Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's fifth episode featured one Solana castaway quitting the show and concluded with the Aparri tribe voting Alexis Maxwell out of their tribe at Tribal Council.

Lindsey Ogle, a 29-year-old hairstylist from Kokomo, IN, decided to quit Survivor because she ran into personal issues with tribemate Trish Hegarty, lost her one ally in Cliff Robinson and could no longer stand the weather and hunger elements.

In addition, Alexis, a 21-year-old student from Addison, IL, was voted out of her Aparri tribe at the season's sixth Tribal Council session during Wednesday night's broadcast of the CBS reality series' 28th edition.

"I came out here wanting to go all the way to the end. I'm one of the biggest fans, and so, it really breaks my heart that I can't even make it to the merge -- that I can't even get that far. I really thought I'd do better than this. I'm really disappointed," Alexis said in tears following her ouster.

The Solana tribe was comprised of the following members: Lindsey; Trish, a 48-year-old pilates instructor from Needham, MA; Yung "Woo" Hwang, a 29-year-old martial arts instructor from Newport Beach, CA; Tony Vlachos, a 39-year-old police officer from Jersey City, NJ; Jefra Bland, a 22-year-old former Miss Kentucky Teen USA from Campbellsville, KY; and LJ McKanas, a 34-year-old horse trainer from Boston, MA.

The Aparri tribe was made up of tribemates: Alexis; Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen, a 41-year-old attorney from Tehachapi, CA; Latasha "Tasha" Fox, a 37-year-old accountant from St. Louis, MO; Spencer Bledsoe, a 21-year-old student from Chicago, IL; Sarah Lacina, a 29-year-old police officer from Cedar Rapids, IA; Jeremiah Wood, a 34-year-old male model from Dobson, NC; and Morgan McLeod, a 21-year-old former NFL cheerleader from San Jose, CA.

Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's fifth episode began on Night 14 with Trish telling the cameras Cliff was "so clueless" about his vote-off.

Lindsey then warned the group they had screwed up majorly by getting rid of Cliff, but Trish snapped back and reminded her she had no alliance in the game anymore and was on her own. Trish told Lindsey she'd respect her going forward since they were on the same tribe but she still didn't like her.

Lindsey began to verbally beat Trish into the ground, saying she was disgusted by her laugh, teeth and face. Lindsey said everything about Trish, she just couldn't stand. Lindsey continued to tell Trish to back off and shut up because she was "annoying, terrible and possibly the most horrific person" she had ever met in her life. Trish simply didn't care what she had to say and remained calm.

"I do not want to play this game with Trish. So I'm going to take whatever sanity I have left and I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the time, because I'm not going to do this. I am not going to stick around Trish's mouth," Lindsey explained. 

Lindsey then wandered off into the night and was met by Survivor host Jeff Probst, who said he had gotten a phone call she wanted to talk. Lindsey told Jeff she couldn't handle someone "exploding" on her and antagonizing her because she'd flip out on Trish and she'd rather lose the $1 million than have her daughter see her behave that way on television.

"It's so extreme and I'm cold and I'm wet and I'm hungry, and I know that, and I'm tired. I get all those things. And I know I'm going to regret it. I need a million dollars more than anybody here, but I can honestly say I can't take it anymore," Lindsey told Jeff.

"You're quitting?" Jeff asked for confirmation.
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"I don't know what else to do," Lindsey said. "It makes me really, really sad. This has been a big struggle for me... I think when I walk away from the beach, it's going to be my lowest point."

Jeff noted it was a first in the game for someone to quit because he or she is afraid to do something he or she would regret down the road. Although Lindsey said she wanted to be the bigger person and say goodbye to her tribe face-to-face, she decided it would be best for Jeff to just tell her tribe what transpired.

Jeff then announced the news to Solana and Trish said she felt bad for coming down on her, however, Trish still thought Lindsey was nasty and couldn't live without Cliff in the game. Tony was happy about it. The tribe was actually pleased about starting fresh with no drama. But Woo felt he was in a tough position because he had previously aligned himself with Cliff and Lindsey.

The Solana and Aparri tribes then met Jeff for a Reward Challenge on Day 15.

Alexis was glad to see her former Beauty tribe members were still standing tall. Sarah felt shocked and overwhelmed by Cliff and Lindsey's departures. Spencer didn't like the idea of someone quitting, but he didn't mind in this case because it bettered his odds of winning the game.

Jeff then explained two tribemates would square off one on one. Each person would be holding an idol and the point of the challenge was to knock the idol out of your opponent's hands before that castaway knocked off your own idol. Every time a person won, he or she would score one point for his or her tribe.

The first tribe to four points would win Reward in the form of a "camp raid." Two members on the winning tribe would follow the losing tribe to their camp and be able to steal some of their belongings.

Aparri sat out Alexis and Kass in the challenge.

Spencer beat Woo in the first round. Trish scored for her tribe against Tasha in the second round. Sarah beat Jefra in the third, LJ conquered Jeremiah in the fourth round, and Tony beat Morgan in the fifth round. In the final round, Woo defeated Spencer in a rematch and therefore Solana won Reward.

Tony said his tribe was less in numbers but higher in morale.

Woo and Tony decided they'd go to Aparri's camp on behalf of their tribe. The two guys received a note from Jeff and were instructed to read it once they got to the other tribe's camp.

Woo and Tony were told they could steal two sets of items from the Aparri tribe. They chose fishing gear and comfort. In addition, they received a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol at their own Solana camp.

Tony came up with a sneaky plan to lie and say the note instructed them to hand the hidden Immunity Idol clue to one person in the Aparri tribe. He told Woo they should stir the pot and give the clue to Jeremiah because he seemed like the biggest threat on their tribe and it would be a way to put "a big illuminating target" on his back. Woo was completely onboard with the plan.

Once Jeremiah went off and read his clue, Tasha wondered whether that meant Tony and Woo wanted to work with him come the merge. However, Jeremiah read the clue and immediately noticed it was the same exact one he had previously read at the former Beauty tribe's camp. He knew right then and there it was a scam and that Tony had put him in the center of a big mess.

Once Tony and Woo returned to their Solana camp, the tribe was very impressed with Tony's plan to target Jeremiah. Tony also shared with them what the clue actually said. Jefra realized Tony was playing the game full-out, but she was glad to at least have him on her side.

Tony then also owned up to the fact he's a police officer and not a construction worker. Tony felt he could divulge that information because he felt bonded and harmonious with his new Solana tribe. He told them he had only been close to Trish when they were members of the former Brawn tribe. 

LJ said Tony's confession was a "different" move to make in the game. He knew Tony wasn't a dummy, and LJ thought he needed to be on his toes all the time.

On Day 15, over at Aparri's camp, Alexis noted Jeremiah was the most untrustworthy person on his tribe, especially since he had an idol clue. She talked to Spencer about it, but Spencer worried she might be playing him a little bit because she seemed smarter than she liked to let on. Spencer admitted to the cameras he likes girls who own how smart they are, and he called Alexis "phony" and "not to be trusted."

Jeremiah then told Spencer and Alexis what really happened with the idol clue, but they had trouble believing him. He suggested Tony just wanted the Aparri tribe to come after him. Spencer wasn't buying Jeremiah's story because the clue looked brand new and was all wrapped up.

On Day 16, the two new tribes met Jeff again, who explained the rules to what would be their sixth Immunity Challenge.

For the challenge, each tribe was required to use wooden poles to build a staircase, race through a bamboo maze and then go down a slide. One person must then maneuver a key through a rope obstacle and use the key to unlock a machete, which they'd use to release puzzle pieces from above. Two tribe members must then use those pieces to solve a puzzle which would reveal three numbers to a combination lock.

The first tribe to solve its combination lock and raise its flag would win immunity and be safe from the next Tribal Council vote. Aparri sat out Tasha and Morgan since they couldn't sit the same people out in back to back challenges.

In the end, Solana won immunity. Thrilled about their victory, Tony started yelling out, "Top 5! Top 5 baby!," which Sarah heard from the other side. Tony was referring to his alliance with LJ, Trish, Jefra and Woo. Sarah realized right then and there she wasn't included in Tony's future plans and needed to move on and make a new alliance within her current tribe. 

After the challenge, Jeremiah noted how stupid it was for Tony to yell out "Top 5" because the Aparri tribe would have six members after voting out one person that night.

"Their confidence really revealed a lot today. They got to think that one of the new Aparri is with them post-merge. The only other person that anybody from their tribe has talked to is Jeremiah. So I think they believe they have Jeremiah as their sixth number," Alexis said in a confessional.

Alexis then shared her opinion with Spencer, Morgan, Sarah, Tasha, and Kass during an ocean swim.

"Alexis tried to convince us that we need to blindside Jeremiah. Alexis is trying to make us think that Jeremiah will flip. The Brain tribe can really go either way right now," Spencer said in a confessional.

Sarah gave the group her word that she would stick with them at all costs, and Spencer acknowlegded they believed her.

Spencer wondered who was a bigger liability, Jeremiah or Alexis, because he thought both had connections on the other side and could potentially make deals against them. Spencer told Alexis he'd vote with her to her face, but he planned to make a fairly last-minute decision at Tribal Council.

Spencer, Kass and Tasha -- who became a solid alliance since they were on the former Brains tribe together -- discussed their options, and Kass felt the Brains were in control. They were tight and would vote as a block going forward. She said everyone else was just going to have to follow their lead.

"For tonight, it does seem that the Brains tribe is in control... I think the Brains are in a great position and we just needed people to boss around. The Brain needed a body. We found our zombies, now, we're in!" Kass told the cameras.

That night, Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty's Aparri members arrived for their first Tribal Council session -- the sixth session of the season overall.

Morgan admitted she had bumps in the road with Jeremiah although Jeff assumed the three former Beauty tribe members were still together and strong. Kass acknowledged it wasn't beautiful over on the Beauty tribe. Spencer also said his tribe needed to fix the fractures in the Beauty tribe so they could move forward united once the merge came.

Sarah then openly announced she was cutting ties and was done with the other tribe. Alexis noted it was still possible for people to fix ties on the other side once the merge came. Morgan explained Jeremiah and/or Alexis could flip over to the Solana tribe, and Sarah was just glad the heat was off her since she was the odd man out.

Alexis said out of the three tribemates who had connections on the other side -- herself, Sarah and Jeremiah -- the word promised by only two of them counted, meaning herself and Sarah.

Spencer noted it would be the most important decision they've made thus far in the game, because if his tribe made the wrong voting move, they'd be eleventh to seventh place in the game.

Jeff then revealed the votes. Everyone voted for Alexis, while Alexis voted to oust Jeremiah. Jeremiah was clearly relieved and Morgan had a big sinister smile on her face. Alexis was completely blindsided and cried on her way out.