Survivor 42 featured several shocking Survivor firsts, both at an Immunity Challenge and at Tribal Council, that resulted in Jenny Kim getting voted out of the game in a discussion following two tie votes at Tribal Council during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

Jenny, a 43-year-old creative director from Brooklyn, NY, was voted out of her Vati Tribe on Night 7 of the game at Tribal Council when her tribemates executed two tie votes and were forced to have an open discussion about whom to send home or else draw rocks.


The tribe ultimately decided to eliminate Jenny over Lydia Meredith, a 22-year-old waitress from Fredericksburg, VA, who currently resides in Santa Monica, CA, once Daniel Strunk changed his vote and betrayed his closest ally, Chanelle Howell.

"I thought that we had it, but Chanelle did not have a vote to cast today, and I'm really disappointed in Daniel," Jenny said in her final words.

"He turned around and seemed to have embraced his relationship with Hai more than mine. You guys better look out for Hai because I think he's going to be slitting all of your throats in the end!"

The Survivor broadcast began on the Vati Tribe on Day 6.

The Vati Tribe was comprised of Jenny; Lydia; Chanelle, a 29-year-old executive recruiter from Hamden, CT, who currently resides in New York, NY; Daniel, a 30-year-old law clerk from Cincinnati, OH, who currently resides in New Haven, CT; Hai Giang, a 29-year-old data scientist from Gia Rai, Bac Lieu, Vietnam and Atlanta, GA, who currently resides in New Orleans, LA; and Mike Turner, a 58-year-old retired firefighter from Hoboken, NJ.

The group dynamic of the tribe was two pairs of two in which Jenny and Mike were working together and then Hai and Lydia were allies. And then in between was Chanelle and Daniel.

"I know that Mike has the idol, but this one is a bit of a trick, and so, like any good lawyer would, I need to look at the fine print here," Daniel told the cameras.

Daniel therefore asked Mike if he could read the letter that came with the hidden Immunity Idol. Mike seemed annoyed and called Daniel "neurotic," but "against [his] better judgement," he allowed Daniel to read it.

The letter read that if all three shared idols were not found by the merge, the vote penalty would end and Mike's idol would have full power. Daniel, who had been planning to backstab Mike with Chanelle, missed the part of the instructions that the idol would not die if Mike got voted out.

Daniel and Chanelle would have voted out the person with the only idol their tribe had as a result, which changed everything for Daniel and essentially saved his life in the game.
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Once Daniel gave Mike the package back, Mike noticed the "congratulations" and the actual idol were missing. Daniel, however, insisted Mike had only given him the paper, which Mike denied.

"I seriously almost stroked out in here. 'Get medical in here,' is what I was thinking," Mike vented in a confessional.

Daniel, who apparently lost his belongings at camp all the time, did, in fact, drop the idol in the sand in the spot he had read the letter. Mike was angry and told Daniel that's exactly why he didn't want to show him to begin with, and Daniel admitted to "an epic fail."


On Day 7, the three tribes gathered to meet Survivor host Jeff Probst for an Immunity Challenge.

After losing two members -- Jackson Fox and Marya Sherron -- the Taku Tribe consisted of Jonathan Young, a 29-year-old beach service co-owner from Gadsden, AL, who currently resides in Gulf Shores, AL; Lindsay Dolashewich, a 31-year-old dietitian from Morganville, NJ, who currently resides in Asbury Park, NJ; Maryanne Oketch, a 24-year-old seminary student from Ajax, Ontario; and Omar Zaheer, a 31-year-old veterinarian from Kitchener, Ontario, who currently resides in Whitby, Ontario, at this point in the game.

Following Zach's ouster, the Ika Tribe was made up of Drea Wheeler, a 35-year-old fitness consultant from San Antonio, TX, who currently resides in Montreal, Quebec; Rocksroy Bailey, a 44-year-old stay-at-home dad from Brooklyn, NY, who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV; Romeo Escobar, a 37-year-old pageant coach from Los Angeles, CA, who currently resides in Norwalk, CA; Swati Goel, a 19-year-old Ivy league student from Palo Alto, CA; and Tori Meehan, a 25-year-old therapist from Tulsa, OK, who currently resides in Rogers, AR.

Maryanne announced her "bunny rabbit" phrase of "eating its dinner in the mailbox" in attempt to see if anyone else had found a similar idol clue -- but no one said anything in reply and so she assumed the other two pieces of her idol had yet to be found.

"I heard Maryanne recite her phrase. I was waiting for the other tribe to say something; I heard nothing. So I didn't say anything because if I can go into the merge with this secret of mine and never have to say the line, I have the idol and nobody knows I have it," Mike explained to the cameras.

It then became time for the Immunity Challenge that required each tribe to race out to retrieve a ladder on the bottom of the ocean floor. They had to use that ladder to climb up and reach a hanging key.

The players would then use that key to unlock a set of sandbags and attempt to land those sandbags on a series of five targets. The first two tribes to finish would win immunity and be safe from the vote.

In addition, the tribes were playing for Reward. The first tribe to finish would win a Survivor tool kit as well as a big basket of fruit. The second tribe to finish would receive a smaller tool kit and fewer pieces of fresh fruit.

The losing tribe would be forced to attend Tribal Council, where another player would be voted out of this game. And as a penalty for losing, Jeff would take back the tribe's flint.

Ika decided to sit out Romeo, while Vati determined Daniel and Lydia would sit this one out.

Jonathan carried the extremely heavy ladder on his shoulder, which made Jeff laugh, and then he pulled his tribemates in when they were struggling to swim in the turbulent ocean currents. Jeff thought Jonathan's performance was amazing to watch as his tribe pushed into the lead.


In the end, Jonathan appeared to land one sandbag after the next on their individual platforms without missing a single one. Taku therefore won immunity and Reward.

It got to the point where Daniel questioned if the other two tribes, who were trying to get out of the water, could even finish the challenge.

When Vati and Ika couldn't retrieve their keys, Jeff also them all to come to shore. He explained production would retrieve the keys and then the challenge would continue on the beach with the sandbag retrieval and game.

"We've never done this in the history of Survivor," Jeff announced.

It was a close race to the finish when each tribe only had one sandbag left to land, and finally, Drea got the job done for Ika.

Vati would therefore be going to Tribal Council for the first time this season. Since Vati never won fishing gear, they had the option to switch the fruit for that gear -- and they mutually decided to do just that.

Taku was then asked to pick one person from Vati's tribe to go on "a journey," and the tribe selected Chanelle. Jeff then asked Vati to choose another person to go, either from their own tribe or from Ika, and the tribe agreed upon their own member, Omar.

Over at Vati's camp after the challenge, Jenny admitted she was afraid of Chanelle being gone, knowing Chanelle would have a decision to make on her journey, and Mike called his tribe's loss "brutal" although he was proud of everyone.

Since Mike didn't have a vote, Jenny said she hoped Chanelle would play it safe and vote with them. Jenny told Mike she would vote for Lydia along with Daniel and Chanelle, hopefully.

Mike thought Chanelle was "solid," but he pointed out how Daniel made him a little nervous. Mike worried Daniel would bail on them and go with the strongest.

But Hai assumed Lydia, Chanelle and Daniel were all going to vote with him, and Hai acknowledged how lines were going to be drawn that night and he just needed to be on the right side of the numbers.

Daniel then told Mike and Jenny how he was trying to "keep up appearances" with the other alliance but he was truly working with them. Daniel even told the pair that the other side of the tribe was voting for Jenny and he'd always be honest with them.

"Jenny, listen, you're not going home. This is going to work out tonight!" Mike assured his pal.

Daniel said he wanted to see Lydia go home over Jenny because of the relationships he had built, but Jenny and Mike only had one vote combined. Daniel therefore recognized Chanelle would be his tribe's deciding vote, the swing vote.


During their journey, Chanelle and Omar built trust, and they decided they should play it safe unless an advantage came easily. Omar liked Chanelle and felt he could really trust her, and Chanelle agreed to protect him and work together.

The two players then had to make an individual decision, to protect their vote or risk their vote. If they both opted to protect their vote, nothing would change. But if both castaways chose to risk their vote, then both players would lose their vote at the next Tribal Council session.

If it was a split decision, the player who chose to protect his or her vote would remain the same and the player who chose to risk his or her vote would receive an extra vote. They would learn the results in the voting booth at Tribal Council.

Omar didn't think Chanelle was going to risk her vote, but Chanelle also believed Omar was going to play it safe.

"Chanelle made it very clear to me that she could not lose her vote tonight, and if she's playing it safe, that means I can get away with risking my vote, which means I could get an extra vote that would change the game," Omar explained to the cameras. "So I think that I'm going to go for the gusto and risk the vote."

But Chanelle decided to do the same thing!

"I'm not playing a scared game. I'm playing for a million dollars and I've got to make big moves to get a big reward," Chanelle said.

Both castaways had no idea they were about to lose their vote.

Back at Vati's camp, Daniel assured Lydia that she'd be okay. Lydia planned to put four votes on Jenny just hoping to God that she didn't have an idol. She thought Mike and Jenny would be the only people voting for her.

Chanelle wanted to take out Lydia, and so once she returned to the beach, she told Daniel that they needed to convince their tribe to split the votes since she may not have a vote that night at all.

Daniel therefore reasoned how Hai could put a vote on Mike, Lydia would put a vote on Jenny, and then Daniel would vote for Lydia so that his vote -- combined with Jenny's vote -- would be the majority in a 2-1-1 vote. The problem was, Daniel and Chanelle had to convince Hai and Lydia to vote differently.

Hai asked Chanelle to put three votes on Jenny, but then Chanelle tried to work her magic and said girls should be on Jenny and boys should be on Mike to take Jenny out.

Hai noticed Chanelle was a bit frazzled and no longer calm, cool and collected. This didn't add up to Hai, who trusted his gut that something was up with Chanelle, who in turn felt very powerful and bragged about her social game in a confessional.

On Night 7, the Vati tribe met Jeff at Tribal Council. Chanelle announced how she had chosen to "play it safe" on her journey, and Mike took that at face value.

Hai also said the vote was going to draw lines but the Vati 6 was strong and they had become like family and he trusted them all.


Daniel declared how he's paranoid and needed these tribemates to tell him to chill out once in a while, and he commended Mike and Chanelle for being able to calm him down.

Suddenly, Chanelle looked at Daniel and whispered for him to vote for Lydia.

Jenny insisted she had told the truth about her adventure earlier in the season, although her tribemates may not believe her.

It then became time to vote, and Mike was reminded how he could not vote until all three of the idols were found in the game. Chanelle also learned in the voting booth she had lost her vote that night.

No one played a hidden Immunity Idol or advantage, and then Jeff read the votes aloud in the following order: Lydia, Jenny, Lydia, and Jenny, which resulted in a tie.

The tribe then had to re-vote, and they could only vote for Jenny or Lydia, and both women could not vote at all.

Chanelle made eyes at Daniel before voting commenced for the second time.

Jeff proceeded to read the votes again, and the votes were for Jenny and Lydia -- another tie.

Hai appeared extremely confused at Jeff's announcement the tribe was "deadlocked." He asked, "Where are the votes?"

Jeff revealed he'd get to that in a bit, and then the host explained, "Per the rules of Survivor, the four of you -- Hai, Daniel, Mike and Chanelle -- will have a discussion. You have to come to a unanimous decision about who you want to send home, either Jenny or Lydia."

He continued, "If you can't come to a unanimous decision, Jenny and Lydia become safe and the four of you will draw rocks, and the odd rock out goes home. Before we get to that though, we have another Survivor first: there were only two votes cast, which means two people did not vote."

Because of the tie and the inability to vote someone out, Mike and Chanelle had to reveal themselves as the castaways who were unable to vote. Mike and Chanelle could influence their fellow castaways, but they had no say in the decision.

The vote would come down to Hai and Daniel deciding someone's fate.

Daniel announced how he didn't want to draw rocks and so they should hammer out a decision. Daniel told Hai that he always trusted him, and then Daniel said, "I was always under the impression that Chanelle wanted to vote out Lydia."

Daniel asked Chanelle to let him know if she wanted to vote out Jenny instead because he had been voting on her behalf in a way that night.

Daniel threw Chanelle under the bus by saying Chanelle had determined they should vote out Lydia, but then Daniel told Chanelle that if she wanted Jenny gone, he'd be willing to change his vote and send Jenny packing.


Mike asked his tribemates to see the overall picture and do what's best for their tribe, and then Hai admitted he had voted for Jenny because she and Mike were all about strength and he needed to protect Lydia.

"I love you and I apologize, but I'm not changing my vote," Hai declared.

Lydia told Daniel that she had never lied to him and wanted to work with him going forward, and Chanelle called Daniel out for being a "Super Fan" of Survivor, meaning he'd never just let her choose his fate in the game.

"That's not true at all!" Chanelle argued.

But Daniel insisted he had only voted for Lydia because Chanelle had wanted him to.

Mike asked Hai if he'd be willing to change his vote, saying, "We can do this," but Jenny told Hai that he would be fracturing the tribe by choosing to get rid of her.

Hai determined that he'd be willing to draw rocks in order to keep his numbers, and he repeated, "I'm so sorry."

Hai asked Daniel if they were allies or not, and Daniel replied, "I am your ally, 100 percent, because I just got backstabbed by the person I actually thought [was my ally]."

Hai asked Daniel if he'd hold this vote against him, and Hai replied, "No."

Daniel essentially begged Hai to believe that he'd be loyal to him going forward, and Chanelle couldn't believe Daniel's actions and called him "a snake." Hai just asked Daniel to prove his loyalty, and Lydia also promised she wouldn't hold this move against him.

"We've had really honest discussions. I trust you!" Lydia shouted to Daniel.


After Hai announced he'd be sticking with his vote for Jenny, Daniel said he refused to draw rocks and so he would cast his vote for Jenny as well.

Jenny therefore became the fourth person to leave the game, and she seemed angry and surprised.

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