Lauren "L.C." Conrad already has her hands full dealing with Heidi Montag, so she wouldn't be too pleased if her former Laguna Beach rival Kristin Cavallari joined the cast of The Hills.

However that could be the case, E! News reported Monday.  An "inside source close to The Hills" told E! News the show's producers are "looking into the possibility of bringing" her onto the series.

"She feels like a loser every time she sees L.C.'s fame," a "source close" to Cavallari told People in a Tuesday report.

Cavallari and Conrad first met as students at Laguna Beach High School -- where Cavallari was a junior and Conrad a senior -- and both regularly appeared as Laguna Beach cast members when the MTV reality series premiered in Fall 2004.  However they were never friends, as Cavallari was dating Conrad's long-time childhood friend Stephen Colletti.

Cavallari and Colletti's relationship eventually fizzled.  Ironically, Cavallari then dated The Hills star Brody Jenner, who Conrad currently has a coy romantic relationship with.

While Conrad moved to Los Angeles and appeared in Laguna's The Hills spin-off, Cavallari started acting in the scripted genre with cameos in Veronica Mars and Cane as well as roles in such films as Fingerprints and Spring Breakdown (which she is currently filming).  In addition, Cavallari was seen entering the NBC Universal building on Monday to attend a casting meeting for NBC's new Lipstick Jungle drama series, according to E! News.

Cavallari's only unscripted work since Laguna was on the now-defunct UPN when she served as co-host for Get This Party Started, where she worked with professional party planners to throw bashes for deserving people at significant points in their lives.  The show premiered in January 2006 and was subsequently cancelled after airing only two episodes.

MTV issued a statement that they cannot confirm reports that Cavallari is joining The Hills' cast, People reported.

"If Kristin goes on [The Hills], it will not be because she wants to or because she misses the life of a reality star.  It will be a business move," the source told People.  "She needs to make a living -- she wants to be rich and famous -- and if she can use The Hills to make a bigger name for herself, she'll grin and bear it."

Sounds like Cavallari may want to hook-up with Spencer Pratt.