Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith will soon have a new identifier: "New Parents."

The Amazing Race couple -- who were originally billed as "Newly Dating Couple" on the show's seventeenth season -- have revealed they are expecting their first child.

"I just found out that I'm three months pregnant!" Smith told on Monday.

Waltrip proposed to Smith while they were competing on The Amazing Race (changing their on-screen billing to "Newly Engaged Couple") and got married in a weeknight wedding which took place only one day before CBS' Sunday night broadcast of their Race elimination.

"We are actually heading back [home to Ft. Lauderdale]. We just got married... in Florida on Saturday and had a small wedding with family and friends," Waltrip told Reality TV World on Monday. "So, we are just happy to be married now."

Waltrip, a 26-year-old operations manager, and Smith, a 23-year-old hair stylist and former Miss South Carolina, said they are thinking of taking a small honeymoon at Walt Disney World Resort in December, while postponing the trip to Belize they won on The Amazing Race's seventh leg for another special time.

"I think we're going to do our whole little trip to Belize as our one year anniversary," Smith told Reality TV World. 

"I'm like, 'Screw this! I want to go zip-lining! I want to sip cocktails in Belize!' [and I can't do that pregnant]," she elaborated to