Sharon Obermueller and Jacob Heald were revealed to be the first "perfect-match" pair evicted from Big Brother's ninth season during last night's pre-taped broadcast of the long-running CBS reality show.

Sharon, a 23-year-old realtor from Olathe, KS, and Jacob, a 23-year-old electrician from Dallas, GA, -- who had been dating "on and off" for 12 years before he recently cheated on her -- were evicted after only a couple of days in the Big Brother house by Jen Diturno and Parker Somerville, an initial "Power Couple" who had won the sole power to send another couple packing.

Big Brother 9's first Wednesday night episode broadcast began following the previous "Power Couple" challenge.  Despite not winning, Sharon was still confident she and Jacob would be safe from eviction since she had made an effort to get to know all the other houseguests.

"I definitely don't think that I am going to be going home anytime soon," she boasted.

Adam Jasinski, a 29-year-old public relations manager from Del Ray Beach, FL, and his partner Sheila Kennedy, a 45-year-old single mom and former Penthouse model from Reseda, CA, had the exact opposite feeling as Sharon since they got off on the wrong foot with one another and were constantly bickering. After initially upsetting Sheila by calling her "ma," Adam made matters worse when he referred to the special-needs children that he claims to work with as "retards."

Jen -- who has been dating fellow houseguest Ryan Quicksall, a 27-year-old college student from Columbus, OH, for nine months -- said she still wanted to keep their preexisting relationship a secret from the others.  However it was difficult since that meant they couldn't converse and kiss as much as they wanted to.

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"This is the hardest secret I think I've ever had to keep," said Jen.  "It's killing me."

Jacob was talking outside with Ryan and Adam when he began to bash Parker, calling the 26-year-old paparazzo from Northridge, CA a "snake" that can't be trusted.  Jacob then made the mistake of telling Jen he heard people calling Parker "gutless and heartless," which wasn't entirely true since he was the person who was calling him that.

"It was a total bonehead move," commented Ryan, especially considering Jen and Parker wielded all the power.

Not surprisingly, Jen went inside and told Parker what Jacob had said, and Parker decided to confront Jacob about it.

"Who told you that?" Parker asked Jacob.

"I don't think it's my business," said Jacob, deciding to back down instead of owning up to what he said.

This put Parker on the offensive, and he gathered all of the houseguests -- some of whom he had to wake-up -- in the living room.  Parker then asked point blank who had been calling him a snake behind his back.  Nobody spoke up, and Parker explained what had happened with Jacob, who still wouldn't own up to what he said.

"I'm not going to be the one to send somebody home because they called Parker a snake," said Jacob, and the other houseguests were starting to realize it was most likely Jacob who said it.

Needless to say, Adam realized Jacob had just saved his butt while Sharon wasn't too pleased Jacob was seemingly signing her pair's eviction papers.

"I got blind-sided," she said before adding it put a huge target on them, which Jen basically confirmed was the case.

Sharon and Jacob then discussed what had happened.

"Why did you do that and not tell me?" she asked him.

"It just happened," he answered.

"What I'm telling you," replied Sharon, "is that I'm scared about it because they've got the power to do whatever they want."

Realizing there was no going back, Sharon decided to go along with the lie that Jacob actually overheard somebody else saying they couldn't trust Parker.  However when she talked to Parker about it, she wouldn't single out anybody specifically, but did infer it might have been Ryan.

"If Ryan can't come clean about calling me a snake," said Parker, "then I don't see any point in keeping him in the game."

Parker told Jen that Sharon made it seem like Ryan was the one who called him a snake, and Jen immediately realized if she wanted to keep her beau in the house she'd have to come clean to Parker about their preexisting relationship.

"Me and Ryan are dating and have been for almost a year," she told him.  "I can't send him home."

While Parker didn't look happy, he also took the news seemingly well, especially when Jen assured him that she would boot Ryan to win the $500,000 prize with Parker.  Jen then told Ryan she informed Parker of their relationship, and Ryan couldn't believe she let the secret slip "so quickly."

It had a domino effect, as Ryan then had to tell his partner Allison Nichols, a 28-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative with a gambling addiction from Boston, MA, about the relationship.  He also made the same promise to Allison that Jen made to Parker about the game coming first.  Allison said she had "mixed feelings" because she was unsure she could share strategy with Ryan without it getting back to Jen.  She also liked Ryan on a personal level and thought the revelation hindered that too.

"We're all in it together now..." Ryan told Allison.

However once each of them was alone in the diary room, there seemed to be some trust issues.

"I do not trust Jen," said Allison.

"I do not trust Allison," said Jen.

"I don't trust Parker," said Ryan.

"I don't think I can trust Ryan," said Parker.

Jen and Parker then discussed the quickness of their impending eviction decision before gathering the houseguests in the living room.

"Some other houseguests didn't feel comfortable with certain people still being in here in this situation," began Parker before an emotional Jen interceded.

"One in particular couple, I feel bad for her because she's in an unlucky situation and something that happened with her partner, and we just can't look past it and neither can anybody else," she said.  "So I'm sorry, but... Please don't take it personally."

Parker then revealed Jacob and Sharon were evicted.

"I'm so sorry Sharon!" said Jen.

Sheila realized that Jacob's "snake" comment took the target off of her and Adam.

"It probably should have been us that went," commented Sheila before adding she thinks Adam is a "loose cannon."

The nine remaining pairs then met for Big Brother 9's first Head of Household competition, which Jen and Parker would be able to compete in since they were the "Power Couple" and not HoH.  The competition was hosted by Big Brother 8 lovebirds Eric Stein and Jessica Hughbanks, who explained the rules.

The pairs had to answer questions about their partners correctly in order to earn hearts, with the couple scoring the most hearts becoming the first HoH. The challenge commenced, and questions ranged from which traffic sign best describes their first impression of their soul mate to which physical characteristic they would change about themselves.

While Natalie Cunial, a 28-year-old bikini barista from Salem, OR, was paired with Matt McDonald, a 23-year-old roofing foreman from Charlestown, MA, led for most of the challenge, they incorrectly matched their final answers.  Instead Alex Coladonato, a 24-year-old DJ company owner from Staten Island, NY, was paired with Amanda Hansen, a 23-year-old paralegal from Fridley, MN, became Big Brother 9's first HoH.

Big Brother 9's first Sunday night broadcast will air February 17 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS, during which Alex and Amanda will nominate the first pairs for eviction.
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