Sean Lowe and fiancee Catherine Giudici apparently aren't in a rush to have children.

"Not anytime soon. We're both just enjoying being together -- the two of us. Family will come, but it'll probably be a few years," the seventeenth-season The Bachelor star told Life & Style.

Lowe, who competed on the most recent sixteenth edition of Dancing with the Stars, also clarified the situation in which reports have claimed the couple is now living together but maintaining separate bedrooms.

"Dancing With the Stars was paying for our apartments, so we're basically crashing at someone else's house, a friend of ours," Lowe explained. "I don't know if you'd technically call that living together."

While their current living arrangement may not seem ideal, Lowe insisted, "It's going good. It's a nice house to live in temporarily."

In addition to holding off on starting a family, Lowe reiterated to Life & Style how he and his bride-to-be aren't pushing wedding plans either.

"I've been off DWTS for three weeks, so we're just enjoying being together right now," he said. "I think we'll make our way back to Dallas. My business is back in Dallas, so I've got to get back there eventually anyway."

Lowe proposed to Giudici at the end of his season, which filmed in November and aired on ABC in early March.