Sean Lowe has revealed which suitor he believes might be the best match for The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock.

"Catherine [Giudici] and I are both rooting for Bryden [Vukasin]," Lowe recently told Life & Style. "He just seems down-to-earth and a cool guy."

While Vukasin may seem like the underdog because he isn't aggressive and doesn't make the moves on Hartsock, the seventeenth-season The Bachelor star noted, "Bryden has as good a chance as anybody."

However, Vukasin surprised viewers during Monday night's episode when he admitted his feelings for Hartsock had been faltering ever since they enjoyed their first one-on-one date. The suitor was having doubts and considering leaving the show as to not take another guy's place in the competition if he wasn't sure about Hartsock. 

Lowe also expressed a little skepticism about Hartsock's bachelors, assuming some of them may not be competing for the right reasons.

"She's got an interesting group," Lowe told the magazine. "There are some good guys in there, but some guys that definitely raise some eyebrows, too."