Raven Gates, "the girl with all the moxie" according to Nick Viall, brought The Bachelor star home to Hoxie.

In the latest episode, Nick and the fashion boutique owner enjoyed a wild and carefree date in her Arkansas hometown.

"I've always been attracted to Raven's ability to live in the moment and have fun. I was so excited to spend the day in Hoxie and Raven didn't disappoint," Nick wrote in his People blog.

"When she rolled up on that ATV, I knew I should prepare for a down and dirty day. Raven sure can ride, but I think I was able to show her a thing or two on there and had her beat."

The couple got all muddy and flirted in the swampy water, which led to some pretty steamy makeout sessions.

"Now, it was pretty hot to make out in the pond, but OMG was it gross," Nick admitted. "I was going for a sexy The Notebook vibe, but every time we went to kiss it was like half the pond was in our mouths."

Raven had Nick climb a giant grain bin, which she claimed contained most of her secrets, but the couple's adventure was interrupted by a police officer asking them to get down and hand over their indentification.

"When the police rolled up at the grain bins, I was freaking out! Never in my life did I think the first family member I'd be meeting would also be trying to arrest me," Nick said, referencing the fact the officer happened to be Raven's brother playing a joke on him.

"I kept thinking, My only crime is being head over heels for your sister! But Weston was funny and warm just like his sister. And even though two minutes earlier he was trying to arrest me, I felt more comfortable in going to meet Raven's parents."

Later that day, Raven introduced Nick to her parents, who shared the big news that her father is cancer-free after being diagnosed with lung cancer about a year-and-a-half prior.

"Heading into that evening I couldn't have been on a bigger high, but then... I was truly blown away with the news of Raven's father being cancer-free. What an amazing blessing. I felt so honored to be with the family as Raven was given this news," Nick wrote.

"I remember sitting there in that moment, the room filled with so much love an emotion. It is moments like that one I shared with her family that helps you remember what is important in life. I remember sitting there thinking that if I were to build a family with Raven one day, we would be lucky to have the bond that she shares with her own."
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When Raven said goodbye to Nick, she failed to tell him how she was really feeling. The 25-year-old beauty worried she was the only bachelorette left who hadn't at least expressed she was falling in love with Nick -- nevermind revealing she was in love. Raven told the cameras that the moment just passed her by, and she hoped it wouldn't lead to regrets.

"When I said goodbye to Raven, I could tell she was holding back a little," Nick admitted.

"I know in her last relationship there was broken trust and it is hard for Raven to open up and allow herself to be vulnerable. None of that changed how great our time in Hoxie went, but I did fear a little that maybe she couldn’t get there with me."