The Bachelor star Nick Viall doesn't seem to be leaving much up to the imagination when it comes to Rachel Lindsay's exit from the show.

"As my week with three unbelievable women continues, my feelings for them get deeper and deeper," Nick wrote in his People blog.

Rachel, Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi "continue to blow me away with their charm, beauty and intellect," he added. "I had imagined falling in love in Finland, and it definitely starts to happen."

But with love naturally comes heartbreak on the ABC reality dating competition. Nick pointed out there are "painful goodbyes" still to come, and America has known for weeks that Rachel is one of them.

"As you all know, Rachel has been announced as the new Bachelorette! I couldn't be happier for this amazing woman, but saying goodbye to her was my hardest yet," Nick explained.

"Watch next week as Rachel and I share our last date together in Finland and I make one of the toughest decisions to say goodbye."

Nick seemed to just give away that Rachel goes home after his round of overnight, off-camera dates. The "last date" Nick is referring to with Rachel must therefore be her fantasy suite, since viewers have yet to see that unfold on TV.

Rachel's elimination at the next Rose Ceremony would set up a Vanessa vs. Raven showdown in Season 21's finale. Who will Nick choose out of his Final 2 bachelorettes, and will he propose to one of the women who are madly in love with him?

But Rachel's journey to find love is only beginning. She will star on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, which begins filming this month and premieres in May 2017. The beautiful 31-year-old attorney from Dallas, TX, will be the first African American lead of the franchise, which includes 21 seasons of The Bachelor.

"You think it would be easy [dating in the real world], but no!" Rachel said during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"I'm looking for a guy who can make me laugh. I'm looking for a guy who knows exactly what he wants, is ambitious, ready to start a family and get married -- because I'm in that phase of my life. So I'm really just looking for a guy who's secure, confident and knows exactly what it is that he wants."