The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business eliminated returning twelfth-season Racers Kent Kaliber and his girlfriend Vyxsin Fiala during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's all-stars edition.

The "Dating Goths" team became the seventh team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived last at the Race's tenth Pit Stop at a Swiss cabin in Zermatt, Switzerland.

"Every team goes home with that one 'fatality moment' and this one just happens to be ours," Kent said following his team's ouster.

"Even though Kent and I have our moments, we're best friends. At the end of the day, we're gonna end it cuddling and happy. I do feel bad for the teams that are left, because I'm taking the best teammate with me and they don't get to have him," Vyxsin added.

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' tenth episode began where the ninth episode had left off -- with the competition's five remaining teams leaving the Race's ninth Pit Stop at Moos Restaurant in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Since they had been the first team to finish in first place at the Pit Stop in Zermatt, fourteenth-season "Friends" Zev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew were the first team to depart from Moos Restaurant at 6:54AM.

They were then followed by fourteenth-season "Sisters" Jennifer Hoffman and LaKisha Hoffman at 7:02AM, Kent -- who was known as Kynt Cothron during his initial Race edition -- and Vyxsin at 8:00AM, seventeenth-season "Father and Daughter" team of Gary Ervin and Mallory Ervin at 8:18AM, and fifteenth-season "Harlem Globetrotters" Nathaniel "The Big Easy" Lofton and Herbert "Flight Time" Lang at 8:43AM.

Upon opening their departure clues, the teams were instructed to make their way to the Air Rescue Helicopter Port in Zermatt and sign up for a departure time leaving in 5-minute intervals. Before taking off via helicopter to an unknown destination, they would receive their next clue.

All the teams raced to grab electric taxis to take them to the helicopter port, but certain teams gained some ground by being able to snag taxis first. Gary and Mallory, for example, drove right by Kent and Vyxsin in their taxi before the "Dating Goths" were able to find and secure a ride.

Kent was really frustrated they had lost their lead on Gary and Mallory, but Vyxsin was just angry and seemingly fed up with Kent because of his constant complaining and poor attitude. The couple bickered as they had been throughout many of the previous legs.

"It is a little bit disconcerting for me being in a relationship with someone who is over-reactionary and hypersensitive," Vyxsin said afterward.

Zev and Justin were the first team to arrive at the Air Rescue Helicopter Port and write their names on the sign-up sheet. They were then followed by, Kisha and Jen, Gary and Mallory, Kent and Vyxsin, and Flight Time and Big Easy.

After retrieving their next clues, the teams learned it was time for them to complete one of the leg's two Detour tasks: "Search" or "Rescue."
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"Search" required the teams to brave extreme wind conditions and use an avalanche beacon to locate a training dummy that was buried somewhere on a glacier surrounding the Matterhorn. Once they located the dummy, the teams would then have to dig it up to receive their next clue.

"Rescue" required the teams to use a unique device specifically designed for crevices to rescue a stranded mountaineer. One team member would have to rappel down the crevice to the mountaineer and clip him to the rescue line, while the other team member must use the pulley system to bring their partner back to the surface where they would then work together to complete the rescue.

All the teams arrived at the locations of their Detour tasks in the same order they had arrived at the Air Rescue Helicopter Port's sign-up sheet.

Zev and Justin and Gary and Mallory opted to do the "Search" task, while Kisha and Jen, Kent and Vyxsin and Flight Time and Big Easy selected "Rescue."

Zev and Justin greatly struggled to dig their dummy out of the snow and watched Gary and Mallory have much more success than them at the same task nearby. Gary had managed to pull out half of their dummy's body while Zev and Justin had yet to even uncover their dummy within the layers and layers of snow.

Mallory was proud that her dad, even though he was the oldest Racer in The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business line-up, was still so strong and capable. She said his age was not "holding him back."

Meanwhile, Justin was starting to give up on the task completely.

"I'm running out of strength, Zev. We're gonna be here forever," Justin said out of frustration and exhaustion, adding later that they couldn't make much progress because they dug straight down into the snow rather than digging a wide enough area to execute their rescue.

Kent was worried during their Detour task that Vyxsin had lowered him too deeply into the crevice and was screaming as loud as he could at her to stop rappelling him down.

However, the "Rescue" Detour task seemed to be the easier of the two tasks, as Kisha and Jen were the first team to complete it and were then followed by Kent and Vyxsin and Flight Time and Big Easy. Gary and Mallory were the next team to finish their "Search" Detour task, and Zev and Justin finally were able to retrieve their dummy from the ground but lost their initial head start advantage.

After conquering the tasks, the teams were given their next next clues, which instructed them to take their helicopters to a ski resort and find the nearby train they would take back down to Zermatt. Once the teams were done traveling back down the mountain, they would then be required to make their way to Le Petit Cervin.

All the teams, except for Zev and Justin, ended up on an equal level playing field because they had to wait for the same 11:08AM train to take them back to Zermatt -- a ride which would give the four teams a 25-minute jump on Zev and Justin.

Kent and Vyxsin were the first team to arrive at Le Petit Cervin and were followed by Flight Time and Big Easy, Gary and Mallory, Kisha and Jen, and eventually Zev and Justin.

The teams opened their clue and learned they needed to complete a Roadblock task, which required one member from each team to create a Travelocity Roaming Gnome made entirely out of chocolate. Adhering to exacting Swiss methods, which included using snow as a cooling agent, the teams had to gain the approval of the head chocolatier.

If the head chocolatier found their gnomes to be satisfactory, the teams would exchange their chocolate figures for a real Travelocity Roaming Gnome and their next clue.

Each team's mold had a front and backside that, when put together, would form the full mold. The team members who opted to do the Roadblock task -- including Vyxsin, Flight Time, Jen, Zev, and Mallory -- had to strategically freeze either one half or both halves of their gnomes at a time after painting them correctly.

Problems began to develop as the freezer became full of different molds and the Racers confused which completed half belonged to which team member. Flight Time approached the freezer and discovered the half of his mold he was looking for had disappeared. He knew someone had either accidentally or purposely taken his mold-half, and Big Easy was convinced Vyxsin had taken it.

Vyxsin was taking her time when painting the gnome-mold, which Kent made very clear as he was directing Vyxsin to hurry and stop being so meticulous, and Big Easy felt it was impossible that Vyxsin could have finished two halves in the same amount of time it took Flight Time.

Big Easy and Kent then had a heated exchange. Kent was sticking up for Vyxsin, accusing Big Easy of "throwing blame" around without proof, while Big Easy was unphased by his claim and told the "Dating Goths" that karma would come back around to haunt them. 

Flight Time, however, graciously accepted that a mistake had most likely occurred in the kitchen rather than a bold attempt by someone to steal his finished half and gain momentum in the Race. As a result, Flight Time quickly began painting a new gnome without complaining, because he only cared about getting the Roadblock task done.

Big Easy's accusations against Vyxsin broke her down emotionally, despite Flight Time's obvious disregard of and lack of interest in the whole situation.

"I'm sorry, grow up. This has not been a dirty competition. I feel ganged up on. I try so hard to be a nice person. I really don't appreciate being treated like that. I'm hurt and I'm kind of pissed," Vyxsin said in tears.

One after the other, the teams completed the freezing of their molds and then filled their gnomes with chocolate. They then had to place the gnomes in the snow and wait a total of 30 minutes for them to solidify. Everyone waited for the freezing to take place, and Kent was still fuming over Big Easy's previous actions.

"Big Easy was trying to be a big bully. I kicked your ass last leg, big man. And we're gonna kick your ass again today. Word," Kent noted.

After the cooling process ended, the teams brought their gnomes back into the kitchen but were told more work had to be done before they could receive their next clue. Each gnome had developed a dark chocolate line along the entire length of its crease where the two halves of the mold met. The crease needed to be painted to cover up the chocolate flaw.

Kent and Vyxsin were the first team to complete the Roadblock task, and they were then followed by Flight Time and Big Easy, Kisha and Jen, and Gary and Mallory.

Zev and Justin were still waiting in the snow for their gnome to cool while all the other teams were patching up their gnomes in the kitchen. Still straggling behind the pack, they finally finished the Roadblock task in last place. 

The teams then opened their next clue and learned they must make their way on foot to the Pit Stop at a nearby 300-year-old Swiss cabin.

Kent and Vyxsin then made a fatal mistake, as they failed to read the clue carefully and took a taxi to the Pit Stop instead of running by foot. The "Dating Goths" broke the rules but did not even realize it until it was too late. All the other teams read the clue correctly and walked to the Swiss cabin.

Flight Time and Big Easy rushed to the Swiss cabin and were the first team to make it to the Pit Stop mat, as they were greeted by The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan. As a reward for finishing first, they won a trip for two from Travelocity to the exotic Cook Islands.

"We definitely got a chance to come back and redeem ourselves and we're gonna try and get us a slam dunk to a victory in the championship," Big Easy said.

Kisha and Jen were the next team to arrive, securing second place.

Kent and Vyxsin subsequently arrived at the Pit Stop ahead of Gary and Mallory, but then Phil explained they had incurred a 30-minute penalty for taking a taxi to the Swiss cabin. They were told to wait out their time, and as a result, Gary and Mallory finished in third place and Kent and Vyxsin would later discover which place they had come in during the Race's tenth leg.

"Maybe you should have read [the clue] more carefully," Kent told Vyxsin as they waited.

"You looked at it tons of times. Don't blame me about this," Vyxsin replied hastily.

Kent then said Vyxsin's "always negative energy" didn't help their unfortunate fate, but Vyxsin was shocked he could put the blame on her.

"You're putting everything on me. Unbelievable," Vyxsin noted. "Your version of being positive is to attack me and that's not very encouraging or positive. It sucks."

Kent and Vyxsin then sadly watched Zev and Justin -- who captured fourth place -- arrive, leaving them in fifth and last place.

Zev and Justin apparently thought they had finished last, but Phil revealed to them the good news.

"Zev and Justin, I'm sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive. However, because Kent and Vyxsin were given a 30-minute penalty, you are officially team number four, and you are still in the Race," Phil told them.

"We'll take that!" Zev said.

"This was not our best day, but we're still alive. We're humbled by it and appreciative of it," Justin added.

"Honestly, we're meant to be here because we're still here," Zev explained.

Kent and Vyxsin then walked up to Phil, who revealed their elimination.

"Kent and Vyxsin, unfortunately, all the teams have checked in before your 30-minute penalty is up. I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the Race," Phil told the "Dating Goths." "Not the way you wanted to go out?"

"No, no. Not at all," Kent replied.
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