felt the same way. Between Grant, Luke and myself, if we talked about it, we were just like, "How does this even add up?"

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