Nicole Richie says it's unlikely she will kiss and make up with former reality TV co-star and ex-best friend Paris Hilton in the near future.

Fox TV has canceled the fourth season of "The Simple Life" citing scheduling problems. However, there is widespread speculation Fox's decision had more to do with its feuding stars than anything else.

In the November issue of Jane magazine, Richie reveals the rift with Hilton has actually been going on longer than reported, reported Thursday.

"We really haven't been friends in probably about two years," she said.

Hilton turned the end of their friendship into a media event, appearing on a host of talk shows last April and telling print interviews the friendship was kaput. Richie, however, remained silent as Hilton aired their dirty laundry.

"I know that Paris loves to talk about it and that stuff, but that's just not my style," she told Jane.

As for a reconciliation between the former friends, Richie said: "No, not at this point.