Sci Fi Channel has announced it has ordered a sixth season of Ghost Hunters, a second season of the show's Ghost Hunters International spinoff, and a six-episode season of Ghost Hunters: New Generation, a new second Ghost Hunters spinoff.

Like the reality paranormal investigation franchise's first two series, Ghost Hunters: New Generation will be produced by Craig Piligian's Pilgrim Films and Television production company, which is also developing another "entirely new series" the network will debut in 2010.

"Craig is a star performer who's been a great partner," Sci Fi executive vice president of original programming Mark Stern told The Hollywood Reporter in a Thursday report. "You want to be in business with people like him on a consistent basis."

The new Pilgrim project will not be Ghost Hunters-related, according to The Reporter.

Ghost Hunters' original edition premiered in October 2004 and features investigators led by TAPS founders and real-life plumbers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  After several years of ratings growth, Ghost Hunters now ranks as one of Sci Fi Channel's highest-rated series. 

Sci FI had renewed the show for a 25-episode fifth season that is scheduled to premiere in March 2009 in July. 

Ghost Hunters International -- Ghost Hunters' first spinoff -- follows investigators from TAPS as well.   However instead of investigating American locations like in Ghost Hunters, the International edition investigates European locations.  The network will debut new Ghost Hunters International episodes on January 7.

Sci Fi Channel had ordered a pilot for New Generation -- then called Ghost Hunters: College Edition -- in October. The show will which feature a group of college students led by Ghost Hunters regulars Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango as they search for paranormal activity in haunted hotspots throughout the world.
"It's going to be more of a teaching format," Piligian told The Reporter. "We're going to try to have a little more fun with the franchise."

"What's cool about Ghost Hunters is it has tried to rely on empirical science," Stern added. "This is an opportunity to delve into that a little deeper and take the show into a more academic setting."
About The Author: John Bracchitta
John Bracchitta is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and covers the reality TV genre.