Rachel Lindsay picked Bryan Abasolo at the end of her search for love on The Bachelorette -- and he in turn proposed marriage during Monday night's three-hour Season 13 finale broadcast on ABC.

Rachel chose Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL, over her runner-up Peter Kraus, a 31-year-old personal trainer and business owner from Madison, WI. Eric Bigger finished in third place and was eliminated after the Bachelorette's Fantasy Suite dates.

During a Tuesday conference call with reporters, Rachel and her new fiance Bryan talked about the show as well as their current relationship now that they've been able to go public with their engagement.

Below is the concluding portion of what the happy couple had to say -- including whom Rachel and Bryan would love to see as the next Bachelor, and how they would feel if Eric or Peter took on the leading-man role.

Have your two families met yet?

Bryan Abasolo: No, they have not. We're actually in the process of accomplishing that. We're going down to -- in a couple of days, we're going to fly to Dallas. And we're going to have dinner with her parents and then we're going to go to Houston and meet with her extended family.

And then we're going to fly to Miami and we're going to get together with all my friends and family. So, yes, that's actually taking place very soon.

Rachel, what's your relationship like with Bryan's mom now?

Rachel Lindsay: It's really good. I mean, I've talked to her several times since the filming that you all saw. And one of the last things she said to me is how excited she was for me to be a part of the family. So, I'm really looking forward to getting to know her. I mean, she and I have a date planned with each other, minus Bryan, so.

Could you elaborate on what the night before your proposal was like, letting Peter go and all of that? I know it was hard, but could you share a little more?

Rachel Lindsay: Well, when I walked into Peter's room that night, I knew that I was already going to send him home. So, it wasn't that I had to come to that decision, you know, even after going through that night and saying goodbye. The goodbye was hard. You know, I did care about Peter.

But it didn't make me change my mind or question whether Bryan was the one. You know, I think there was some confusion because I questioned whether or not, like, maybe this is too fast. But I never questioned the person. Bryan was always the person for me, and that's what I held on to.

I was in love with Bryan. I was only in love with one person throughout this entire journey. And that love that I had for Bryan is what carried me through to the next day. I wanted that proposal to be all about Bryan. I wanted it to be our day and I wanted him to be the focus and that's exactly what it was.

You both have careers that you're passionate about. Rachel, you're an attorney in Dallas, and Bryan, you're a chiropractor in Miami. How do you think that will factor into your decision of what city you live in?

Rachel Lindsay: I think it does a little bit, but also we're very fortunate where we have flexibility in our careers. Like my firm, Cooper & Scully, has been absolutely amazing in allowing me to, you know, pursue love and also work remotely for them. And I'm fortunate that they have offices in different states. And then Bryan can practice anywhere.

Bryan Abasolo: Yes, I mean, I have -- I took all the requirements back in the day to allow me the chance to work in basically any state that I want. So, it's pretty much just an application for a license and, you know, I can pretty much start working right away. So, I think we're very flexible in that, you know, whether it's Dallas, Miami or Los Angeles -- or any other [neutral] city, I think we can both adapt.

What would you think of Eric as the next The Bachelor star for Season 22 next year?

Rachel Lindsay: You can start.

Bryan Abasolo: I think Eric is a great guy. I was actually close to Eric on the show -- very inspirational, very motivational guy. I actually say he was going to be the next Tony Robbins. You know, just a great heart. I think he would make a great Bachelor. I think, that, you know, he has a lot to offer.

And even though throughout his journey from what I saw he hadn't brought a girl home in a while, he had never been in love, I think that his interactions with Rachel actually brought those feelings of love out of him and I think he took a huge step in his life.  I think he could definitely be ready to take on that challenge and find his true love.

Rachel Lindsay: I think Eric would be great. He's ready. He's out there now, like, he said he's in love, he's very in touch with his feelings. And I think that that's a key characteristic you need to be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette.

I want to know how you feel about Peter possibly being the new Bachelor, particularly because Rachel said during the live finale that this franchise doesn't really work for people like him because he needs more time to develop a relationship.

Rachel Lindsay: Well, when I said it, I wasn't necessarily thinking about The Bachelor. I was just talking to him. You know, I complimented Peter on the pace that he's taken, you know, in his journey with me.

And I think that that's fine; he was true to himself and he stood by that, I mean, until the very end when he kept going back and forth. But I feel like in this world, in this experience, you have to take a leap of faith, you have to take risk, you have to put yourself out there.

And he wasn't willing to do it. He still seems to stay steadfast to that. So, if that's the person that he is, that's great; it just doesn't work for this and that's what I was staying in regards to that. I personally think [Alex Bordyukov] should be the next Bachelor, but...

Bryan Abasolo: I agree.

Rachel Lindsay: You didn't get to see enough of him. He's funny, he's quirky, he's handsome, he's very, very smart, and he's a serial monogamist. Like, he has not been in a lot of relationships. He's very, like, focused, [centered] and committed. I think he would be great.

Bryan Abasolo: Yes, I think he would be the most interesting season, for sure. And he can dance, apparently. (Laughs)

Rachel Lindsay: And he can dance, whoa.

You guys mentioned you hadn't settled on exactly where you might live. What is going to play into that decision for you guys?

Rachel Lindsay: Really, just when all this dies down, just talking about it. You know, talking about it with our employers, seeing what works best for us. You know, just talking it over with our families, too. Do we want to start a new life together? I don't know. Like, we just have to...

Bryan Abasolo: Everything just has to make sense for us.

Rachel Lindsay: Yes, yes.

Bryan Abasolo: Yes, on every level.

I know you guys are returning for an engagement party in Dallas. Rachel, are you going to take Bryan to the state fair this fall?

Rachel Lindsay: Okay, I'm, like, smiling really big right now. You can't see that right now. Yes, I want to take him to the state fair. I really want to take -- I'm a longhorn, so I want to take him to the Texas O.U. game and so then we can kill two birds with one stone.

Rachel, you conducted an interview during Week 6 of the filming process for The Bachelorette and you said you wanted a man who is "direct, self-aware, confident and established." Were you describing Bryan at that point?

Rachel Lindsay: Well, this is what I will say: Yes, I was describing Bryan. That's what I wanted from a guy at the beginning of all of this and I've said time and time again that, like, if I had a list -- which I guess I kind of do -- Bryan would check off everything on that list.

I was shocked when I met Bryan because he's exactly what I wanted, and that's why you constantly hear me say, "Oh, are you too good to be true?" And that's why I put him through the wringer a little bit, because I wanted to make sure he was everything that he says he is, and he is.

And that's in contrast to -- I thought there were other people who fit that criteria, as well, and as I began to pull back the layers, I realized that they were not that person.

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