The Bachelor star Sean Lowe cut two bachelorettes and narrowed his love search to four women during last night's broadcast of the ABC reality dating series' seventeenth season.

Tierra LiCausi, a 24-year-old leasing consultant from Denver, CO, was eliminated mid-episode after surviving her one-on-one date with Sean because her emotional breakdowns and drama involvement ended up being too much to be considered healthy. Lesley Murphy, a 25-year-old political consultant from Washington, D.C., was ousted during the seventh episode's Rose Ceremony.

"I can't believe they did this to me. I want to go home," Tierra said following her ouster, referencing how some of the girls in the house had thrown her under the bus for often being rude and miserable when Sean wasn't around. "I hope the girls got what they wanted. He doesn't want me here. I'll be okay though. I'm strong. I'll get through it. I told myself going into here, 'Nobody's going to take my sparkle away.' I'm not going to let that happen."

"Rejection hurts. Heartbreak hurts. It doesn't feel good. It just doesn't, you know? Rejection doesn't feel good. It sucks. It does. I don't know how I'm going to recover from this heartbreak. I hoped it would be Sean. Unfortunately, it's not what I think. It's what he thinks," Lesley said after she was eliminated.

The Bachelor's seventh seventeenth-season episode began with the six remaining bachelorettes traveling to Saint Croix and getting settled in their The Buccaneer Hotel suite. Over the course of the week, there would be four dates, including three one-on-one dates and one group date with a rose up for grabs only during the group date.

The woman to receive the rose on the group date would be safe at the subsequent Rose Ceremony and become one of the four women to receive a hometown date with Sean the following week, while the bachelorettes on the one-on-one dates wouldn't have the pressure of a rose hanging above their heads. Sean, however, was feeling a little pressure making his selections because he knew he'd be meeting the families of his Final 4 women.

AshLee Frazier, a 32-year-old personal organizer from Houston, TX, soon learned she'd be going on the first one-on-one date of the week with Sean. She was afraid of being so vulnerable with the Bachelor but was also willing to put herself out there as much as possible for the man she "adored" and believed could definitely be her husband one day.

Although AshLee had abandonment and trust issues, she said it felt good to connect with someone and share her deepest emotions and fears. She knew her history was a lot to place in Sean's hands, but she chose to do so because of who Sean is as a person.

Once AshLee left the room to get ready, Tierra snapped outloud "the cougar's back in town," making fun of the fact AshLee is 32-years-old. Tierra believed she should be a top priority in Sean's eyes and wondered why AshLee hadn't found a man to settle down with yet considering her age.

For their date, AshLee and Sean swam out to a Catamaran and sailed away to their own private island beneath sunny skies. AshLee knew she would fit into Sean's life and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Lesley; Catherine Giudici, a 26-year-old graphic designer from Seattle, WA; Lindsay Yenter, a 24-year-old substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, MO; and Desiree Hartsock, a 26-year-old bridal stylist from Los Angeles, CA, thought about warning Sean about Tierra's antics so she wouldn't end up getting a hometown date. Lesley said Tierra felt entitled to be a "spoiled brat" and she didn't understand why.

Back on Sean's date, AshLee explained to Sean it was the house and then there was Tierra. AshLee told the Bachelor that Tierra didn't want to be a part of the group nor was she polite to anyone. She said Sean was getting a completely different girl than the house got, and Sean thanked her for letting him know. Sean thought AshLee was a very honest woman, so he ultimately believed her.

"There's nothing about today I didn't love. I know the future I want with this man and I know the possibility Sean and I could have that's perfect. Every night I go to sleep and I think about him being next to me and about our future and about who we are together," AshLee explained.
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"I don't want this moment to end and I want to take him home. I know that he's going to love my family. This is my future husband. We connect on so many different levels and there are these moments when we just look at each other and our eyes connect. It gives me chills."

Meanwhile, Tierra learned she'd be accompanying Sean on the next one-on-one date of the week. As the date card revealed they'd be walking the streets of St. Croix, Tierra admitted she wished she had gotten a date on the water and not on land.

"I am so excited to spend the whole day with Sean, however, being attacked by bugs and the sweatiness and my makeup dripping off, like that's not fun or cool," Tierra said.

"She got the second one-on-one and now she's complaining. She's so miserable. She's the most unhappy person I've ever come in contact with. I hate that b-tch, ugh," Lesley told the cameras.

On the beach, AshLee and Sean then enjoyed a candelit dinner on the shore. Sean thought it was wonderful AshLee came to trust him and he noted he hadn't felt so strongly for someone in a long time. Sean then asked AshLee whether there was anything about her family they hadn't covered before he potentially met them, and AshLee admitted, "Yes, actually." She was terrified her news was going to be a make or break situation for them -- with an emphasis on the "break."

AshLee then explained she hoped to breeze through something and throw it out there. She said 15 years ago in high school, she was having a really hard time in life in which she wasn't getting along with her mother and was rebelling. She had a boyfriend at the time and the pair got married when she was only 17-years-old. AshLee said it broke her heart to tell Sean about that because she was crazy about him and didn't want poor mistakes in her past to negatively affect her future.

AshLee told Sean it was the skeleton in her closet and she wasn't proud of it. She was a married high school junior after dating the guy for two years, and then the couple broke up her senior year. AshLee said she didn't want to be a broken girl coming to Sean, and she feared the revelation ruined their date entirely. She then asked Sean if he still liked her, and he said "absolutely" -- reassuring her that she was far from being broken. The couple then kissed and AshLee felt an enormous sense of relief.

"I was nervous to tell Sean about my past relationship but his answer was flawless. He accepts what I've been through and he accepts me for me. He's just amazing and he makes me feel as though I want to share my life with him, I want to share my struggles. He's just amazing and how I finally get the chance to tell him," AshLee told the cameras.

After screaming out, "Hello St. Croy!" AshLee then yelled out, "I love Sean!"

"AshLee is special. It's actually amazing that she's this strong, confident woman after everything that she's been through. And after a night like tonight and a day like today, I could easily fall in love with AshLee. And so, I have no questions at this point. I could see myself ending up with AshLee," Sean explained.

AshLee reiterated how she loved Sean and would never stop telling him.

The next day, Sean was determined to find out whether Tierra really was the sweet girl he thought she was or kind of the mean girl his other bachelorettes were suggesting. He thought Tierra was fun and had a smile that could light up a room, but he needed to get down to the bottom of the drama.

For their date, the couple explored the town of St. Croix. While they were shopping, Sean bought Tierra an eternity bracelet and a necklace. She said it meant a lot to her to receive a gift from Sean. A parade then came down the street and the couple danced to the music. Sean said he loved Tierra's energy and thought she was simply a blast to be with and had a great outgoing personality.

When the pair had a chance to sit down, Sean asked Tierra how things were going. She said it was difficult to be who she is around the girls because they just didn't want to accept it. She hinted the other bachelorettes were jealous of her because of how she had received the very first rose of the season right out of the limo. Sean's questions made Tierra begin to question what the girls were telling him.

Tierra then said if she could do the process all over again, she wouldn't handle the situation with the girls any differently. Sean was obviously quiet, and Tierra began noticing that Sean was acting different and more distant than usual.

That night, the couple enjoyed a dinner and Tierra wanted to talk to Sean about their vibe being a bit off earlier that day. She said she left Canada feeling really close to him but was starting to feel "behind in the game." She said she had a lot of feelings for him and didn't really feel them being reciprocated.

Sean told the cameras he didn't see Tierra's complaints coming because he didn't realize he was acting distant. The Bachelor star then admitted AshLee's warning must've stuck with him in the back of his mind. Afterward, Sean told Tierra all the drama may have put them a little behind his other relationships.

Meanwhile, Lindsay, Catherine and Desiree learned they'd be going on the group date with Sean. The news left Lesley with the final one-on-one date of the week and she was thrilled.

Back on Sean's date, Tierra couldn't believe that the girls in the house would throw her under the bus as they had. Tierra then told Sean that she cared for him a lot and hoped their journey would continue. She said she was falling for him and wanted him to take her feelings into consideration. After her little speech, Tierra finally whispered in his ear, "I"m falling in love with you."

Sean acknowledged there were sparks between them, and he finally came to the conclusion Tierra wasn't nice to the other women but she was there for him. He thought she was a sweet girl and genuine.

The following morning, Sean woke Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay up at 4AM for their group date. He was curious to see what they looked like without makeup and therefore gave them five minutes to get ready. For the day's exploration, Sean and his bachelorettes drove through the entire island. They traveled East to observe the sunrise and then traveled back West in the hopes of making it to the beach in time to watch the sun setting.

The group clearly had a lot of fun on their roadtrip, observing the sights and climbing through a rainforest. However, Catherine noted she and Lindsay felt like they were on a date with Desiree and Sean, who had been flirting with one another and spending a lot of alone time with each other.

While the date card confirmed Lesley was getting the week's last one-on-one date at the hotel, the girls on the date each wanted the only available rose terribly. Sean knew the rose was extremely important since hometown dates were the following week. He then shared some intimate time with each bachelorette.

Sean talked to Lindsay first about how her depth surprised him throughout the course of their journy together, and she reminded Sean she wasn't going anywhere. He said he was developing really strong feelings for her.

As for Catherine, Sean loved how he could be weird, goofy and serious with her. Catherine then opened up to Sean more than she ever had before. She told him that her father lives in China and probably wouldn't be around for the hometown date if Sean was to come visit her family. She admitted her father attempted suicide in front of her when she was 14-years-old, and while they're still in contact, their relationship is complicated.

Sean thanked Catherine for telling him and acknowledged it said a lot about her as a person. Putting Catherine's fears to rest, Sean assured her that it didn't matter whether her father was an active member in her life. He said he admired how strong she was.

Afterward, Sean spent some time with Desiree on the beach, and she started to cry. She noted that her family meant everything to her, so it clearly would mean a lot to bring Sean home. She then told the cameras she wanted to settle down and have everything her parents had.

It then became time for Sean to hand out the date's only rose. He said he felt comfortable around all the girls and wanted them to know it was the hardest decision he had to make thus far "by a mile" because he thought the world of each girl.

"Tonight, I've decided to give the rose to the person who hasn't wavered a bit from the very beginning and someone who I know I'd like to meet her family next week. So Lindsay, will you accept this rose?" Sean asked.

Lindsay was on Cloud 9 and Desiree was shocked, but Desiree said she still believed and trusted Sean wanted to meet her family. Although the group couldn't watch the sunset, Sean was thrilled with how the day had turned out -- knowing he'd probably find his wife.

The next day, Sean embarked on his one-on-one date with Lesley at Estate Mt. Washington Plantation. Sean said he really liked her but their relationship wasn't where it needed to be at this point in his journey. He admitted he had stronger feelings for the other women and needed to figure out whether his connection with Lesley was as strong or could develop into something as powerful.

"It's like Sean and I's own secret garden. It's like my dream come true. It's amazing. Every time I get with Sean, my feelings intensify with him and they've only become stronger. I've watched the show for years and I see these girls say so easily, 'I love you,' and I always thought they were such fools," Lesley explained.

"And now I'm here going through this process myself, and I don't think they're such fools anymore. I am now one of those girls. I'm totally falling in love with Sean, yes, I am. I am very confident I can say that. I do want to tell him I'm falling in love with him. It's hard to do that, but I know I need to, and I know that's what he needs to hear."

Lesley said she could envision Sean fitting in with her family seamlessly. Sean then asked if there was anything he needed to know about her they hadn't discussed yet, and Lesley said she could see Sean as a best friend but also had crazy, raw passion and chemistry with him. Right as it seemed Lesley was about to admit she was in love with Sean, she realized it wasn't the right time and changed the subject.

During their date, the couple explored the plantation, ate fruit and just walked hand in hand.

"Lesley exudes confidence in every area except our relationship. So far today, there hasn't been a lot of kissing or affection being shown and it seemed like she was a little tense. I noticed when we would talk, she wouldn't even make eye contact with me, and I could see the nerves working in her. I think it's cute to some respects, but in others, I feel like we need to start moving past that a little bit," Sean explained.

Lesley told Sean she liked how their relationship was progressing and had high hopes going into the date. She admitted their time together actually exceeded her expectations and she loved the way he smiled with his eyes at her. The couple then kissed and Sean realized although their relationship was slow burning, their connection truly did exist and it did continue to strengthen the more time they spent together.

Lesley thought falling in love with Sean was scary, and she tried to let her guard down but found it difficult to do so. She worried about getting hurt and Sean deciding in the end he didn't want to meet her family.

The following day, Sean got some advice from his sister Shay about which four women to select out of his six remaining bachelorettes for the hometown dates. He was hoping she'd provide him with some clarity. Shay said don't make choices just because he's afraid to hurt certain girls, as their broken hearts would eventually mend as his had after Emily Maynard dumped him.

Sean told Shay that he could see himself proposing to all the girls left, and one girl in particular unfortunately didn't really stand out amongst the rest. Sean said that two girls did however admit they were in love with him, and those two girls were Tierra and AshLee.

Shay then reminded her brother that she didn't want to watch the season unfold on TV with him continuing to date a girl viewers collectively don't want him to end up with. She said there's always "that one" -- meaning the girl everyone's hoping he'll eliminate throughout the season because she doesn't get along with the girls in the house although she acts differently with the Bachelor.

Sean admitted the only girl he could question potentially fitting that description would be Tierra, because the other girls suggested there's a side to her that he never saw.

Meanwhile, Tierra asked AshLee if she was holding anything back she'd like to say to her face. AshLee said, "No," but Tierra noticed Sean had become distant after his one-on-one date with AshLee. Tierra said she felt "sabotaged," and AshLee told Tierra it was her own problem and own doing because her rude character was always showing through. AshLee simply said Tierra was a different person in front of Sean than she was with the girls.

Tierra flipped out at the accusation, saying the bachelorettes in the house were just jealous because men loved her. She felt attacked, antagonized and judged. The two continued to bicker and AshLee argued Tierra was rude with her constant stares and raised eyebrows. Tierra said she definitely wasn't a rude person and it wasn't fair to make that claim just because her face wasn't smiling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

During the girls' argument, Shay told Sean not to end up with the girl nobody in the house likes. Shay said other Bachelors had made that mistake in the past and things never worked out for them. While he took her advice into consideration, Sean said he had a hard time with it because he really liked Tierra and had always felt a spark between them.

In order to get to the bottom of things, Sean asked Shay if she'd be willing to meet and talk with Tierra to see if she could maybe pick up on something he wasn't capable of seeing. Shay said she'd be happy to meet Tierra, because she was obviously very skeptical and worried for Sean.

As Sean made his way over to the hotel, Tierra was screaming at AshLee, asking her to stop "bashing" her. Tierra then ran off and started bawling in another room, which was the state Sean had found her in. Sean asked her why she was acting like that, and Tierra said the process was just so hard for her because she was sensitive and had such a big heart.

Tierra insisted she was really scared and didn't know how to handle things because she truly cared for Sean. She also noted how she took their previous date really hard considering Sean felt distant, and therefore, she confronted AshLee -- the girl she firmly believed had "sabotaged" their connection.

Sean asked for specifics, and Tierra admitted everything she did was an issue with AshLee. She said she hated being upset in front of him all the time and didn't want to keep talking about drama but she got emotional due to fact she was falling in love with Sean despite the other girls' beliefs.

"Tierra's in tears. There's major drama. But I made a decision. I know what I need to do," Sean told the cameras once he reflected on the situation outside for awhile.

Upon rejoining Tierra, Sean said, "It was not my intention to come here and upset you. I flew my sister in town and I wanted to introduce you to my sister... I wanted her to meet you, but I know how emotionally taxing this has been on you and I know how hard every day is and how it's a struggle every day. I'm crazy about you and I have been since the very first night. And because I care so much about you, I just think it might be best if you go home now," Sean told her.

"Like I said, this was not my intention. I had no idea this was going to transpire. I'm so sorry."

"I'm sorry," Tierra told him.

"There's no reason to be sorry. This has just been tough for you. I know it has, but I just can't keep you here knowing how hard this is for you," Sean said.

Sean then walked Tierra out and asked if she was going to be okay. She said she wasn't. Sean told the cameras he didn't expect nor did he see the split coming, but he wasn't shocked it happened because she had been so emotional from the very beginning. He said it "finally just clicked" she wasn't the one for him and he had to send her home.

"I think the world of you, I really do," Sean told Tierra.

"That's obviously not enough," she noted while entering the car.

Sean then returned to Shay alone and said that Tierra was an "emotional mess" in the house and he didn't want to add to her vulnerability and hurt her more by keeping her around longer.

That night, the remaining bachelorettes were anxious whether Sean had sent Tierra home or kept her around. Sean then arrived for the cocktail reception and announced he sent Tierra home after having a moment of clarity in which he realized she wasn't going to be his wife. He said aloud that he knew Tierra was a source of drama and then revealed he didn't want his wife to be a source of drama either.

"When Sean said he's not looking for someone that causes drama, he looked me right in my eyes. I hope that that was a comfort and not a warning," said AshLee, who was hoping to steal a minute with Sean and let him know she was just trying to protect him. "I was trying to help. I have been very open and honest with him and I've given him every ounce of me. But this is definitely the first time I'm scared."

Sean told his bachelorettes he had made a final decision that night and therefore didn't need a cocktail party. With the reception being canceled, the bachelorettes were shocked and AshLee especially worried it was her going home because she had warned Sean of the Tierra drama. Lesley told the cameras she was concerned for AshLee as well since she had been a part of the whole ordeal.

The Rose Ceremony then commenced, Besides Lindsay, Sean gave roses to Desiree, Catherine and AshLee.

At that moment, AshLee realized she could trust Sean and had an overwhelming love for him. "Love conquers all," she said.

Once Lesley left the premise, Catherine unexpectedly broke down into tears.

"I honestly can't explain how I'm feeling right now. If he doesn't want Lesley, I don't know why I'm here. She has more in common with him than I do. I swear. I didn't want to say that, but that's truly what I believed. So this is extremely tough for me. My beliefs are shattered about what he wants," Catherine said.

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