The Amazing Race's "Dating Pro Wrestlers" team of Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss survived a non-elimination leg during Friday night's tenth broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 25th season.

Brooke and Robbie were not eliminated from the around-the-world competition although they had arrived at the Race's tenth Pit Stop at Rice Farm in Manila, Philippines, in last place.

"We were last, but today, with our lead, we proved that we can beat them all. We are just as strong as every other team. The million dollars for us is like winning a championship title in wrestling," Robbie said.

"It is, completely," Brooke interjected.

"And we have many of those. So we're going to have the million dollars," Robbie added.

"Yay yeah!" Brooke squealed.

The tenth episode of The Amazing Race's 25th season began with the Race's four remaining teams leaving Fullerton Pavilion in Singapore.

"Married Surfers" Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks departed the ninth Pit Stop in first place at 2:01PM.

Following the surfers were Brooke and Robbie at 3:35PM, "Married Dentists" Misti Raman and Jim Raman at 3:48PM, and "Food Scientists" Amy DeJong and Maya Warren at 4:27PM.

The teams' first set of clues instructed them to fly to Manila, and after landing, pick up their next clue from a local flower vendor.

All the teams soon discovered the earliest flight left the airport at around 7 and arrived in Manila at 11PM that night. Everyone except Misti and Jim booked tickets on this flight because they went through a travel agency as soon as possible. Misti and Jim therefore got on a little bit of a later flight.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Robbie ran into Amy and Maya in the airport and things were clearly awkward because the wrestlers had lied to the girls about where they needed to find one of their last clues in the previous leg.

However, Brooke and Robbie played dumb and convinced Amy and Maya the move was not intentional -- that there was some type of misunderstanding. Amy and Maya seemingly bought it.
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Brooke and Robbie arrived at the flower vendor in first place. They were then followed by Adam and Bethany, Amy and Maya, and finally Misti and Jim.

Brooke and Robbie were upset to discover their next clue couldn't be picked up until 6:30AM the next morning, so they lost their lead in this leg. The teams had to sleep in that spot overnight, serving as an equalizer.

When the morning came, the teams were instructed to catch a ride via jeepney transportation, proceed to Rosario Municipal Plaza and then find Salinas Specials to receive their next clue.

All the teams made it to Salinas Specials at almost the exact same time.

It then became time for the teams to complete one of two possible Detour tasks: "Catch" or "Coach."

"Catch" required the teams to wade into Manila Bay and then, using a bucket, transport fish to a broker onshore. Once three buckets were filled with fish, which was about 300 pounds, the Racers would receive their next clue.

"Coach" required the teams to assemble a side car and properly mount it onto a motorcycle. Once the head mechanic approved their work, they'd receive their next clue.

Every team opted to take on the "Coach" task except for Brooke and Robbie, whose strategy was to always participate in the physically-demanding challenges.

When traveling to the Detour, Amy and Maya didn't realize they were specifically told to take a motorized tricycle. Therefore, they lost some time running around and heading back to Salinas Specials.

Misti and Jim thought they had the Detour in the bag because they were used to building things and putting things together for their kids. However, the confident pair had their motorcycle rejected twice due to incorrect shock installation, which they didn't figure out for a while.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Robbie were in the bay in the pouring rain, dealing with terrible smells and being soaking wet. Amy and Maya also struggled putting their bike together.

Brooke and Robbie finished the Detour in first place. They were then followed by Adam and Bethany, Misti and Jim, and Amy and Maya.

The teams then learned they must make their way to the Naic Rice Fields and search for their next clue.

Brooke and Robbie, maintaining their lead, arrived at the rice fields before anyone else. Adam and Bethany soon followed. Misti and Jim were running the Race in third place at this point and Amy and Maya were in fourth.

The Racers were given a "Switchback" task to complete, meaning it had already been done on The Amazing Race once before.

For the "Switchback," the teams had to each use an ox to dig up their next clue buried somewhere in the mud.

Brooke and Robbie had a terrible time with their large ox, especially because it defecated in front of them numerous times. The task took the wrestlers so long to complete that the teams eventually arrived one at a time and plugged away at the chore simultaneously.

In a stroke of luck, Misti and Jim found their next clue first. They were then followed by Amy and Maya, Brooke and Robbie, and Adam and Bethany. Brooke and Robbie appeared to find the clue only a matter of seconds before the scientists.

The teams then ripped open their last clue, which directed them to search on foot at the Rice Farm for The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan at the Pit Stop mat.

Misti and Jim managed to arrive at the Pit Stop before any of the other teams. For winning the leg, they received a trip for two to Vietnam. It marked the couple's fifth win this season.

Amy and Maya were right on their heels and finished in second place.

It then came down to a foot race between Robbie and Brooke -- who had no shoes on -- and Adam and Bethany. Adam and Bethany beat the wrestlers to the mat, so they secured third place.

Brooke and Robbie were upset about how they finished the leg but were soon told by Phil it was a non-elimination leg.

As a consequence for finishing this leg in last place, Brooke and Robbie will be forced to complete an additional Speed Bump task in the next leg before they can continue racing with the other teams.