The Amazing Race eliminated Cindy Chac and Rick Chac during Friday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 27th season.

The "Married Couple in Medicine" became the fifth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's seventh Pit Stop at the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands in last place.

Following their elimination, Cindy revealed she had an awesome time with Rick on the Race and they are definitely soulmates. The next chapter in their lives will be starting a family, and Rick said they really learned to work well with each other and trust one another.

The Amazing Race broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with "Mother and Son" Denise Williams and James Corley trying to finish up their Detour task in which they had to rap a song. Denise had so much trouble with the task that they were working on it for hours, but finally on her 18th attempt, she got it right and they moved on.

Meanwhile, teams were headed to their next destination at Gare Du Nord Station, where everyone had reserved seats on the 7:22PM train. "Engaged Couple and Amazing Race Super Fans" Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop tried to book tickets on an earlier train and managed to get "standing room only" on a two-and-a-half hour train that left Paris, France at 4:19PM.

"Dating Co-Workers and News Anchors" Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta hopped on a train at 4:13PM that stopped in Brussels before Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Cindy and Rick got on a 5:16PM train along with "Former NFL Cheerleaders" Tiffany Chantell and Krista Debono.

However, Cindy and Rick were convinced that Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the same place, that people just refer to them differently depending on where they're from. Because of this knowledge -- which ended up being wrong -- the couple planned to stop in Amsterdam.

Around this time, Denise and James arrived at the sixth Pit Stop in last place and were told by The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan it was a non-elimination leg and they had to keep racing. 

Justin and Diana arrived at the cluebox at a red lighthouse boat in Rotterdam in first place and discovered they couldn't start the leg's first task until 5AM. However, the last-place team couldn't begin until 6:30AM, so they knew they'd have an hour-and-a-half lead on that team.

Meanwhile, "Best Friends and Texans" Tanner Kloven and Josh Ahern decided to do a little sightseeing since they didn't have to get on the train until 7:22PM. They forgot about the possibility of booking an earlier train despite the fact the show reserved seats for them. Josh and Tanner realized it was a "stupid" mistake. 

Later on, Josh and Tanner hopped on the 7:22PM train a little discouraged with Denise and James as well as "Dating Paparazzi Business Partners" Logan Fazio and Chris Gordon.

Cindy and Rick soon discovered they had passed their Rotterdam stop on the train, so they had to trek backwards.

Once at the lighthouse boat in second place, Tiffany and Krista secured the next available 5:15AM spot. They were soon followed by Cindy and Rick, who snagged the 5:30AM timeslot; Kelsey and Joey who got 5:45AM; Tanner and Josh, who got 6AM; Cindy and Logan, who ended up with 6:15AM; and finally Denise and James, who got stuck with the latest time of 6:30AM.
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The next morning, Rick woke up appearing to have gotten stung by something on the lip. His mouth was very swollen.

Justin and Diana took off in first place. They learned they must make their way to the watertaxi terminal at Kop Van Zuid and take a watertaxi to Kinderdijk Windmill Village to retrieve their next clue.

Justin and Diana made a poor choice in trying to run to the watertaxi location rather than hailing down a cab. This error made the couple bicker again, as they had been arguing a lot already in previous legs.

Tiffany and Krista got on a watertaxi first, and they were then followed by Cindy and Rick, Justin and Diana, Kelsey and Joey, Tanner and Josh, Logan and Chris, and Denise and James.

It then became time for one member from each team to complete a Roadblock task.

For the Roadblock, the participating Racers had to search among widely spaced-out windmills to find an exact replica of Vincent van Gogh's famous "Sunflowers" painting. Once they found the perfect match, they'd receive their next clue.

Krista opted to take on this task, and she was later joined by Rick, Diana, Joey, Tanner, Logan, and Denise.

Everyone got it wrong on the first try except for Joey. The task turned out to be physically exhausting because if they picked the wrong painting, they had to keep running back and forth.

After choosing the correct painting, the teams were instructed to use their highest heart rate recorded from the last leg and calculate the difference from their heart rate at the conclusion of this Roadblock. The teams then had to pick up that number of tulips from a nearby cart and deliver them to a woman nearby.

Kelsey and Joey finished the Roadblock task in first place. They were then followed by Cindy and Rick, Tiffany and Krista, Justin and Diana, Tanner and Josh, Denise and James, and Chris and Logan.

The teams' next set of clues sent them to the Nolet Distillery, the home of Ketel One Vodka, where they had to search for their next clue.

Kelsey and Joey arrived at the distillery before any of the other teams. On their heels were Cindy and Rick, Tiffany and Krista, Justin and Diana, Tanner and Josh, Logan and Chris, and finally Denise and James.

Cindy and Rick waited for a bus for seemingly 30 minutes while everyone rushed off to use the tram instead.

The teams were then tasked with completing one of two possible Detour tasks: "Ship" or "Skip."

"Ship" required the teams to maneuver their way through Rotterdam's busy harbor using a unique training simulator. They had to navigate their vessel through a storm and locate two specific ships in under five minutes to have a captain reward them with their next clue.

"Skip" required the teams to jump Double Dutch rope while simultaneously performing a clapping routine. If they could stay in step for the duration of the rhyme, the "jump judge" would hand them their next clue.

Everyone wanted to do the "Ship" Detour task except for the Cheerleaders, who thought they'd excel in Double Dutch since they're good at learning routines.

Tiffany and Krista, as they anticipated, got through the Double Dutch task on their second try, a feat the "jump judge" was very impressed by. Because the girls made jumping rope look easy, the "Ship" task proved more time consuming and difficult.

Justin and Diana finished the Detour task in second place on their second attempt, and they were later followed by Kelsey and Joey on their fourth attempt, Tanner and Josh on their third attempt, Logan and Chris on their third attempt, Denise and James on their third attempt, and finally Cindy and Rick on their third attempt.

The teams then learned they must make their way to the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Race's seventh Pit Stop.

Justin and Diana stepped on the Pit Stop mat in first place, and Phil revealed this marked their fourth win of the season so far. For winning the leg, the team walked away with $31,873 -- which was the number of steps they took during that leg as calculated by Fitbit technology. They also earned a near 90-minute massage.

Kelsey and Joey finished the leg in second place, and Tiffany and Krista arrived at the Pit Stop in third.

Denise and James knew Cindy and Rick were right on their heels, so the mother and son determined it would probably be a footrace to the finish. Cindy and Rick hopped on the first available train although it had two stops.

Denise and James contemplated whether Cindy and Rick's train would be faster than a train that was arriving in seven minutes but was direct and had no stops. James made an extremely quick decision based on his gut and opted to wait for the second train.

James worried whether he had made the right choice, but he concluded he did not because their train was delayed 10 minutes. Denise and James were pretty sure they'd finish in last place and be done.

Meanwhile, Tanner and Josh arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place followed by Logan and Chris in fifth place.

Once Cindy and Rick got off their train -- before Denise and James did -- they unfortunately hopped on the wrong tram. Instead of going to the Peace Palace, they were told by locals on the tram they were going to the beach. Cindy and Rick were disappointed in themselves because they thought they were better than the mistakes they were making.

Denise and James stepped on the Pit Stop mat in sixth place, shocked to still be alive and racing. Cindy and Rick finally met Phil in seventh -- and last -- place and they were eliminated.