The Bachelor star Nick Viall apparently believes Taylor Nolan either lacked self-awareness or was trying to conceal the hurtful things she'd say to Corinne Olympios during their heated conversations.

"From my point of view, Taylor either wasn't self-aware enough to understand how she was coming across [to Corinne] or she thought that I wouldn't notice," Viall wrote in his People blog.

During the latest The Bachelor episode, Viall paired Olympios and Nolan up for a two-on-one date with him in New Orleans. Viall knew bits and pieces of the girls' conflict prior to the date.

"Up until this point, Corinne had not wasted any of her energy focusing on how the other women were approaching this environment — while Taylor had seemed to critique Corinne's every move determining whether Corinne had a right to be here," Viall explained.

"I didn't know much at the time, but I did know that with two polarizing personalities, sometimes more comes to the surface if it's all there right in front of you. While yes, I had questions about these women, I was still very intrigued by them."

Olympios and Nolan were also a good fit for the two-on-one date because The Bachelor star revealed his relationship with each woman -- although different -- was "probably equal" in terms of how far they had "progressed" at this point in the season.

"Coming off last week, I knew tensions were boiling over between Corinne and Taylor. And as I said before, sometimes taking two polarizing personalities can help navigate my feelings for each person," Viall wrote.

"A two-on-one can be awkward -- actually, it's pretty much guaranteed to be. But I thought it would be the best way to figure out which relationship had potential and which one would be best to say goodbye to."

During the date, Olympios told Viall that Nolan acted entitled and rude in the house. The blonde beauty from Miami suggested the mental health counselor didn't appear on The Bachelor for the right reasons and was a bully to the other bachelorettes.

Although Viall is well aware there are two sides to every story, he admitted he was "shocked" and "disappointed" when he heard what Olympios had to say. Viall didn't know what to believe since Nolan denied all allegations against her, but after speaking alone with the bachelorette, Viall gained some clarity.

"When you strip it down, it became clear that Taylor believed Corinne lacked the emotional maturity to get married or really to be dating me at all. Listening to Taylor talk, it became obvious to me that Taylor didn't realize that she was guilty of the same thing she saw in Corinne," Viall insisted.

Nolan often accused Olympios of lacking maturity as well as "emotional intelligence," bringing up her nanny Raquel and sleeping through a Rose Ceremony as examples of such. Nolan also disapproved of how Olympios led with her sexuality when getting to know Viall.
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"Like Corinne said, Taylor was telling Corinne that she didn't call her stupid while implying that she was stupid. You can say a lot of things to someone while being pretty clear between the lines," Viall said.

It seems like Viall's decision to give Olympios the rose and eliminate Nolan was an easy one despite his disclosure on Monday night's episode that it was the hardest choice he had to make thus far on his journey to find lasting love.

"It just felt like at this point that Taylor was too fixated on proving to me that Corinne wasn't right for me rather than focusing on our relationship," Viall wrote in his blog.

"Giving Corinne the rose had just as much to do with saying goodbye to Taylor as it was to validate my relationship with Corinne. After a pretty intense day, I was looking forward to some one-on-one time with Corinne."