The Bachelor star Chris Soules may have gotten used to the idea of being a TV star.

Soules, who got engaged to Whitney Bischoff at the conclusion of The Bachelor's nineteenth season, is considering another on-camera opportunity after his stint on Dancing with the Stars ends, Life & Style reported.

"He's pitching a reality show about life on the farm with Whitney," an insider told Life & Style.

While Soules and Bischoff are currently living in Los Angeles together, they intend to move to Soules' hometown of Arlington, IA, and live on his family's farm once things settle down.

Soules and Bischoff have both said they could envision raising children in that type of environment, however, Soules has expressed concern about his new fiancee's ability to adapt to that low-key, small-town type of lifestyle.

"A reality show about his life in Iowa with Whitney will let Chris sustain the fame he loves so much," the insider added.

Soules reportedly sees Bischoff as a necessary piece of this plan, as fans may be sick of him by the time Dancing with the Stars is done. Soules' new relationship with Bischoff is what sparks interest.

"He feels that with her by his side, the public will love him and that creates business opportunities," the insider told the magazine. "He loves the attention he's gotten from being on TV, so he wants to keep this going for as long as he can."

This report contradicts the couple's prior statements that they cannot wait to get back to living their normal lives out of the spotlight. Soules and Bischoff both recently told reporters it's important to them to enjoy their engagement away from cameras.

Soules' experience on Dancing with the Stars may end quickly, as he finished in last place on Monday night's judging leaderboard during the show's second episode. It will be a surprise if he's not at least in jeopardy of elimination.