Bret Michaels is in a lot of pain after undergoing an emergency appendectomy last week, however he's otherwise on the mend.

"I have a pretty good threshold for pain, but this one hurts. I don't know how much longer I will be under medical supervision. I've spoken to several doctors and they all seem to be impressed with the condition I have been able to keep myself in as a juvenile diabetic," wrote Michaels in a Saturday message on his personal blog.

"But a lot of extra care needs to be taken to make sure my body heals correctly. It's no secret I love my kids, my life, and being on the road, so I want to make sure I do everything I can now to make sure I can continue that later. They say it can take four to six weeks to recover, but maybe longer for a diabetic."

The Celebrity Apprentice participant and former Rock of Love star was rushed to a San Antonio hospital early last week for the emergency procedure after he began to have stomach pains before a scheduled performance at Sea World.

"I was throwing up all day and really thought I had just got a severe case of the flu. About 10 minutes before show time doctors got on the bus and said, 'Bret we really don't think this is the flu' and told me that I WAS GOING TO THE HOSPITAL," wrote Michaels.

"After a CAT scan, they determined it was acute appendicitis and they performed emergency surgery right there in the middle of the night. After the fact, they told me that if I had gone onstage like I wanted to, it likely would have ruptured and I could have died. Not good."

Michaels was subsequently released to a private care facility for diabetics on Friday and assured fans that concert dates he had to cancel due to the medial scare would all be rescheduled in the summer and fall -- once he begins to feel a bit better.

"As I write this, I'm feeling pretty bad," he wrote.

"When you're not planning on having a body part ripped out of you, it can be a shock to the system. While the doctors are amazing in San Antonio, there is just no way around the fact that getting your appendix out HURTS."

Michaels is one of seven contestants still in the running on NBC's current The Celebrity Apprentice installment, which filmed last fall. He is competing to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.