Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks have reportedly decided to split.

"This was mutual. They needed some time apart," a source told People in a Tuesday report.

The two-time Dancing with the Stars professional champion and country crooner began dating while both were participating in Brad Paisley's Summer 2008 tour.

Hough subsequently stated last November that she would not be back for the show's Spring 2009 eighth season and reiterated the decision was "final" because she wanted to focus on her singing career and be "taken seriously" as a musician.

However shortly thereafter Hough stated she "may have put my foot in my mouth when I said I wasn't going to come back next season" -- and that turned out to be the case when she was paired with Wicks for the eighth season, which she later explained was a "last-minute deal." 

They eventually became the eighth couple booted from Dancing with the Stars' eighth season.

The couple had stated that they discussed marriage in the past, but Hough has also previously said they were "not in any rush" to get hitched.

Despite the split, Hough and Wicks are both still expected to attend the Country Music Association Awards on Wednesday -- as Hough is a presenter and Wicks is covering the red carpet for Entertainment Tonight, People reported.