Teresa Giudice is reportedly having major issues with husband Joe Giudice and they're fighting while she's in prison.

"You could hear yelling and cussing on the phone," a source told In Touch Weekly, according to RadarOnline. "She was having an argument with her husband."

Joe is reportedly "making her life miserable," especially because he allowed two weeks to pass without letting her see their four young daughters Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audrianna, 5.

"She thought she'd see them right away, but that didn't happen," the source said of Teresa, who began her 15-month jail sentence on January 5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star "feels like she'd been cut off from her family."

The couple's eldest daughter Gia is allegedly arguing with her father as well, RadarOnline reported.

"Gia refuses to speak to her dad," another source told In Touch. "He went through her cellphone and blew up at her, and now she wants to move out of the house and in with one of her 3KT bandmates."

However, Teresa is reportedly relying on Gia while she's gone to step up as a mother figure for her three little sisters and "take care of everything, because she thinks Joe is useless."

Reports surfaced in late November of last year Teresa's planning to file for divorce from Joe when she gets home because she's "livid" with him for putting her in this position.

Teresa and Joe, both 42, pleaded guilty to 41 counts of financial fraud on March 4.

After reaching a plea deal, Giudice was sentenced on October 2, as was Joe, who will start his own 41-month sentence after his wife does her time. The arrangement was made so that one parent can always be with their kids.