Seth, a 27-year-old private party chef from New York, NY, emphasized his gameplay techniques and strategy and his love of Gordon Ramsey over his lack of experience in the kitchen during his time on Hell's Kitchen. However his lack of experience eventually caught up to him as he became the fourth contestant to be eliminated from the Fox reality cooking competition's fifth season during Thursday night's broadcast.

"My abilities and my skills [were] definitely what lagged behind, not my confidence, not my passion, not my love for food," Seth said following his elimination. "Chef Ramsey decided it was my turn to go home, so I hope he welcomes the competition in New York when I open my restaurant."

Hell's Kitchen's fourth fifth-season episode began with many of the Blue team members venting their frustrations over the previous episode's elimination of Charlie over Seth, who barely avoided elimination at the hands of Gordon.

"I'm still here boys," Seth said. "Sorry if that upset some of my teammates but I got too much fight left in me to do down like that."

Among the teammates Seth caught the most flack from was from Giovanni, a 37-year-old executive chef from Destin, FL whom Seth had wanted to put up for elimination simply because he was the biggest threat on the team.

"I don't respect you," Giovanni told him.

"I'm here to play a game the way I want to play it," Seth responded "There is no way that you are going to tell me how to play it."

As the argument continued, Giovanni said that he would still try to help him in the kitchen despite their differences. When Seth said he would do the same, Giovanni made it clear that he would not need it.

The following morning, the Red and Blue teams met with Gordon and learned that for their challenge they would be serving breakfast to the Pacific Coast Youth Football and Cheerleading teams. The men would be responsible for feeding fifty youth football players, while the Red team would be responsible for just as many cheerleaders. The first team to feed all of their customers would win.

Seth volunteered to cook eggs for the Blue team, but made the mistake of making each order individually instead of making larger amounts of scrambled eggs and splitting them up. On the Red team Colleen, a 41-year-old cooking school instructor from Papillion, NE, also made an error after getting caught up in the cheerleaders cheers and dancing along with them instead of watching her hash browns.

While the Blue team jumped out to an early lead, getting 17 dishes out of the kitchen while the Red team was still cooking, they lost the lead as Seth's slow cooking of the eggs began holding back orders in the kitchen.

"It's becoming more apparent that Seth doesn't have a clue," said Ben, a 26-year-old executive sous chef from Chicago, IL. "Get the scrambled eggs rolling! Scoot and serve, scoot and serve!"

After both teams tied at their 49th meal, the Red team was able to get their last dish out first to win the challenge while Seth's slow cooking held back the Blue team from getting their dish out instead.
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"It's just unreal that we lost that," Giovanni said after. "We're better than that, we should've kicked their ass."

"Those eggs man, f---ing killed us," added Robert, a 29-year-old sous chef from Quogue, NY.

As their punishment for losing the challenge, the Blue team was forced to clean each table in the restaurant and then to clean and prep each kitchen for dinner service that evening.

Meanwhile, the Red team was told that for their reward would be to spend the day lounging poolside at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills with Gordon.

Following their dismissal from the challenge, tensions rose again on the Blue team between Ben and Danny --  a 23-year-old executive chef from Edgewater, FL who had told Gordon he was the best chef on the Blue team before the breakfast challenge.

"I will cook circles around you. I will circle you like the moon" Ben screamed at him.

"Ben's got a little stick up his ass about me, which is fine because I'm cocky and I run my mouth," Danny said later.

The argument eventually had to be broken up by Giovanni after he saw the Red team walking by and observing the altercation.

"I'm hoping that just causes a little slice in their foundation, and we can just crack it wide open," said Andrea, a 30-year-old line cook from Reading, PA.

While the Red team lounged at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the Blue team got to cleaning the restaurant. In his spare moments Robert -- who had been put off by Ben's comments towards Danny -- began seeking out team members and campaigning to have him put up for elimination.

When the Red team eventually returned, they learned that the Blue team had fallen behind in prepping both kitchens and that much still needed to be done on their side. After doing much of the prepping themselves, the restaurant opened for what would turn out to be a very poor dinner service for both teams.

The Blue team got off to a slow start after Giovanni forgot to boil the water for the pasta, while on the Red team Coi, a  22-year-old cafe cook from Austin, TX cooked her spaghetti improperly and was yelled at by Gordon.

Seth's first order of scallops were also caught by Gordon and deemed to be too raw. As punishment he made Seth eat them before making another order.

Ben got into trouble as well after he forgot to make tomato butter sauce for the Red team as part of his prepping duties. Upon making it, both Andrea and Gordon said it tasted like "sh-t." Gordon had Danny make a second batch of it, which he tasted and thought was much better.

As food began going out to the customers, a salad with a rotten stalk in it was sent back, causing Gordon to scream at J, a 32-year-old food court chef from Clifton Park, NY, for his incompetence.

Ben's lamb also failed to impress Gordon, specifically the thin cut of each rack.

"How can someone so f--king fat serve something so f--king thin!"  he yelled.

In the Red team's kitchen, LA, a 23-year-old line cook from Las Vegas, NV, got mad at Colleen's incessant asking of questions while she was trying to focus on cooking.

Colleen also took her mandatory tongue lashing from Gordon after mixing up how the Beef Wellingtons she gave to him were cooked.

Seth caught more of Gordon's fire as well after using his cooking towel to wipe sweat off his face.

With little food getting out of the kitchen, Gordon called both teams over in disgust and said that no one had won the challenge that evening and that each team would need to come up with two contestants to put up for elimination.

While Andrea said that she and Lacey, a 24-year-old corporate buffet cook from Charlotte, NC, had been "on point" during dinner service, Lacey's previous failures nonetheless kept her in the conversation as one of those to be put up for elimination.

Tensions continued to rise at the Blue team as Giovanni said that Seth and Ben should be put up for elimination, with Danny seconding it.

"There's no way I am going down for this, no f--king way," Ben responded. "Right now I'm the only one pushing this team forward."

The teams then met with Gordon to reveal their choices for elimination. Danny said that the Blue team had decided to nominate Seth "for obvious reasons" and noting that he performed badly at the seafood station, which Danny added was one of the easier stations in the kitchen.

Danny nominated Ben as the second candidate for elimination, citing his poor performance at the dinner service as the reason why.

For the Red team, Lacey first nominated Colleen, saying that "based on her overall performance up to this point she's been very weak." She then nominated herself, even though -- when prodded by Gordon for an answer -- she admitted that she felt that Coi had performed worse than her.

Before making his decision, Gordon asked each of the four contestants to say why they should remain in the competition.

"I'll admit the first two days I was here were rough, and yeah I will admit that I thought about quitting, absolutely," said Lacey. "But now that I'm in here doing it, I'm learning a lot and I know I can get stronger."

"[I should stay] because I work hard and I am still learning Chef," Colleen said second. "I admire what you're teaching me chef."

"Although I'm not as experienced as the rest of these guys, [I do think] I have the biggest heart here and the most passion to want this and I absolutely think I could still be the outright victor of this competition," Seth said next.

"Every time I go into the kitchen I give it everything I have, whether it be to be [to hold] the team together, work my station fast and accurately follow directions  [and] try to motivate every single person on my team every day I come in," Ben said.

Gordon then revealed that, despite Ben's clumsiness in the kitchen, Seth would be the contestant going home.

"I can't go any further with you big boy,"  Gordon told Seth after announcing his elimination.

Following the elimination, Gordon made a second announcement that Lacey would be switching teams -- delighting both Lacey and the Red team.

"And the bitches rejoice, they have no more Lacey," she said later. "I would love for the Red team to find out that I wasn't the problem and now that I am on the Blue team it's just more motivation for me to whoop their ass."

The next episode of Hell's Kitchen will air on Thursday, March 5 at 9PM ET/PT on Fox.
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