The "Father/Daughter" team of Steve Smith and Allie Smith became the sixth team eliminated from The Amazing Race's sixteenth season during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition.

"This whole thing was so special and I had the time of my life with you and it's something we'll have forever," Allie told Steve following their elimination.

"I still look at her as my 5-year-old little girl but she surprised me how tough she is.  She's tough and I'll always remember this as our time.  I got a World Series ring and I'm going to have to tell ya, people might think I'm crazy but it jumped ahead of it," Steve added.

The Amazing Race's eighth sixteenth-season episode began with the six remaining teams leaving the Race's seventh Pit Stop in the Seychelles, an island chain nation in the Indian Ocean.

Since they had been the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop, Steve and Allie were the first team to depart at 7:22PM.

They were then followed by "Brothers" Dan Pious and Jordan Pious at 7:36PM, "Dating Models" Caite Upton and Brent Horne at 9:15PM, "Detectives" Louis Stravato and Michael Naylor at 9:16PM, "Dating Couple" Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow at 10:19PM, and "Brothers/Cowboys" Jet McCoy and Cord McCoy at 10:22PM.

Upon opening their departure clues, the teams were instructed to fly more than 5,700 miles to Penang, Malaysia and then make their way to the Snake Temple, a nineteenth century temple populated with snakes.  Due to the Pit Stop's remote location, all of the teams traveled to the airport on the same 2:00AM boat charter, resulting in all six teams also ending up on the same flight to Penang.

"Well right now we're tied for sixth," Jet noted as the teams' flight prepared to depart.

"And first," Cord added.

Once they arrived at the Snake Temple, the teams received clues that instructed them to complete one of two Detour tasks: "Buddhist Tradition" or "Chinese Custom."

"Buddhist Tradition" required the teams to make their way to the Taman Kota Lama temple, chose a set of 12 giant incense sticks, and then carry them up a steep 150-step staircase to the temple's exterior.  Once all the sticks were placed into the proper ornamental holders, the team would then have to ignite all the tips in order to receive their next clue from a watching monk.

"Chinese Custom" required the teams to make their way to an esplanade and select a pair of enormous 32-foot flagpoles that they would then have to balance on their foreheads while moving 120 feet across a clearing.  Once they completed the task, a supervisor would give the team their next clue.
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Dan and Jordan arrived at the temple in first place due to a great taxi driver but paid their fare it let him go, believing that they would be at the temple for a while.

"We just assumed the Detour would be there, and then all of the sudden we realized we lost the best cab driver in the world.  We made a mistake letting him go," Dan explained.

Brent and Caite were the second team to arrive and were followed by Steve and Allie, Carol and Brandy, Louis and Michael, and Jet and Cord.

All of the teams but Jet and Cord decided to do the "Buddhist Tradition" task.

Dan and Jordan managed to find another taxi quickly and still left the temple in first place despite losing their earlier taxi.  They were followed by Carol and Brandy, Louis and Michael, Steve and Allie, Brent and Caite, and Jet and Cord.

Carol and Brandy got to the Taman Kota Lama temple in first place when Dan and Jordan, Louis and Michael, and Steve and Allie all got stuck in traffic or lost on the way.  Brent and Caite then followed close behind in second place.

Meanwhile, although they had left the Snake temple in sixth place, Jet and Cord managed to reach the "Chinese Custom" Detour task and complete it without issue, allowing them -- although they were unaware of it at the time -- to jump from last place into first place.

"It didn't take us very long to do that one!" Jet said.

Back at the Taman Kota Lama temple, Brent and Caite were able to pass Carol and Brandy as the teams worked on the Detour task, moving them into second place. In addition, Louis and Michael also arrived and began carrying their giant incense sticks up the steps.

After completing their Detour tasks, the teams received new clues which instructed them to travel to the seaside village of Teluk Bahang and find yet another temple.

Upon arriving at the next temple, Jet and Cord learned it was time for them to do the additional Speed Bump task they needed to complete due to their last place finish during the Race's previous non-elimination leg.

Dubbed "Serve Tea," the Speed Bump task required them to make their way to a tropical spice garden and find a woman preparing spiced teas.  Once there, they would have to use their sense of smell to determine which of three teas was made from a bowl of crushed spices and then deliver the correct tea to a meditating guru. 

Although they selected the wrong tea on their first attempt, Jet and Cord still managed to complete the Speed Bump and take a taxi back to the Teluk Bahang temple before any of the other teams arrived at the location. 

Upon returning to the temple, Jet and Cord began the leg's Roadblock task, which required one member of each team to smash a pile of coconuts until they found one with a bright color inside and then use a piece of the coconut in a small Hindi offering float they would have to craft.  The offering would then have to be presented to a wading guru, who would then set it off to sea and give them their next clue.

Meanwhile, Dan and Jordan -- who had jumped out their taxi on their way to the Taman Kota Lama temple when they were stuck in traffic and their taxi driver incorrectly told them the temple was close -- managed to find another taxi that actually knew where the temple finally arrived at the incense Detour task as Brent and Caite were leaving it and shortly before Carol and Brandy completed it and left in third place.

Steve and Allie had also jumped out of their taxi but weren't as fortunate in finding a knowledgeable driver so they decided to give up on the incense stick Detour task and attempt the flagpole task instead.   However once they got to the esplanade and saw the size of the flagpoles, Allie decided there was no way she could complete the task and they quickly resumed their search for the Taman Kota Lama temple.

Louis and Michael completed the incense Detour task in fourth place, leaving only Dan and Jordan at the location by the time Steve and Allie finally found the temple.

Even though he's "not really crafty," Jet seemed to complete the Roadblock task without significant issue, after which the cowboys received a clue that instructed them to make their way to the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, a 100-year-old mansion that would serve as the site of Race's eighth Pit Stop.

"How could they be that far ahead?" Carol remarked about Jet and Cord as she and Brandy arrived at the Roadblock in second place as the cowboys were leaving.

Louis and Michael arrived at the Roadblock next in third place.  Brent and Caite then arrived in fourth place after their taxi driver got lost and initially took them to the wrong location.

In the meantime, Jet and Cord surprised The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan by arriving at the Pit Stop in first place.

"You are the first team to ever go from last place, compleete the Speed Bump, and then come in first place on the next leg.  That's pretty unbelievable!" Phil said.

Dan and Jordan then completed the incense Detour task in fifth place.

"Good luck," Dan told Steve and Allie as they passed them on the steps as they left.

"It's bad-ass hot.  This is by far the toughest leg," he added later.

Carol and Brandy, Louis and Michael, and Brent and Caite then all completed the Roadblock and arrived in the Pit Stop in second, third and fourth place respectively.

Although Dan and Jordan lost some time when their taxi driver needed to stop for gas and some more when Jordan initially failed to build a proper traditional Hindu offering, they still managed to complete the Roadblock task before Steve and Allie even arrived at the location.

Allie then completed the task without issue, but Dan and Jordan still appeared to comfortably arrive at the Pit Stop in fifth place.

"You are the last team to arrive.  I'm sorry to tell you you have been eliminated," Phil told Steve and Allie when they arrived at the Pit Stop.