Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance's merged Orkun tribe snuffed Abi-Maria Gomes' torch during Season 31's Wednesday night episode on CBS.

Abi, who previously competed on Survivor: Philippines, became the thirteenth castaway voted out of the game and the season's seventh jury member. Abi was ousted via a 4-2-1 vote against Tasha Fox and Keith Nale respectively at Tribal Council on Night 35 of the game.

"I really thought that it wasn't my turn. The one time I think I'm safe, I get blindsided! I will be at the Final Tribal and I will be deciding who wins a million dollars. It was a great experience. I think that I gained a lot of personal growth and I don't have to be with those crazy people anymore," Abi said following her elimination.

The Survivor broadcast began on Night 32 with Abi saying everyone was glad Joe Anglim was gone. Kelley Wentworth pointed out they'd all have an equal shot to win Individual Immunity Challenges going forward.

Keith told the cameras he was blindsided by the Joe vote and now wanted Tasha gone. Tasha knew Keith had voted for her, so she was going to keep an eye on him.

The following day, Jeremy Collins told Spencer Bledsoe that he thought they were in trouble with a potential all-female alliance. They were both worried about Tasha betraying them and siding with the girls, so they planned to work hard to keep her close.

The guys also assumed Kimmi Kappenberg was working with them. All Spencer knew was that he didn't want to play from the bottom again because it was "exhausting and demoralizing."

The Orkun tribe then met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

For the challenge, the castaways had to unspool a rope they were attached to, assemble a bridge, and then use sandbags to knock over a series of blocks. The first person to finish would win the chance to observe the 1,000-year-old temples in Cambodia, eat good food and get blessed by local monks.

Probst explained this Reward Challenge was first done back in Season 29 and Keith won it.

In the end, this time was no different, as Keith won again and was able to choose one person to join him on the Reward. He picked Wentworth because she had allowed him to spend time with his wife on the previous Reward. Keith then got to pick one more individual and he selected Spencer for "no real logic" other than he barely got time with his girlfriend during the loved ones visit.

When Keith provided an explanation, he forgot Tasha's name, which really offended her. She wondered if Keith was playing a good "I'm clueless" game on purpose or if he really was "just slow." Tasha told Probst that spending time at camp in a small group can be just as advantageous as going on a Reward.
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Wentworth, hoped to build a strong alliance or at least trust with people. So while Keith, Wentworth and Spencer enjoyed the culture and entertainment, back at camp, Abi told everyone Keith was really strong in challenges. Tasha suggested Keith should be the next person to go, and Kimmi agreed.

Abi acknowledged to the cameras she was well aware people viewed her as a goat, but she liked playing the villain and thought it was fun to watch people struggle and scramble. As for Jeremy, he had a serious case of "buyer's remorse," saying he and Spencer should've kept Joe for another vote and gotten rid of Abi.

Jeremy didn't mind the idea of ousting Keith, but he still thought he had messed up at the prior Tribal Council.

On Reward, Wentworth told Spencer and Keith she'd be okay with an Abi vote. Spencer told the duo he'd feel great about a Final 3 with them as well, and they were both onboard. However, Spencer told the cameras afterwards nothing was set in stone and his ideal Final 3 would be Abi and Keith.

Keith then brought up the idea of going after Jeremy instead, but Spencer said Jeremy would be a good "second vote" because people would see it coming. Spencer thought they should take out Tasha and then Jeremy. He explained they should use Abi as a number to target Tasha, which Wentworth said sounded great.

Spencer said the trio needed "a sound, rational player who would make a good decision for the group," the only problem was, that was person was Abi, who was "none of those things."

Meanwhile, Tasha asked Abi if she'd mind leaving her alone with Jeremy for a little bit so they could chat. Abi said it was fine but didn't like the fact she was being left out. Tasha later talked to Jeremy about taking out Abi and just killing it in challenges to beat Keith from there on out.

Tasha thought Abi could mess up her whole game heading into the finals because she could flip in a heartbeat or betray her based on one wrong word or bad joke. Jeremy also realized it would be one less girl to worry about considering a female alliance might be blooming.

Tasha was concerned about Spencer's cooperation though. Jeremy agreed because it was intimidating that Spencer was getting to spend so much time with Wentworth and Keith on the Reward.

On Day 35, the castaways gathered for the next Individual Immunity Challenge.

Each player was required to race out to the water and across a series of obstacles, and once they reached the end, they had to retrieve a key and race back. After using the key to open a chest full of puzzle pieces, they must solve a five-piece puzzle. The winner would receive a one-in-six shot of the million dollars.

Probst announced the puzzle in this challenge was the one players opted not to do during the first challenge of Season 3, when White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar had three puzzles to choose from.

While Tasha was trying to get her key off a buoy in the water, she quickly grew exhausted, and Spencer solved his puzzle in less than 15 seconds -- which amazed Probst, who said many people attempted the puzzle and never came close to nailing it that fast.

Right after Spencer won, Tasha started drowning in the ocean and she had to get rescued. A medic said she swallowed a lot of water because she panicked and had no energy to stay afloat.

Tasha was frustrated about the challenge's outcome because she gave it everything she got, however, she was just glad to still be in the game.

Once the players returned to camp, Keith said his plan with Spencer and Wentworth was easy -- to go after Tasha, Jeremy and then Kimmi in that exact order. But Tasha still thought Abi needed to go, and so she made sure Spencer was still with herself and Jeremy. 

Meanwhile, Keith, Spencer and Wentworth pulled Abi in for their plan to oust Tasha.

Spencer was in the middle of the vote and had to choose a side. Tasha and Jeremy argued to Spencer that it would be a disservice to fans, great blindsides and serious strategy to let someone like Abi make it to the Final 3 as a goat in a Second Chance season full of passionate players. She also didn't want to see Abi, Wentworth and Keith go to the end together, insisting that would be an "abomination."

Spencer made sure Kimmi was onboard with Tasha and Jeremy before promising the duo he was with them and wanted to play with them. Although Spencer was really close to Tasha and Jeremy, he called Abi, Wentworth and Keith his "dream goats to go to the end with." 

Before Tribal, Kimmi was convinced Abi would be going home with four votes cast against her.

At Tribal Council that night, the castaways established real alliances had formed and people were pretty locked in although everyone still maintained an open mind. Keith felt very confident his group would "reign supreme."

Probst then revealed the votes. One person voted for Keith, two people voted for Tasha, and four castaways voted for Abi.

Wentworth looked confused and Keith disappointed. Abi told the group "well played" on her way out.

The episode's closing credits later showed that Kimmi, Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer all voted for Abi. Keith and Wentworth voted for Tasha, while Abi voted for Keith.