One would think a man with bulging biceps or deep pockets would get Ivanka Trump's blood boiling, but The Apprentice star said that's not the case.

"My friends always joke that I'm going to marry a 90-year-old Pulitzer Prize winner," the 25-year-old daughter of real-estate mogul Donald Trump told People recently.  "I love smart, intelligent men. That's the No. 1 one thing that keeps me interested, in the long term."

While Ivanka's currently "not dating anyone exclusively," she was reportedly rumored to be dating former That 70's Show actor Topher Grace last November and multiple Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong prior to that.

"I mean, it's great to go on a few dates with somebody who's gorgeous and maybe doesn't have anything else to say, but [intelligence] is the most important thing to me in the long-run, and a sense of humor doesn't hurt," Ivanka told People before adding, "It's amazing being single. I actually think I like nothing more."

If The Donald had his way, Ivanka said she'd probably be spending more time at sporting events than in the boardroom.

"He loves the athletes because he's always wanted to be an athlete," Ivanka told People.

With her current gig alongside her father on NBC's The Apprentice: Los Angeles, Ivanka said she's in no rush to find the brainiac of her dreams.

"When the right guy comes along, he comes along," she told People. "But until then, I'm happy."