The Bachelor star Ben Higgins is teasing huge things to come this season, that viewers haven't seen anything yet.

During the latest episode of The Bachelor, Higgins spent a week in Mexico with his bachelorettes. While he enjoyed wonderful and memorable moments, Higgins also felt the need to blindside Jubilee Sharpe with an elimination mid-group date and confront Olivia Caridi at the cocktail party regarding some girl-gossip.

"This week was maybe the biggest game-changer for me of this entire journey... There is no doubt that this week seriously changed everything more than any other week. I could have said just two weeks ago that either Jubilee or Olivia could have been the one for me," Higgins wrote in his People blog.

Fans won't see Higgins' conversation with Caridi unfold until the next The Bachelor episode on February 8 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

"I've mentioned dramatic weeks before... What I haven't said yet is that any of these weeks was the most dramatic and possibly most difficult of any week save the last one. What is coming next week is exactly that. What happens next week really rocked me to the core and, frankly, made me question everything," Higgins revealed.

However, Higgins did not confirm whether this earth-shattering event definitely involves the blonde news anchor, whom the show's other bachelorettes have come to hate.

"So get ready, Bachelor Nation," Higgins added, "because next week is unlike anything you have ever seen!"